Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hot Flash

Owen's coming today. I'm washing the guest room sheets because tomorrow will be Kathleen's chemo day. I will bring her back here afterwards to tend and take care of her. I still don't understand how a chemical which, if spilled upon the skin will eat it up like acid on paper, can go into the veins as medicine.

But. It does.

Tonight is a rehearsal. Dress rehearsal. This is going to be a good play.

I got that little clip last night. It's of Marcy Palmer, playing Kate, Brittany Elliott, playing Sylvia, and Jack Williams playing Greg. Jon Taylor is also in the play and he carries off the role of three different characters. Perfectly.

The play will run this weekend and next, Friday and Saturday nights. Dinner will be served beforehand. There will be a cash bar.
Call the Monticello Opera House for reservations: 850.997.4242.
Or go here for more information.

Wow. I just slipped in an ad.
But really- it's going to be fun. And getting to Monticello from Tallahassee is so easy. Get on Highway 90 and head east. When you get to Monticello (and you'll know because there's a big old County Courthouse building in the middle of the road) the Opera House will be on your right. Park anywhere. Come in and find me. I'll either be running the house lights or serving supper. Or both.
I'll kiss you.

All right. I don't have time for philosophizing and categorizing, recognizing and speechifying today. Plus, I'm having a hot flash and I sort of want to rip my clothes off and hurl the lamp through the screen and then crawl into the freezer and sob.

In short: typical morning for me.

Carry on.


  1. I wish that I could come to the play. And I wish that I could ease you of your hot flashes.

  2. Clean sheets, cool sheets to lie upon when needed...you are so caring a friend to Kathleen.
    Hot flashes..well those evil under the skin heat waves should be outlawed in warm weather...I know I have evaded them thus far but night sweats I have had. Cool splashes of water or a cool shower...oh hell be cranky as needed today.
    Local plays...make me feel guilty for not going to our local town theater. I may have to get my Love or a girlfriend and support our treasures here!


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