Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Special Day

We are up early, early here today at Casa Luna. Little Man came to us at seven and right now he is in the pack-n-play, playing with various toys and I can hear him begin to get a bit tired of that- it's been three or four minutes already, Grandmother- and really. Can't we do something FUN?

Mr. Moon has already left to go to town to get plumbing supplies because he is off to the island again to replace all the pipes in the house down there because they are all corroding and nasty and well, who puts metal pipes in on a barrier island? But before he left, he played some with the boy and I got their picture, these two men I adore so much. Since I started writing this, I did go pick up Owen from his pack-n-play (torture chamber) and now he is back in it, asleep. I took him out to the porch where the day is blooming in such a riot of color and clean air and we rocked and I sang him a Grandmother-Owen song and he fell asleep against me, wrapped in that little blanket his great-great Aunt made out of pieces of flannel that were leftover from shirts she'd made Mr. Moon's sweet father over the years.

Aunt Elizabeth.

He's been gone now for a long time, Mr. Moon's daddy, but it gives me so much pleasure to see this new little guy being made cozy in that family flannel.

And this is it- this is what it's all about. This family gathered in from that place and this place, joined by chance meeting and subsequent love. Joined by work and play and here we are, wrapped up together in scraps made whole again.

Today is Lily and Jason's second anniversary. Can you believe that? Two years those two have been married. What a beautiful spring day that was.

Two years ago and so much has changed. When Jason brought Owen this morning and it was still dark outside and he was wearing his work uniform and carrying that son of his I said, "Happy anniversary," and he smiled at me. He smiled and I feel more sure than ever that Lily made the good choice. I tell Jason all the time what a great daddy he is and I mean it every time. He is sure and he is steady and he is loving to his son and his wife. Oh- if only Jason's mama and I had known back when our Jason and Lily were wild-childs how sweetly they would slip into adulthood. Wed two years and here they are, the most responsible adults I know of their age. They own a house, they go to work, they take the best care of their son you can imagine.

They are going out tonight, Lily and Jason, to celebrate and Uncle Hank and Aunt May are going to come and babysit that son. It will be good for all of them, I know. Lily and Jason will get to be, for a few hours at least, just Lily and Jason, two people who fell in love, and Hank and May will get to be the Uncle and Aunt and play with that boy whom we all love so much. And Owen? Well, Owen is adored every second of his life and he doesn't even have a clue how precious that is, how lucky he is to be part of this family.

And Mr. Moon will be on the island and I will be here and we'll all be tied up with some sweet silk string, Jessie too, wherever she will be- probably studying- we're all bound together and because we have eyes and ears, because we see what goes on in this world and the crazy things that happen to families, we know how lucky we are. Every one of us knows.
And Owen will know that too, some day.

He'll know that he was loved from the very beginning. I hope. I hope he knows this as he grows up. That his grandfather held him wrapped in a blanket made of a great-grandfather's shirt-scraps and kept him warm. That his grandmother rocked him on the front porch and he fell asleep against her chest, his eyes full of azaleas and the newborn day. That his mama and his daddy love him more passionately than he will ever know until he has his own child. That his aunts and his uncles adore him too. And that all of these people love each other with ridiculous richness.

Isn't it funny how this is where lust leads sometimes if we're lucky? We see someone across a room and something whispers inside of us. The whisper says, "Yes." The body says, "I want." And then something magical happens and the heart joins in and souls somehow meet and they, too agree that the answer is yes and next thing you know there is a wedding or at least a promise and then, well, the story never ends and it never really begins because the lines go back for thousands and thousands of years and the sweet invisible powers become visible and made flesh and the love just grows and it grows and there is always enough for all.

And if we're really lucky (and oh, I am) it leads to more and more of it, so much the heart can barely contain it and we're all wrapped up together.

Happy anniversary, Lily and Jason. May your love be what it is now forever. Only better. Only more.
Imagine that!

I wish for you what I have. A long-time best love. A hand to hold, a chest to lean on. A baby to cradle that came directly and indirectly, most assuredly from your love.

So that even when your hair is gray and your joints are stiff and your clothes are funny, you will have what Mr. Moon and I have, which is this, all of this, and each other as well.

Funny how emotional I can get at nine o'clock in the morning. Well. It is spring. That boy is here. It is an anniversary day. A special day, just like every other.

A miracle, just like every moment.

A moment, just like this one that I have tried so clumsily to put into words to keep.

The boy sleeps, the day brightens and opens. My heart does too. It overflows.

I am blessed.


  1. What a look Owen is giving the camera in that first picture! I love the one of the wedding too. You have such a beautiful family, but then you already knew that I'm sure. Isn't it wonderful when your grown children find love and all of the sudden they just blossom before your eyes and it makes you so proud! I've been a little wistful since my son's wedding, but every time I see them together, my heart just fills with pride and happiness for them both.

  2. I wished I could write like you...
    Rich in love is surely the word...
    And isn't a grandbaby the most swell thing there is in the world?
    I drink in the words about Owen. It is so neat that you get to love him so unconditionally...

  3. What a beautiful tribute to Lily and Jason and love and families and your dear family. You got me crying here on a Tuesday morning. Crying in my coffee. But you warmed my heart too. You do that.
    Happy Anniversary to L and J. Love the photos, esp the wedding and you and Mr Moon!
    Happy day to you and little O.

  4. I was having a sad morning, and your words and photos made me feel so much better. I thank you, my dear.

    Happy Anniversary to Jason and Lily. I wish them many, many more to come.

