Tuesday, September 14, 2010

June Bug And Hula Girl

There's been a cute little June Bug hanging out on my back porch the last few nights. Last night I looked up from the computer to see him perched on the rim of my green glass. I wish I'd gotten that picture but by the time I turned the camera on, he'd flown away.
But here he is tonight, up on the wall by the hula girl.
It's not a very good picture of the June Bug but I think the hula girl looks pretty sweet.
Ignore the spider webs. I clean those out every other day but that must be a prime web-building spot and I guess I have some determined spiders.

Night, y'all.


  1. Good night. Looks Katy-did like to me.

  2. Girl....that isn't a June Bug (at least by Midwestern standards.) That is a cicada.

    Junebugs are hardshell dumb assed flying bugs that get stuck in your hair.

    But that is a Hula Girl as far as I can reckon.

  3. I've never seen a June Bug. Do you get fireflies?

  4. truly this is amusing.
    certainly isn't a cicada by way of the southwestern states.
    that sweet leaf of a bug hasn't got it in him to shake rattle and roll like the cicadas that carve up our nights!!

    sweet dreams ms.moon....

  5. I don't know June Bugs but something tells me it's not a cicada, at least not one of the Australian variety. Ours cling to the ground or inside branches. They do not expose themselves to the light. Even if drawn by a green glass or hula girl.

    A lovely photo. I see no spider's web.

  6. ah ha, so THAT'S a June Bug...i think there was some B52s song that used to intrigue me

  7. Your June bugs are much nicer looking than ours here in MN -- I'm with Omgrrl on this one. Ours are brown and crunchy and irritating.

  8. hmmm...i never saw a junebug..so..unlike all others:-P i simply believe it is one...if you tell me its a flyingo catoesperatobug i believe that too becaus ei never saw one of those either..:-) but its a pretty picture and a pretty gula girl..i know a pretty hula girl when i see one yes..i saw a lot elvis-movies as a kid:-)

  9. Great picture, Ms. Moon. Love the lighting. Hula girl looks content.
    Bug nerd that I am, I googled yours and it's a katy did. We have them here, they are very noisy, as loud as the locusts or cicadas.

    I didn't even see the spiderwebs, it's the only perk of getting older I can name just now. Our spiders are very busy spinning giant webs around the house and I've walked into them several times. Not a perk of bad eyesight!

    Have a good day!

  10. Remember when Taylor made friends with a Katy-did?

  11. Funny how common names stand for different things in different areas huh? That is no June bug in our neck of the woods either. I don't think we have any of whatever you've got there. Our cicadas are brown not green.

  12. Molting cicada:

  13. It's a katydid (grasshopper-like longer legs and leafy wings); their names get interchanged with cicadas often since they both make a pretty crazy racket.

    It's definitely not a junebug, those are the hard brown flyin' into the wall beetle buggers. Their grub form is that big juicy white grub with a brown head that we so often see in the dirt.

  14. I wouldn't know a June bug from my ass. You can call that bug whatever you like. It's your damn blog.

  15. Syd- You were right, of course.

    Omgrrrl- We are both wrong. Except about the Hula Girl. Or is she a Hula Grrrl?

    Terena- We most certainly do.

    rebecca- I should google before I post.

    Elisabeth- Our cicadas are the same.

    Screamish- NO. Sorry. Not a june bug. Dammit.

    Jill- Our are too.

    Danielle- That hula girl is as cute as june bug. Or a katydid.

    Mel- Damn spider webs. Damn aging eyes.

    DTG- Wasn't she on pain medication? Or was it herbal medication?

    Jeannie- This is all so confusing.

    DGT- AWESOME! Thanks.

    Magnum- You always know what's what and what's not. I like that about you.


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