Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The Wisdom Of Keith

Mr. Moon sent me this picture first thing this morning. I guess the guys were in some breakfast joint that allowed naked cats in it. He said in the accompanying text that he's never seen one in real life before. I don't think I've ever seen one in real life either. I just looked them up and they are called Sphynx Cats and are one of the world's most expensive breeds of cat because of their extremely loving personality. They can cost between two and three thousand dollars. 
Well. They may be extremely loving but I'd pay at least a thousand dollars to never have to see the horror of those claws. Poor little things. 

Anyway, the Canadian government let the Tallahassee hunters back into their country again and they have reached their destination! Hurray! 

Today was Candy day and that sweet lady cleaned my kitchen counters and all the stuff on them to within an inch of their lives. Beautiful! It truly is a miracle and a joy to come home to such a nice house. I mean, my house is always nice but after she's been here, it's even nicer. I appreciate that so much. 

I met Jessie in town for- you guessed it!- a trip to Costco. I did not buy one thing. Call Ripley's. But we talked and talked and had a fine time and then because we were both weak with hunger (haha!) we decided to go to Chow Time. It's sort of embarrassing to go to Chow Time without the children there as an excuse. Oh well. But we ate rather sensibly, actually. I mean, sensibly in the sense that we did not go back for thirds and no desserts were involved and, well- we did our best. Hell, I even ate a sprig of broccoli! And we had much more to discuss as we feasted. Jessie and Vergil had a meeting with August's teachers today and were told that he is a "stellar student." As I told Jessie, that's a paycheck for a mama right there. 
I would sort of love to see August in school. Isn't it odd to think of our children and grandchildren in an entirely different setting and world from the one we see them in at home and when they're with us? 
It is to me. 

After lunch I ran by Publix and got to hug Lily and when I was checking out, the guy that was bagging my groceries said something that I doubt I will ever forget. He was youngish and at one point he took a second to sort of stretch his arm out and bend it back. He said, "My shoulder wasn't exactly in the right place." 
And you know me- give me a topic of conversation and I'll jump in with both feet. So I said, "Oh, it's not good to have a shoulder in the wrong location."
And he said, "Especially when it's made of metal."
"Your shoulder is made of metal?" I said. 
"From my shoulder all the way down to my hand," he replied, waggling his fingers.
Now how in the world could one miss an opportunity to hear this story but also, let us be honest- do we need to pry?
Well. Yes. Yes we do.
So I asked him what had happened that required him to have a metal shoulder and arm. 

And he said..."My father ran over me when I was fifteen."

Holy shit. I had no idea what to say despite the fact that I had a million questions starting with, "Did he mean to?"

Instead, I just said, "Well, there's an entire novel in one sentence."

"Yes," he said. "He didn't see me under a truck I was working on."

And I was almost speechless. It seemed to me there was far more to the story than that but if it was all as traumatic as I think it must have been, this would not have been the time or place to discuss it. Instead, I just said, "Well, I will be pondering this for the rest of the day." He laughed. Well, he sort of laughed.

And that was that. 

I read an article from BBC news today that commenter Sarah from Vermont sent me a link to about Keith Richards' arthritis. Among other things. 

But while the Stones sound ageless as ever, Richards' hands are gnarled with arthritis. Has it affected his playing?

"Funnily enough, I've no doubt it has, but I don't have any pain, it's a sort of benign version," he says. "I think if I've slowed down a little bit it's probably due more to age.

"And also, I found that interesting, when I'm like, 'I can't quite do that any more,' the guitar will show me there's another way of doing it. Some finger will go one space different and a whole new door opens.

"And so you're always learning. You never finish school, man."

It was an excellent article, as one would expect from the BBC and the last paragraph gave me pause. He was responding to a question about going on tour for this new album and how the boys all seem to be in "good fettle". 

"We're not looking at each other and saying, 'Time's up.'"

And then this: 

Is that a phrase he could ever imagine uttering?

"My answer is I'm not Nostradamus," he chuckles. "Of course it's going to end some time, but there's no particular rush.

"We're having great fun doing this."

And, as is my way, I got a little shiver and a little teary. This is an issue I am thinking about an awful lot. How to face and live the rest of whatever life I have? How to balance the reality of it all with the desire to live as fully as possible until I can't? 

