Saturday, September 17, 2022

Fine Company

 Well, of course now Lily has the Covid. She called me this morning and she didn't even have to say more than, "Hey mommy," and I knew. "Are you sick? Do you have it?" I asked her. 

Ah-lah. Well, it was pretty much a sure thing that she would get it. She's worked with the public all throughout the pandemic AND her partner got it. Lauren, thankfully, is feeling better and now she can help take care of Lily as Lily helped take care of her. The other grandmother and Jason picked up the kids. Lily is not happy that they will now be exposed but they insisted that they might as well get this over with. I think Jason has had it and so has Owen but of course one can get it again. 
Lily would not let me hug her yesterday and was wearing a mask and I guess I'm glad for that. She says that so many of the people who work for Publix are coming down with it now. 

For right now, though, our little enclave here in Lloyd seems to be free of the virus. Today Mr. Moon and Vergil went back to Lamont to put a motor in a feeder and the little guys elected to stay here with me. 

We read some books and then we played a card game called "Garbage" which turns out to be a fairly fun game. Levon was on August's team, which makes things easier. I am always amazed at how well they work together on these team projects. I am not sure that we quite followed all of the rules properly but I wasn't worried enough to go back and rewatch the video on how to play the game. 
And of course, the team of August and Levon won.

After that I made them some popcorn and let them watch TV. While we're discussing popcorn, let me just put in another plug for the Whirly Pop popcorn maker. Of course they aren't paying me. I fucking wish. But after years of making popcorn in the microwave, we got this funky and old-fashioned device and we love it. 

I buy the Orville Redenbacher brand popcorn because it truly does pop better than any other brand I've tried. It is not unusual for every kernel to pop. And the taste is so far superior to microwave popcorn. You can opt to put whatever you want on it and in whatever amount you want, too. Mr. Moon (and the boys) want LOTS of butter and salt and we also use nutritional yeast sprinkled on it generously. Gives it a nice cheesy flavor along with your B-Vitamins. 
I learned about nutritional yeast from The Farm cookbook too, if I remember correctly. I add it to cheese sauces and soups, etc. 
It's an old hippie thing. 

Like me.

I watered the garden today. We are getting no rain at all and there's none in the forecast until a week from Monday AND I can see that it's supposed to hit 97 on Thursday. 
So long, fall! We hardly knew ye! 
Anyway, this is what the row of arugula looks like right now. 

That is the easiest vegetable to grow in the world as far as I know. 

I see that Trumpty Dumpty is openly embracing QAnon which I am sure surprises nobody in the world. They are his people! Can you even imagine believing in a movement that thinks that HE is going to be the savior of us all? 
Holy shit. 
Talk about a cult. I can think of only one way to end the horror but it would not be prudent to discuss that on a public forum. 
Is this a public forum? 
I guess so. 

And I also guess that I have nothing more to say. 
Endings are always the hardest part so I'll just say-

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, poor Lily! I hope she feels better very soon....sad with the children being at Jason and other Gran's....probably best but I hope they too, don't all come down with it. Ugh. I can't believe Lily has gone all this time, doing what she does.....and hasn't gotten it till now. Your arugula rows are straight and true.....and this Whirly Pop popcorn maker is new to me. I confess I buy microwave corn now.....but back in my youth......we just used a big old funky pot over a low gas flame.
    Susan M

    1. Lily's feeling not so bad. I think she has a mild case. Which is wonderful!
      I tried so hard to make my rows straight. I did better than I've ever done before.
      If you're in Target and see a Whirly Pop- you might want to just buy it. It's a great little device.

  2. Agree 💯 with the Whirly Pop and the Orville popcorn. My Whirly Pop was as seasoned as a 50 yo cast iron skillet.
    Hope Lilly recovers quickly!

  3. *sigh* more googling. Whirly pop?
    I think we call arugula "rocket" and I have some seeds so I will see if your claim as the easiest veg to grow is true.
    If it is not too much of an imposition, could you list who is who and who belongs to who in your family, please? I am getting a little confused. If not, I fully understand privacy and all that.

    1. Yes. Rocket and arugula are the same.
      Here's a quick run-down of my family:
      Hank is my eldest, a son, and he lives with Rachel.
      May is next and she is married to Michael.
      Lily is the mother of Owen, Gibson, and Maggie (Magnolia June) and lives with Lauren. The children's daddy is Jason.
      Jessie is the baby. She is the mother of August and Levon and is married to Vergil.

  4. That wouldn't end it because there are others. You have a governor who is trying to out trump Trump.

    1. I know, I KNOW. Trust me. But the most evil part of me would not hate to see the fomenter of all this horror resting in peace in his golf course next to his former wife.

  5. I'm beginning to think Covid is going to be a permanent thing on this planet of ours. The boys look happy and well, I hope they stay well, Maggie and Gibson too and Owen. I've been watching my pots daily to see if anything has sprouted, but there's nothing yet. I think arugula is what we call rocket, a little peppery in taste and heat?

    1. I've thought that for awhile, River. Covid ain't going nowhere.
      And yes- arugula and rocket are the same. I have no idea why they have different names in different places but they do. Like eggplant and aubergine.

  6. I hope Lily has just a mild dose of covid, but I'm sure glad she's got someone at home to look after her!

    1. It seems to be a mild case. And I am sure that Lauren is taking good care of her.

  7. My local movie theater has nutritional yeast as an option to put on popcorn, it is very popular.

    1. Mine could too for all I know. Yay for the hippies who brought nutritional yeast to the nation's attention! Remember when vegetarians were considered wackos?

  8. Sorry to hear that Lily has Covid and hope she feels better soon. My younger brother has it now too but he is feeling better each day he said.

    1. I hope she does too. I'm glad your brother is doing better.

  9. Steve Bannon says Trump is "divinely ordained," or something like that. Ha! It is a source of never-ending bewilderment to me that of all the people for Q-Anon evangelicals to latch onto, they've chosen that coarse, blustering grifter. (I mean Trump, but that describes Bannon too.)

    Remember when Orville Redenbacher himself used to appear in his own commercials? As I recall he used to make a point of the fact that every kernel pops. I'm glad to hear that's actually true.

    I'm sorry about Lily but I guess it's not a surprise.

  10. Because Steve Bannon is so pure of heart to be able to discern divinity? That's a giant HA HA!
    I always think of Orville doing his own commercials and making that claim when I make popcorn and I silently say, "True facts, Orville!"
    Nope. Not a surprise Lily got covid.

  11. damn computer woes here. Sorry about Lily- such a shite virus to knock down our beauty. Either the server or throttling or blogger has gotten on my last nerve this day. Non functioning, my window to the world!! Tomorrw we will check out Verizon, we have comcast, the most evil in the world, has gone to the dark side.

  12. This post just now showed up on my feed,so I'm late saying I'm sorry about the covid and hope it passes fast. I used to make popcorn on the stove for my son when he was young. I can't bear the smell, no matter what nice stuff is added, so I was a good mom never mentioning that to him, because he loved it. I should get a special certificate for that.

  13. Thursday thru Sunday just get away from me. I remember nutritional yeast! Haven't bought it or used it in decades. Sorry to hear Lily got covid. I'm going to a wedding in two weeks so I guess I'll go get the 4th shot. So, I'm guessing Jessie and Virgil don't have a TV? The only good way to get rid of Trump is for him to have a heart attack or something. Murder would only make him a martyr and we really don't want that.


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