Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Bloggity Blog, Blog

Oh man. I need to go feed the chickens. Well, the ones who are in the coop. Mable, Shalayla and Carol have moved out into their own apartments, you know. Here's Miss Shalayla this morning, running to greet me as I went out to feed the cats and get the paper. She thought I might have treats. I did not. But I tossed her a few Friskies. Who knew that chickens love cat food? Who knew that cats and chickens could get along?
Maybe Elvis Costello did. What's so crazy, he might ask, about chicken-cat peace, love, and understanding?
I have that song on the brain this morning for no particular reason.

Anyway, yes, feed the chickens, jump in the shower, head to town, pick up Lily and the O-boy, go to the pediatrician's office where I took my own babies/kids/teens. Then maybe we'll get some lunch. Do some birthday shopping. On Saturday Jessie turns 21, my mother turns 83. Yes. I had a baby on my mother's birthday. They've shared cakes and parties Jessie's whole life.
My mother always says she doesn't need anything. This may be true. But one has to try.

Okay- I got an e-mail this morning from a lady who says her comments don't show up. She politely asked if I am blocking her. WHAT???!!!
I try to block the spam but beyond that, hell- I wouldn't block anyone. Not so far.
Do you have this problem? Have you had this problem? If so, did you figure it out? What worked?

I am thinking about Michelle's post here. She is inspiring me to think. If you haven't read it, please do. I might have to write something about that. I also think I have a picture on my phone that I took for her in New Orleans of a Ganesh. I need to check that out. See if I do.

There is a tiny dead, decapitated snake by my kitchen door. His tiny head has its fangs bared which is somehow frightening, even though the head is lying next to the body. Someone unfollowed me.
Mysteries, mysteries, mysteries everywhere.

And now- really- the clock is ticking. I must go! Sorry for these pathetic little meanderings. I'll try to do better later. After we find out how much Owen weighs! Before I go to rehearsal tonight. After birthday shopping.
Oh Lord. I have so much to do. I am overwhelmed.

Run, Ms. Moon, RUN!


  1. Is that a Russian Blue in the background? It sure looks like one. If chickens and cats get along, it is because they have good energy surrounding them...
    Who could doubt that?
    Good idea to ask around for the comments!
    Hope it gets solved... Keep us posted on Owen's price numbers, amazing how they grow over a couple of months!

  2. Mama, I talked to Granny and she wants no material items, just foods and plants. Hee, I thought that was kind of funny, because it makes so much since, but I still don't know what kind of food to buy her.
    Maybe she needs a nice gift basket of cottage cheese, crackers and tomatoes. I kid, I kid.

    But for me, I think I want some kind of clothing item (such as those shoes I pointed out to you or Tom's shoes-like the red ones, or jewelery or CD (like the new Gogol Bordello CD), or a massage. Or just making you hang out with me and go shopping one day would be fun. We could do a trip to Thomasville!

    And from the Lord, I want a Mercedes Benz. By lord, I mean Daddy.

    I hope you have so much fun today watching our boy get weighed. I must say I am a bit sad I can't be there with you, but there will be other times.

  3. The snake is spooky!! yikes!

    I've found that when I have trouble with "comments" it is because my browser needs to be updated. It is normally something to do with MY machine or the software I am using... so I don't think there is much you can do on your end to help.

    Yay for Owen!!

  4. The copperheads are out here so tread carefully. I'm sure that you have them and many others in your part of Florida. Catch your breath!

  5. loved your last line.
    Happy day.
    i'm trying to have one after a really rough weekend.
    my boss at work, found your blog on my favorites and i think started reading away and later she asked me: why does that woman call her husband "Mr Moon?"
    Made me laugh!
    At least i didn't get in trouble for blog reading at work. she got sucked in too and realized i just can't help myself!

  6. my comments get lost too - it's not the end of the world but I don't like you to think I'm ignoring you.

    Update my browser you say? But how?

  7. If I have commenting problems, its usually because I'm at work, and their security settings are supposed to deter 'unauthorized internet use by employees.' (yes, you're considered unauthorized by our county government. are you flattered?)
    Why do these boys grow so fast? I spent the better part of my lunch break pricing new car seats for Farty, because he is just about at the 40lb weight limit in Grandma's car seat, and she refuses to buy him another one because she thinks he's too big to be in a carseat.
    The nice police officer pulling her over would likely disagree, since they are more concerned with the kid's age than his weight.
    I'm sure Owen will blow you away with his latest stats!
    And my cats lived in fear of my eclectus parrots for years. They're probably the size of your smaller chickens, but very fierce.

  8. Snakes frighten me! Even when they're dead.

    On the spam thing, I've had that issue too. I had to go in my junk file and search for the comment and un-junk it.

    And who would unfollow you??? That is a mystery, indeed, Ms. Moon.

  9. Tea Party folk---I mean hard core Republicans keep following me.

    Don't get it. Do I give off that vibe?

    Best of luck at O-man's appointment.

  10. The snake thing is gross.




  11. Photocat- That is a cat which came from the pound a million years ago. She cannot come in the house because she drools so fervently.

    HoneyLuna- You crack me up! The Lord? Your daddy is the lord of us all. Okay. Let's go shopping. I would LOVE that! And yes, I think we should all get Granny tomatoes, cottage cheese and crackers. That is what would make her happy.

    Ms. Fleur- Naw. He was just a tiny little dead oak snake.

    Syd- I think that Florida is home to every type of poisonous viper in North America. Seriously.

    Bethany- Here's the funny thing- people are starting to call him that in real life! Ha! Even me! I am so glad you didn't get in trouble at work.

    Jo- I would have no idea how to update a browser. Go to the browser website and update the newest version, I would imagine.

    Rachel- Yes. Owen has one more inch in his present car seat. And it's odd when cats are afraid of birds, isn't it? Backwards somehow.

    Angie- Sometimes I think that people get the idea that I am religious in a traditional way and then they realize I'm not. Or something. I'm not sure.

    Nancy C- Now THAT would be disturbing.

    Ms. Bastard Beloved- WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN TODAY? I must e-mail you.

  12. What kind of voodoo requires leaving a decapitated snake at your back door? Creepy!

    My followers keep going up/down too. Guess I'm just not interesting some days.

  13. Yes to the lost comments here.

    I don't even do the follower thing , I have enough stress. My oldest is 21. Still deep in hoping my kids follow me :)


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