Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Updated Post

 This sign always makes me laugh. 
"Watch Children."
Watch them do what? Run across the street, I guess. I don't think I've ever seen a child run across the street in Lloyd. Can that be correct? 

That's what the sky looked like this morning when I took the last walk of my 67th year. I haven't been out for a good walk in so long that I think I was mainly curious to see if I am still capable of walking a few miles. Turns out I am but boy, was it hot. 
I had an experience. 
There's a very old, abandoned, cabin just a little way down the road from us. I've posted pictures of it before but I wanted to get a few shots of it. I'd barely snapped this one

and was heading over to the right there to take another picture when I heard someone saying something. I ignored it and snapped a shot outside a window 

and was picking a path through the brambles and bushes to go around to the back when I realized the person was saying something to me. So I stopped and looked and it was the lady who lives across the street from the cabin. 
She was on a mission to prevent trespassing there (she does not own the property) and I had a weird and defensive reaction to something said by a person who obviously has many problems. The odd thing is, I do not feel ashamed of myself for having had the reaction I had but I do wish I had thought it out more reasonably. Now I just feel sad for her and I need to let it go. 

Anyway, for the rest of the day I've just done domestic things. I picked field peas and green beans which are definitely on their way out. I admired the okra blossoms. 

I did laundry and finally decided to make some jam with the figs that Mr. Moon had picked before we left for NC. I did not want to waste them and the tree appears to be done making fruit for the year. So I prepped the figs and peeled and cut up two apples what were on their way to apple heaven via chicken beaks, one of which had been sampled by Maggie and then almost thrown away until I rescued it, a peach, and a few frozen strawberries. I didn't even bother to sterilize jars or lids, just made the jam and put it into clean jars and capped them and they will go directly into the refrigerator. 

It is delicious. 

I have no plans for tomorrow which is my birthday. Perhaps I will make Mr. Moon take me to Monticello for lunch and then a trip to the antique store. Or perhaps we can just go spend a good chunk of the day at the river. 
I do not know. 

I do know that I can't believe I've reached the age of 68. For a plethora of reasons. But it would appear that I have. 

See you tomorrow. 

Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. I edited this post because I realized that I had totally infringed on someone's privacy in what I wrote and posted at first. I am not proud of myself for that. 
But there you go. 


  1. well, that woman sounds *un-reasonable* in all ways....... but in your face confrontation is not one to let go by easily....which obviously she could not begin to comprehend, She sounds whacked, poor soul. If that divine blossom is an okra blossom (and I believe you when you say it is).......... forget the okra, ...just let me enjoy the blossoms! And wishing you a happy 68th. Yes, you have reached it! May the sky, the waters, your love, and family......all shine upon you tomorrow!
    With birthday hugs for you
    Susan M

  2. I do understand the whole 'having no fight left'. I'm there. I am just tired, and I want to enjoy my remaining years without bickering. With anyone.

  3. Happy birthday darling Mary. My encounter with a cranky person was yesterday as I was standing on the shore of our big lake throwing a ball for Felix in preparation for me going in for my deep water swim with a float that I drag behind me ( a sure sign of us deep water loonies) A woman came to the beach, a very narrow place and I said hello, She harrumphed at me as she got out and I said, " oh the water must be perfect with the warm days we're having" and she replied, "the water is too warm."

    Wow, I say. But hey, her perspective is all hers and so if she wants to be unhappy after getting out of our beautiful huge lake on a bright sunny day with Mt Rainier shining in the distance, well, there's no hope for it.

    Humans are WEIRD. But bless her anyway and bless us all.

  4. Happy Birthday and I hope you enjoy all of it, whatever you decide!

  5. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day whatever you do - I vote the river. Whatever you do avoid confrontations with nutters.

  6. Happy birthday tomorrow! Oh to be 68 'again! Young and heedless :)

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    1. Happy Birthday, Mary. I hope it's a wonderful one. Those years do roll by!
      From your posts, you take advantage of all the wonderful things around
      you. The cabin in the woods was interesting. Do you have any history about it? I wonder when it was built. Who lived there? Oh, the stories that cabin could tell! That lady across the street doesn't belong to Welcome Wagon, I take it! LOL! She might have a sad life...whatever. Best Birthday Wishes! Have fun!
      Paranormal John

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  9. I must have known this, but I've lost so many chunks of memory of late. Tomorrow is my oldest daughter's birthday, too. It is also Jacki Kennedy's, which I know for all the times my daughter has told me. So, happy birthday to you, tomorrow, and it is the first thing I will send to Beth's phone tomorrow. Jacki is on her own.

  10. Happy Birthday to my very favorite blogger!

  11. Oh, Ms. Mary ... May you have the happiest of happy birthdays! 🎂🎉 I would have to believe Glen has a day all planned out for you so you won't have to tell him to take you anywhere! Enjoy the day to the fullest! ❤️

  12. Wishing you a Wonderful 68th birthday, Mary!

  13. Wishing you a lovely day for your birthday dear Mary. Have a great time whatever you do. Sending a birthday hug from UK.

  14. That old cabin looks like a good strong wind will blow it down, but looks can be deceiving and it will probably stand for a good many years yet. Happy Birthday.

  15. Happy Birthday dear Mary, have a lovely day love Blods xx

  16. I remember seeing a sign in England that said "stop children" and some clever clogs had written "wear a condom" underneath it!!!! And happy birthday for tomorrow (or today - I'm a bit late with my blog reading at the moment)!

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I hope you have a wonderful day, full of everything you love!

    Your jam sounds heavenly. My fig tree is growing so slowly I fear I'll never get any fruit from it. Speaking of which, deer keep coming into our front yard late at night and eating the tender new leaves off the crabapple tree we planted. I don't know how to get them to stop, and at this rate, the tiny tree isn't going to make it. I'm so frustrated!

  18. Happy birthday Mary!
    There used to be signs in Edmonton that said, Slow Children Playing which always made me laugh. I always said I wanted to steal one, because Katie was slow:)
    That lady that accosted you, I would have had my fur up too. She verbally attacked you, why wouldn't you respond in kind?
    Sending hugs and love.

  19. 68 is a good age. If I had been an American or you had emigrated to England, we would have been in the very same year at school and I could have pulled your pigtails. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY!

  20. Well, my nosy self wants to know what you edited out. Oh well. Late to the party. Happy birthday! 68 is fine. We are much younger than our parents were at this age I think. And your jam does sound delicious.

  21. Happy 68th birthday, Mary! Hope you have a wonderful day and a year filled with lots of love and fun adventures!

  22. OK, now I'm bummed that I didn't see the post before you edited it! I've been scolded for taking pictures before, and it's hard NOT to have a defensive reaction -- especially when you're doing nothing wrong. I have also had exchanges with people I wish I'd handled differently. But c'est la vie.

    That's not the fally-down house, is it?

    The fig jam looks terrific. I need to take myself for a walk. I feel like I've been sitting on my butt a lot lately.

    Happy birthday, a day early!

  23. Happy birthday Mary Moon!! I am still very happy to have found your blog many years ago.
    For reasons I can never explain to myself, I often react sort of angry/aggressively to women who show obvious signs of addiction, past or present. I try to explain this by the fact that my mother was an addict but it's not really a sufficient explanation.

  24. Happy birthday Mary! Thanks for the many years of pleasure I’ve felt reading your blog and being reassured there really are good people out there. You’re one of the best,


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