    I love you dearly.

  5. Wonderfully put. I think that your love is strong and true. That is awesome.

  6. I am still having a sad morning, but this does help some. You are ALL so blessed.

  7. I'll never forget Jason's face as he was standing at the wedding ceremony and saw Lily in her dress walking toward him. I knew before that they'd be good together, but that was when I was pretty sure they'd be great.

  8. As I was reading this about you and your family I was thinking, No Wonder that Owen doesn’t want to sleep much. Made me think of the words to Aerosmith’s song,
    “Don't wanna close my eyes
    Don't wanna fall asleep, yeah
    I don't wanna miss a thing”

    With all the action and love over there, who’d want to miss it?

    Happy anniversary to Lily and Jason. (it is mine too)
    And what a wonderful MIL you are for knowing what matters.

  9. Beautiful, beautiful ~ the words, the photos, the love. There is nothing clumsy about your writing, Mary Moon! You speak clearly from the heart and touch so many others in the process. Thank you for spreading the love all around. Here's a bunch of it bouncing back to you and yours from my little corner of Florida ~ love, Lulu

  10. happy tuesday indeed!
    this is a beautiful tribute to love. to families. to relationships. to LIFE.
    all of those pictures are fantastic. the wedding one especially. your family is beautiful.
    I love mr. moon's height over you. you two are darling.

  11. Congratulations to all of you even if I don't know you more than from reading your blog, but I just want to say that even if I am not commenting your posts, I love them and they give me a good perspective on life, and focus on what is important, to have a good life right there where you are, no matter it is in Florida or Norway ... ! and perhaps because I am gray haired and overalls guy, I just love your photo of you and Mr. Moon, perhaps overalls are supporting you, making you sturdy when you are attacked ! so thanks for making my day a little bit more fun, have a happy day !

  12. Well said Ms Moon! Not clumsy AT all. Lovely, in fact.

    Happy Anniversary Lily and Jason! We love you all so. (This of course includes the whole fam damily.)

    Have fun tonight.
    xo pf

  13. Happy Anniversaries. Happy sweet babies. Happy me because of your wonderful, evocative writing.

    Thank you.

  14. Sweet Ms. Mary Moon, you've written one of the most beautiful testaments to luck and love and life that I have ever read. I'm crying into my coffee too, and feeling every bit of bittersweet this spring day is showing me. I feel as lucky and blessed and grateful as you, thank you for the sharing. Your family and the photos you shared are so lovely. Hugs and kisses and sniffies.

  15. This is gorgeous. Isn't it amazing the physical gifts of love? Can you believe we get to hold these little boys and little girls?

  16. Yay, Lily an Jason! Two years! I'm so happy my big sister has herself such a good man.

  17. Since SB loves you so much (don't think I haven't noticed) and probably loves you more but only because she loved you first, and highly recommended I (we) come here and see you, I have come.

    You have more love in you than I do.
    It's so nice that you share it.


  18. congratulations Jason and Lilly.

    btw, I love the Tolkien quote. something to remember

  19. So very blessed. We're all so blessed.

  20. So are we, to be a part of it.

  21. Lois- Yes, yes, yes!

    Photocat- And I think that's the best thing about being a grandmother- there are NO boundaries on what I can think or say about that little man. He is not my own child and I don't have to be all humble about him. Ha!

    Bethany- You have such a sweet, sweet heart. I love that in you. Among other things.

    Ms. Bastard- I am sorry you were feeling sad. I am glad this made you feel better. And I love YOU dearly, dear-heart.

    Syd- It sure works for us in our crazy, ridiculously rich way.

    Kori- And I am blessed to have you as part of my life. I hope you feel better, sweetie.
    You know how to reach me.

    DTG- And then when he danced Billy Jean and well, that was that.

    Michele R- Happy anniversary! Yay for anniversaries! And it is so easy to love Jason- he loves my girl and he loves their baby. And he's a good man.

    Lulumarie- Sometimes when I think about your sweetness and goodness and your precious heart, it makes me tear up. Thank-you. I always feel your love.

    Notjustafemme- Well, as I said when Mr. Moon and I got married, if we are a match made in heaven, SOMEONE has a big sense of humor.

    Mr. Bibprofessor- I just love knowing you're out there with your fine and humorous mind, wearing your overalls with love. I am wearing mine right now!

    Ms. Fleur- Thank-you, sweetie.

    Jenny- Sweet words.

    Mel- It's all a crazy miracle, isn't it? Dry your eyes, honey.

    Nancy C- Actually- no. I can't believe it so every time I do, it's another freaking miracle.

    HoneyLuna- And you will find yours.

    Jeannie- Well. I am one of the luckiest women on earth and Ms. Bastard is a beloved part of that.
    I'm so glad you came by. Thanks and thanks for taking the time to comment.

    Terena- It's a beautiful quote, isn't it? And it makes me feel more peaceful about my time here.

    Aunt Becky- YES!

    SJ- And back and forth and I am grateful for you.

  22. Sweet words and pictures, none more so than the one of you and Mr. Moon at the end. What a good life you've given each other!

  23. That is a beautiful photo of a beautiful wedding day! Congratulations to Lily and Jason! A lifetime of happiness and love!

  24. I think it's Spring. I'm filled to the brim with love as well today.

    Many happy returns to Lily and Jason!

  25. Ah Ms. Moon, ya made me tear up! What a sweet tribute to all kinds of love. I hope Lily and Jason had a great anniversary.

    Sorry, I've gotten really behind this week!


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