Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Sweet, Sweet Day

From breakfast at the Mexican restaurant to going into Apalachicola to shopping at the Big Pig to driving around the island and walking to the piece of beach that leads to The Cut and having a nap back here at the sorta-funky-but-it's-great Sun Bird, and playing cards, and then taking a sunset walk, it's been a great day. 

Just perfect. 

Pictures from our walk. 

This is a sponge. But what is that bizarre gut-looking stuff there? 

Any suggestions? Aliens? 

Big ass house. 

Small ass house.

Biggest ass house. You can't get the scale here. It looks like the Mayo Clinic or something. Like a house I'd see on a trashy real estate show where people sell giant glass houses in Beverly Hills for a million billion dollars. 

No words. Just...oh hell. Really? On the beach? Get the fuck outta here. 

Dead, drowned, and beached palm tree. 


Pretty little birds. 

Great Blue Heron

Same heron flying off with the nice whiting the man in the picture just caught and gave to him. 

Moon. Water. Air. Life.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. beautiful nature...... bad on the huge houses.......sheesh. Just give me a funky 2 room clapboard beach cottage......but not sure those even exist anymore. Lookin' good to me overall, though! Enjoy! Dolphins?????? But hopefully Martini's!
    Susan M

    1. and loving that the fisherman gave his fish to the Heron!
      Susan M

  2. That last photo says it all. I can feel the peace from here.

  3. Wow! It really is so beautiful. I'm glad you are enjoying yourselves, Mary!

  4. This is a great vacation place. And vacation.

  5. I don't really take 'vacations' anymore (lots of reasons). So....I'm living vicariously here. Thank you for the wonderful pics. It all sounds wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Paranormal John

  6. I can breathe the salt air from here, from those lovely nature photos. Aaaah! Breathe it in and enjoy!

    Chris from Boise

  7. Enjoyed your comments on the real estate. Thanks for sharing your walk.

  8. I really like that first Big Ass house, I would make that whole third floor my bedroom/library. And I would be down on the beach every single day. Glad you are having a wonderful time.

  9. "Top" floor. Although in reality just a smaller shack would do as long as it had electricity and internet.

  10. Beautiful place and long may these seafront properties last. That black thing looks a bit like the oil spill remains we sometimes find on beaches here.

  11. I know what you mean about the houses, especially that big one with all the glass. wtf? who cleans the salt spray off all those windows? when the hurricane that wiped out or damaged 95% of the beach houses where ours was (ours fell in the minimal damage category) and the insurance money came through, all those little one story funky beach houses transformed into two and three story ridiculous fancy beach houses.

    as for the weird stuff on the sponge...did you poke it?

  12. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. The ocean views and beautiful sandy beach with birds galore are fantastic. Sunshine and warm weather with light ocean breezes must be amazing.

  13. *sigh*

    Love. Happy. Sun. Sand. Water.

    Desperately trying not to be envious.


  14. It looks like herons are evolving to form a symbiotic relationship with humans! (We benefit them through food and they benefit us by being beautiful....?)

    Those houses are ridiculous. (Well, except the small-ass one.) Who has all this money?!

  15. Beautiful photos of the beach. Some people take up a lot of space in this world. Imagine if we all shared with each other.

  16. A great vacation. But those extraneous houses! And weird sponge forms. Thanks for ID'ing the palm tree.

  17. Some of those Homes are ridiculous and unnecessary. The Natural Beauty of the Beach tho' is sublime, in spite of the McMansions molesting it's shoreline.


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