Monday, June 17, 2024

North Carolina, Day Two

 GD paparazzi.
(aka Levon)

Oh my god, y'all. You want to know what I've haven't written today? It's because I've been so busy! Vacation? Excuse me?

It's been a great day but it has been a busy day. This morning when I got up I took my coffee outside where August was in the hot tub and we had some excellent conversations and observed a pair of some sort of birds that we did not identify feeding their babies in a nest in the V of a gutter and then Jessie and I made lists of plans and things we needed at the store. 

Levon gave us continued help by suggesting that we go to a thrift store to buy toys. Eventually we did go to a thrift store and he did get a toy and August got a book. We did not get this, however.

It was pretty cute though. We went to lunch and we went to a grocery store and plans evolved for us to make supper for Vergil's mama and step daddy here at the creek house this evening. I had a peach cobbler planned and there is a story there which I hope to tell at some point. 
We'd brought some Mr. Moon-caught snapper to cook for the North Carolina relatives and I began cooking around four. I made the cobbler and Jessie and I minced pecans for pecan-encrusted snapper and I snapped green beans and got the supper going and Boppy and the boys went down to the creek where Vergil and August and Levon and Mr. Moon had created a little dam-like situation to create a tiny pool to sit in with the water washing around us. I still haven't gotten there but I will. 

I am quite proud of the supper I made. The fish was practically perfect and Vergil's mother and step-father ate a lot of it and took the leftovers home which made me so happy. They don't get much fresh seafood up here. After supper and after Jessie and Vergil got the wild boys to sleep, all of the adults sat outside where the lighting bugs were flashing their sexy signals and the creek was singing and bourbon was drunk and many stories were told and laughter was abundant. 
Just a really beautiful night. 

When it got late-ish, Vergil drove his mom and his stepdad back to the mountain where he, too, is spending the night because he has to work tomorrow. He'll be back tomorrow night.

It has been a sweet day and even though I am exhausted, I am so glad for all of it. I stood at the doorway of the boys' room when Jessie was telling them goodnight and Levon said, "I can't wait to see your beautiful skin again tomorrow," to his mother. 
I am not making this up.
"I can't wait to see your beautiful skin again tomorrow too," she said. 

I think tomorrow I may ask for the day off. Forget the planned hikes in the botanical gardens and the trip to the library. I might just want to stay here and catch up on blogs and do some book-reading and creek-pool-sitting and perhaps napping. 
We'll see.

May all be well with you.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Levon and August do say the sweetest things. They will be wonderful men when grown. I think you should have bought that sombrero, it looks great and Levon could hang it on his wall and remember the holiday.

  2. Your stay already sounds magical. As for that sombrero, I'm so glad you didn't buy it. You'd see all the Brits arriving back in the at a London airport from Mexico wearing those things - I suppose they'd be good for the rain though eh! Have a wonderful time!

  3. It sounds like bliss. May Jessie and Levon carry that joy and sweetness all their lives.

  4. What a delightful day. How can you fit it all into one week? Maybe some year you'll decide to stay at least two weeks. That creek seems like it needs your presence for more than just seven days.

  5. I would sign my house over if you brought me fresh seafood.

  6. Bliss is the perfect word! Enjoy every minute!

  7. It sounds lovely. Good company, good food, all great.

  8. Vacations can be a lot of work! But sounds like you are having lots of fun, too!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful evening. That's so funny about the "beautiful skin"! I wonder if Jessie and Levon have talked about the similarity of their skin and how nice it is. (They DO look a lot alike, those two!)

    I haven't seen a firefly in ages. I miss them. We don't have them here at all.

  10. Your snapper and peach cobbler sounds outstanding. The boys have built a lovely custom stream pool, I think you'll love it. Happy good times are cherished.

  11. sounds like a perfect day and not going anywhere today also sounds like the perfect day. have I mentioned how jealous I am of the creek? and I can't believe you didn't get the sombrero.

  12. Idyllic! And I am so glad that Vergil's mother and step-father appreciated your cooking. Levon's sombrero looked so cool but of course he didn't need it.

  13. Sounds pretty close to perfect to me. Keep on keeping on.


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