Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monkeys Abounded

Nine-thirty p.m. and Grandmother is cooked. Done. Don't you get that fork near me, don't you think about sticking it in me- take my word for this. I am really done.

It has been a long day and a good one but that party? Oh my god, there must have been forty people there including a barrel of those monkeys and Owen looked like I felt- completely overwhelmed. I kept taking my camera out but it just never seemed like a good moment to take a picture.

His other grandmother videoed the entire party I think and I kept getting in her way. I took about thirty seconds of vid and that was enough for me.

But here are some pictures and let me say that Lily and Jason did a FANTASTIC job. Their friends Kelly and Jeremy helped them and the house was decorated and festive. There were hamburgers and hot dogs and potato salad and deviled eggs and fruit salad and bean salad and guacamole and chips and vegetables and...there was Monkey Cake!

Lily Rose Moon Hartmann made that cake herself. And for her son, she made a banana cake. They refer now to the little cake that you make for the baby the smash cake.

It got smashed. But not until Owen had cried because four thousand people were watching him and waiting for him to smash it. He was not happy about that. And then his mama put his hat on him and well, that was it. Tears did flow.

But eventually he got the idea and warmed up to it.

He even shared with his mama.

He's a sharing sort of boy.

Here he is sharing a ball with Waylon:

That's my boy. And my other boy. The one who will call me Aunt Granny.

When it came time to open presents, there were so many that some of them got saved for later. I mean, we would have been there all night long if all of them had been opened. I think his favorite was his little boy doll. He loved it. He loved on it. They are going to be good friends, Owen and his boy doll.

We were talking about this doll a few weeks ago and I think it was Jessie who asked if the doll was anatomically correct.
"It only cost ten dollars," Lily said.
We thought it would be funny if for an extra five bucks you could get a pee-pee on that thing, maybe another five for a set of testicles.
Owen didn't care if it had man-parts. He just loves it.
You'll note that by this part of the evening Owen was naked except for a diaper. That's because he had to have a pre-bath to get some of his cake off of him. I like him when he's almost naked. His body is more beautiful than anything he could possibly wear.
And he's anatomically correct!

So it was a lovely evening and Lily made a beautiful party for her son. I was proud of her. I've been proud of her mothering skills and patience and strength since she got pregnant with Owen. Amazed, quite frankly, at how easily and handily she took to the whole thing. I had an inkling of how it would be when I saw her pushing Owen out when he was born. She just blew my mind, the way she got that job done and didn't complain or whine.
Yeah. I sort of figured then that she was going to be a fabulous mother. And she is.

Well, I guess it's about time for Grandmother to round up Grandfather and see if he wants to go to bed. It rained today, finally, and it's a bit cooler tonight.
Here's a picture of Grandfather and that grandboy of his this evening.

My fellas.

Been a lot of changes in a year.

But I still think they're mighty beautiful. Together.
My boys. Well, two of them.
The oldest and the youngest.

A year old. He made it. Owen made it to one.
And I made it through the party.



  1. Happy birthday to Owen! Lily did a fabulous job on that cake!

  2. Ah, yes. The birthday boy just has to cry at his first birthday. It is a human tradition. Lily is so beautiful (and clearly multi-talented because that cake is awesome).

  3. Just gorgeous. Happy Birthday to little (or not so little) Owen and happy birthday to his momma as well. She and her husband deserve this day, because they survived it with so much class and joy.

    Lucky family. Gorgeous boy.

  4. Great cake and sounds like it was a good time. I don't remember my first birthday party. But maybe if I had monkey cake I would have.

  5. Oh, Lily. You're a cake queen! And that's a beautiful photo of you. Great boy, great party :)

  6. What a splendid party. That last photo of your two boys, the oldest and the youngest is very moving. Thank you.

    Now when I open your blog and see your chickens with Owen I wonder how many are left. The photo is wonderful but bitter sweet. Thanks again, Ms Moon.

  7. Those two cakes were so cute for their adorable monkey! Seems like Owen's parents pulled off a great party.

  8. This whole post just made me smile huge.

    And the picts of Mr Moon and Owen made me tear up a little.

    Lily is radiant


  9. I picture you coming home , sitting at the computer, thinking, really, how could this really be so.
    I'm so happy for you Ms. Moon.

    cheers to many more shared moments for all of the Moon clan and assorted friends , IRL, and across the blog world.

  10. It was a grand celebration indeed! And that Lily... Oh boy that Lily! She has blossomed so beautifully into her mommy role.


  11. Those cakes! That birthday boy! That mama and grandpa! Beautiful.

    Bob Rosenberg slept through his entire first birthday party. We took turns carrying him around.

  12. Lora- Didn't she? I never made a monkey cake in my life.

    Elizabeth- Motherhood has been a great, great thing for the beautiful Lily.

    Nancy C- You are right.

    Syd- Same here!

    Jo- Isn't she lovely?

    Elisabeth- Only Miss Betty is gone from the ones in that picture. Betty is the small black and white one. Bitter sweet, yes.

    Michele R- They did. They most certainly did.

    Michelle- Isn't she a madonna?

    deb- Thank-you. You, too, are part of this family.

    Ms. Fleur- So very, very true.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Aren't they gorgeous?

    Lisa- I think Owen wishes he could have slept through his party. Bob Rosenberg is a genius to have slept through his.

  13. That photo of Owen with party hat, cake and tears...oh boy what a party for the birthday boy. A rite of passage? Yes, with all the witnesses to see he is no longer the helpless infant but now a strong and growing toddler boy with a mind that is absorbing everything with a zeal and a running of legs that will keep you all on your toes! Blessings to an amazing family you have...what a mommy and daddy Owen have indeed. Did I say I am full of smiles because of your fine post?

  14. Stephanie- She did a GREAT job!

    Ellen- Oh. Thank-you so much!

  15. Lovely. Family is so important. I, too, am blessed with a wonderful family, which is so vital to a single mother such as myself. Becoming a mother, we become more like our own mothers...and I am proud to say that I am like my mother. Your family is beautiful.

  16. Totally sweet! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Joyous birthday abandon does sometimes bring a fella to tears. And Lily looks so beautiful in these photos! That monkey cake isn't too bad looking either!

  18. YAY!
    What a fabulously good time that looks like. Those cakes are darling! So glad Owen enjoyed his!

  19. Happy Birthday Owen! Of course I'm usual. I love the monkey cake Lily made...and banana cake nonetheless. She has a real talent for it.


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