Monday, September 27, 2010

Another Birthday And A First Overnight Stay At The Grandparent's

Lily and her BFF, Kelly. Aren't they beautiful?

Owen feeds Uncle Hank a chip.

Lily and Sister May.

And with Sister Jessie.

The beautiful little family.

A teeny-tiny birthday cake.

Owen waving to a guy sweeping the parking lot.

All of us.

Night-night time.

Sweet dreams.


  1. i see so much of you in May. gorgeous family!

  2. I believe that is the definition of a happy family. The smiles prove it. That's some nice work you do, Ms. Moon.

  3. Great fun photos. What’s a BFF?

    All the best, Boonie

  4. Wonderful. You have a beautiful family.

  5. So, how was it? Did he sleep? Did you? I'm sure all of this will be blogged.

  6. Maggie May- It is scary how much she and I look like each other.

    Elizabeth- Isn't she?

    Lisa- My babies. I feel so damn lucky.

    Boonie- BFF is short for "best friends forever." All the best to YOU!

    Syd- I think so. Thank you for saying so.

  7. I love the little cake photo of Lily... what a smile. She oozes joy.

    And the white shirt looks smashing on you , hope it survived relatively salsa free.

  8. A Happy Birth - Day and Night for Lily! What a good gift, Mom. Hope the boy slept all night and had a fun breakfast with Grandma. x0 N2

  9. We do have such a beautiful family! How was last night with the boy?

  10. What a sweet, sweet family. I love the photo of Owen waving. Mr. Hospitality. Laugh.

  11. What a wonderful party--so much happiness in the faces.

    And is it my imagination or is Owen suddenly six months older?

  12. The comment monster ate my comments!!

    Again - and worth saying again - Lily, you look gorgeous and beautiful! What a great outfit and make up and hair and SMILE!

    Happy birthday, honey :)

    Lovely photos all, Ms M :)

  13. I've said it before and I'll say it again--you have a gorgeous family! I hope the sleepover went well. If your grandson is anything like my grandchildren, not only do you get a lot of good cuddling in, but they are also bed hogs (but I'm not complaining one bit)!

  14. DTG- And so it was.

    deb- I did!
    Isn't that a cute picture of Lily?

    N2- Well. Sort of. Next time he will sleep better. I am hoping. But it was still fun.

    May- Aren't we lovely, all dressed in our smiles?

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- That is one of my favorite pictures of Owen. I am so glad you like it. It completely cracks me up.

    Kathleen Scott- It's because he got his hair trimmed yesterday. He looks at least six months older.
    Good eye!

    Stephanie- We're a hoot, aren't we?

    Jo- You are so precious. Thank-you.

    rebecca- We tried!

    Lois- Yes. He slept sideways at some point during the night. But it was lovely, having his feet tucked into me.

  15. happy belated b-day :-)

    you look very beautiful on the picture with the cake :-)

  16. You are really such a blessed mommy...all of you radiant indeed! Owen is going to expecting more parties after the recent days. Everyday a party day! I see Owen is rockin' in his little Kiss t-shirt..oh he is cute!

  17. Danielle- That is Lily! The only picture I'm in is the one of the whole family. But isn't she beautiful?

    Ellen- Poor Owen. He is probably SO overwhelmed right now.

  18. of course that is lily...that coment was for her since she seems not have a own blog??

    anyway she looks very beautiful on the cake picture..:-)

  19. Lovely family and happy times.

    Love Owen's Kiss T-shirt.


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