Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tomorrow We Go For His Check-Up

From that to this

in approximately two seconds.
Oh, my boy. How you have grown in seven months.
I can hardly remember when you were that baby in your daddy's arms.

I am going with you tomorrow for your check-up. We will say, "He has seven teeth. He can crawl and pull himself up. He can say 'Ma-ma,' he can say, 'Hey!' He's never had so much as a snotty nose.''

We will say, "Isn't he the finest of fine, our little man?" And we will knock all the wood we can find.

And you, Owen, you will say, "Here I am. I weigh this, I am this long."
You will say, "Put my clothes back on! Let's go get lunch!"

You will say, "Give me something to eat. Hand me that bottle. Let me have a sweet potato."
You will say, "I am ready to fly. Get out of my way."

You will say, "I am the King of the World!"

And we will say, "Let me hold you. Slow down, our little love."
And we will sail through that doctor's office, holding the finest of the fine, the chunkiest of the chunky, the monkey-est of the monkey, the wiggliest of the worms, and we will be laughing, his mother and I. And he will be too, wrapped in our arms, our love, desperate to get down and MOVE.

That will be tomorrow.
I hope he sleeps well tonight.


  1. Dang. I just wanna squeeze that boy and let him drool on my cheek

  2. All the photos are wonderful, but this last one of you and him -- it's just so damn cute.

  3. Love, love, LOVE that little guy!

  4. A sturdy seven months old... Seven months of happiness. Seven months of tender moments. How lucky you are... That is how it should be!
    Grannies and toddlers.
    My heart aches....

  5. Hi, Owen! Don't give them too much trouble!

  6. I am not even there with you all and I can't believer how fast it has all gone by!

  7. My grandson spent most of the weekend with me and his big excitement right now is his first loose tooth. I can't believe it. This is going much faster than when my kids were growing up and I am desperately trying to figure out how to make him slow down, but he will have none of it! I guess the best you can do is just enjoy them while you can.

  8. Hi Owen! Telling you to have a happy day is like preaching to the choir.

  9. You squirshing him with you love!

  10. He is such a cutie pie! My dear Lord, how he's grown. And I don't know how it's possible, yet he's getting cuter and cuter by the day.

  11. Nothing more than a runny nose? Send me a bottle of that dirt he's eating. Sounds like the miracle cure.

  12. Michelle- And drool he would.

    Elizabeth- I like letting my Mac take pictures of me and Owen.

    Tanya- Luckily, he is quite sturdy.

    Grasshopper- He's entirely lovable.

    Photocat- I am astoundingly lucky.

    Ms. Trouble- He gave them none until they started looking up his nose and giving him shots.

    Kori- It's even faster than with my babies, I think.

    Lois- Exactly!

    Syd- Seriously. Every day is another opportunity for happy.

    DTG- Yep. It's a wonder he's not flat.

    Angie- I think it's the devil coming out in him.

    Nancy C- We really must have good dirt here.

  13. He is such a sweetie pie. So adorable!


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