Of course it's going to end some time, but there's no particular rush. We're having great fun doing this.

Hank was so wise (as he usually is) when he told me that Keith Richards is my totem spirit animal. 

So. I played some more piano this afternoon and my fingers hit at different places on the keyboard which I had already noticed two days ago. That crooked joint on my left hand's little finger makes it difficult to hit an octave. But it's okay. I can do it and I am having great fun doing it. And a lot of other things too. 

So there you go. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. your day sounds perfect save for the ugly as sin cat pic (sorry). Forget the claws...its the no hair that gets me.......HOW can that even BE a cat without hair? Love the young man talking about his metal shoulder, and glad you saw 2 of your girls today! I am already anxiety ridden over my Doc appt. tomorrow....it's a *wellness* physical...which of course...does not entail much more than vitals...and much discussion...but I have plenty to discuss. I'll feel SO much better when it's over.....but I trust more doors must be opened up afterwards. So it is. And bless Candy! We can all benefit from a Candy....or in my case a Patricia! Tomorrow we have distant neighbor Wade (we call him Mr Peace, Love and Joy) coming (while I'm at Doc visit) to start pruning our big oaks........ another welcomed helper!
    Susan M. PS.....Glad Mr Moon safe and well

  2. Canada is very strict when crossing its borders. I learned that from Youtube. No nonsense, you have to prove you're worthy. Of course your guys passed.
    As for your piano playing, you are not being graded or in competition so you should be having fun. Play on!

  3. Those naked cats? One thing that I read about them that I will never forget is that because they don't have fur, their body oils make grease spots where ever they sit. Even if I had a Candy, I surely do not want greasy cat spots everywhere.

  4. That's a great attitude and so much better than those folks who get a bit old and just sit back waiting to die. It might take them thirty years, but they just sit there waiting to die. That's not for me and not for you either!

  5. That Keith Richards item came down my feed this morning, and then I got busy and prayed it would still be there later. It was. His remark about his finger just hitting a new spot and teaching him something new reminded me of his several mentions in books about the new discoveries he'd hit upon musically when his fingers tried something new, or he'd leave a piece off his instrument.
    How I dislike those hairless cats, and this is the first time I've noticed their claws. Good luck to those fearless hunters and fishers.

  6. I wish people would stop meddling in breeds to create something new and different to titillate mankind's whimsical desire for the obscure and obscene. Most are a genetic anomoly that should be allowed to end instead of being selectively bred on.
    Whoops. Touched a sore spot there!
    I am glad the men have reached the safety of Canada and that Candy is making your life a little easier and brighter.
    I think we hit a certain age and become painfully (in more ways than one) of our mortality and it bugs me that I spend too much time pondering my inevitable demise.

  7. The Sphynx breed has been around forever and every cat has claws! Those cats, as well as the Mexican Hairless (documented in 1902), are such sweet cats and their skin feels like velvet! I knew a lady who raised the Mexican Hairless ones where I lived in CA, so I know what they are like and how their skin feels!

  8. I'm told the sphynx feels like a lovely friendly hot water bottle! I think the claws are what you'd see on any cat if they weren't partly hidden by fur.

    And you have a new saying, Mary: WWKD?

  9. Undoubtedly, the young man in Publix would have been doing something a whole lot different if he still had two good arms but at least he lived to tell his tale to Ms Nosy Parker.

  10. what a horrible accident for the kid and his father. can you imagine running over one of your kids and crushing their arm? I have actually seen and held one of those hairless cats but I don't think the owner paid a thousand dollars for it. who has that kind of money? anyway it felt different that I thought it would but still just too weird for me. although the no shedding would be OK. as for ageing and Keith, he's got it right. just keep on keeping on and having fun. not knowing when is better than knowing when I think.

  11. That's interesting about the young man's metal arm. Isn't that amazing that his arm could be saved and useful? What a scary thing to go through but he seems to be managing well...
    I think about how much time I might have left and what I should be doing with that time. I like what Keith said and have to figure out how to have more fun...

  12. "You never finish school, man." I love that! So true! And it's one thing to say it but Keith really embodies it, doesn't he?!

    I also love that photo of the cat. The poor thing looks cold.

    I really do want to know more about the guy at Publix. What a story.

  13. If you find answers to these questions, I am all ears. I like Keith's attitude.


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