Friday, September 24, 2010


Owen is looking at a hurricane lily which a butterfly is sipping from.
I showed him that today.
My life seems so very full of treasure right now.
And I am just here to say thanks, to give thanks, to be thankful.

This life of mine is not a dream come true. It is richness that I never dared dream of. Never knew was possible.

I just want to mark that right now, right here.
Boy, flower, butterfly. And all that goes with it.



  1. Nothing but love. I LOVE this.

  2. We know :)

    Glad you're happy tonight.

  3. Stunning. And I adore Owen's little knees.

  4. Hippie baby! I love his hair, I wish Lilo didn't want to cut it.

  5. I treasure every word you write, Mary Moon. Every single word. Love you, dear.

  6. After the sad loss of your chickens, Ms Moon, it's good to see such life, beauty and pleasure.

  7. notjustafemme- That is it. Exactly.

    SJ- And sometimes, I know.

    Elizabeth- He pats my knees. He thinks they are funny. So do I.

    DTG- You know, your hair grew the same way but it curled in back so there was NO NEED TO CUT IT! And Lily is his mama. She can cut it if she wants. Sigh.

    Angie C- Thank-you, dear.

    Elisabeth- I will always miss Betty but here we are- as whole as we can be.

  8. I am happy that Owen is in your family's life. He has added such an abundance of joy, curiosity, more hugs, more kisses...oh he is your pride and joy!

  9. Nice flower with baby Owen. He may just become a naturalist.

  10. Ellen- Yep. He defines "Pride and Joy" to us.

    Syd- You never know. Or a chickenologist.

  11. Which is just the feeling I had as I went to cover two of my babies with blankets just now.


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