Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Doing My Job

I took this picture yesterday because Maurice was just being so Maurice. This is something she does regularly. She gets on the table and snugs right up to the MacBook, making sure to have at least a little bit of her body directly on it to prevent me from typing, and then she flicks that tail like a metronome or like a teacher, drumming her fingers on her desk waiting for you to explain why your homework is late AGAIN. And if I should even dare to try to put my fingers on the keyboard she reaches out to slash me with her evil claws and makes that noise she makes. 

She's such a love.

I felt like I had another very productive day but actually, it wasn't that productive. I did stay busy. I picked green beans which took quite awhile. I go down one side of the row one way, then come back on that same side the other way and am always astonished at how many I miss on that first pass. Then I go to the other side of the fence and do the same there. There is also an overhang on that side with wire so that the vines make a little arbor that the beans dangle from. And again, I find beans that I missed on the side of the fence I just did and I reach through the wire to get those too. It's an art! 
I found this little guy on a leaf when I was picking this morning. 

I took his picture quickly and then let the leaf drop back where it had been so that he was in the shade. 

Last night before I went to bed I made a sponge with my sourdough starter and some flour and water and I also set black beans to soak. So I made the dough this morning and left it to rise and also made my black bean soup and it's been cooking most of the day. Not really great choices for a summer supper but that's what I wanted to make. 
When I was in the garden I picked these. 

I had no idea what type of peppers they were but I have quite a few. I sent that picture to my kids to ask for an ID and they told me I had shishito peppers and Lily said that she'd told me to get them which of course I have no memory of. Supposedly, if you blister them in a very hot skillet or under the broiler or in the air fryer, sprinkle them with a little salt and lemon juice, they are amazing. Every recipe I've read online has comments to that effect. So we shall try some tonight with out black bean soup. I am very excited. 

I took the trash, I went to the post office, I took books down to the little free library. I did laundry. And then, I got started on this project.

That's the side of the house by the kitchen and that paved part leads to the steps going up to the little kitchen porch. The border grass and a few crocosmia have rooted in the tiny strip of dirt beside the pavement and Mr. Moon has expressed a wish for it to be taken out as he could easily be tripped up on it due to his neuropathy-related balance problems. Now you know how much I hate those two plants. They are ridiculously tenacious. The border grass had actually grown UP the side of the steps. 

Now what I want to know is- where did the plants get the dirt to grow in? Did they bring it themselves somehow? What sort of botanical magic is this? There are even places where the border grass is growing directly on the cement. So I worked on that for awhile and I can finish it up tomorrow, I'm sure. I never seem to get any outdoor project completely finished because I'm always feeling the need to deal with another one. But I am not complaining. Truly, I love doing these things for the most part although unless they are in the shade, I can't work at them for a very long time. 

Meanwhile, Saint Mr. Moon is over at Tom's, augering deep holes to put posts in to use as supports for the tie-downs for the Tiny House. He's not going to let a little thing like the possibility that Tom will never live in the house stop him from finishing his job. He started it and he will finish it. 

I need to read the latest updates on the Trump trial. The last I'd read, the judge was about to give the jurors their instructions but I just checked a minute ago and it would seem that a few other things have happened. I would be more excited about the prospect of Trump being found guilty and sentenced to prison time but I have a strong suspicion that his minions would vote for him in November even if he were locked up. And you would think that the damn founding fathers might have foreseen something like this happening and dealt with it in the Constitution but no, they did not. And really- who can blame them? None of this makes any sense.  
We're all living in Crazy Town and I am so fearful of the outcome. 


The bread is out of the oven, the beans are nice and soft, the red onions to go on top are in their fast-pickling brine, and soon I will be chopping cilantro, peeling and slicing avocados, and oh yeah- slicing our first regular-sized tomato of the season. I'll let you know what I think about the shishitos. Have you ever tried them? If so, what did you think? 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I wish we could bring the founding fathers back to life for a few days and show them what's happening in the country. I wonder how they'd react? Probably with horror like the rest of us. I can't blame them for never envisioning a monster like Trump.

    Your black bean soup and bread will be amazing, I'm sure! And avocados, and tomatoes...that's just dreamy summer food. But leave the cilantro out of my portion, please! It tastes just like soap to me.

    I admire men like Mr. Moon who get the job done, no matter what. It's a work ethic/personal ethics thing, I think. All too rare these days.

    1. Quite honestly, for all the shouting about the constitution and our founding fathers that MAGA does, what gets me is that, back in the day, traitors were hung on far less proof than we are seeing now.

  2. I can't handle cilantro either! Blech! 😵‍💫
    I have seen shishitos on the Food Network and everyone seems to eat them like very mild peppers! I have never had any of them!
    Kudos to Glen for seeing the Tiny House project to the end in spite of old Tom!
    Soup 🍲 and fresh baked bread 🥖 are good any time of the year!

  3. I'm glad you didn't marry a carpenter. They never finish any job. They just start a new one. Trump is the mayor of Crazy Town, or would-be dictator.

  4. WEll you know that the orange blob will not be going to jail, ever...and even if convicted will appeal and that will take forever. He might be acquitted and there we are again. I do not pray because - what's the point...but I do have wishes- For the orange wad- they are NOT well wishes. I wish he was an experiment for NASA , send him way up yonder to see if he explodes - for the sake of scientific study, you understand.
    If Glen wants a holiday send him up here to sort out Dennis's idea of "wilding" the front yard....I am not a good cook so he would have to bring you , too.

  5. That Maurice is a piece of work. And so is your border grass. As for the dirt, they make it as they go. When you peel their roots back from the cinder block, they leave behind molecules of dirt for the next round of grass roots.

  6. Funny all the trouble we go to providing great dirt for plants and some just say, no, this nice concrete will be just fine.

  7. I do NOT understand how that criminal is even allowed to be on the ballot papers much less run a campaign.
    Might I suggest once those border grasses and crocosmia are removed that small section of dirt be paved or concreted over?

  8. I know nothing about shishotos and look forward to your verdict. As for the other verdict, I hold out no hope. It sucks. If your day wasn’t productive, I don’t know what day would be. Maurice is such a sweet and gentle little beauty.

  9. I have not only never tried a shishito pepper, I've never even heard of them. I eagerly await your report!

    My cats used to do similar things. They loved to lie on the newspaper as I was reading it. I think cats just hate it when we're not paying attention to them. (If they're in a mood for attention, that is.)

    I suspect you're right about Trump's minions. I think a guilty verdict might sway the election (and that's a big "might") but his MAGA followers will support him no matter what, because all of this is a corrupt prosecution in their minds.

  10. I honestly think he could rape somebody in the middle of Times Square and his supporters would still be on his side. I'm scared

  11. Well, I hope you enjoy the peppers and am looking forward to your pepper review!
    I don't like all of the attention that the former president is getting. The news is always full of stuff revolving around him. I would like the news to ignore him and give us happier, more encouraging news to focus on.


  12. DT likes creating a sham of any system poised to hold him accountable. Our Constitution and legal system never envisioned someone the likes of DT. We are in uncharted territory. I do hope the jury system works to prosecute DT. That said, it is going to be hard work for the jury. Hopefully, the jury has a few strong/analytical thinkers and as a whole come to the guilty verdict that I hope for. Maurice is a naughty kitty using her claws and attacking her family.

  13. we put rock salt (like you use in the winter on driveways and sidewalks for ice) on the pavement where weeds come up and it kills them real nice. xxalainaxx


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