Saturday, May 28, 2016

What This Town Needs

Is a new breakfast place. Or, to be more specific- another one. Or two. Or five. 

We're waiting on our breakfast in the coolest place in town as far as I'm concerned- Cafe con Leche. 
Here's a piece of art on the wall here. 

Article from Garden and Gun magazine:

And just like that, our own arepas show up. 

Love...Ms. Moon, reporting in from Apalachicola, FL


  1. Garden and Gun? what a combination. that painting looks like Julia Roberts.

  2. "Garden and Gun" magazine?! Awesome. That's a cool painting, but I wouldn't spend $800 on it.

  3. Liv- It was delicious!

    Ellen Abbott- It's actually a very cool magazine.

    A- It was.

    Steve Reed- Agreed on the price tag.


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