Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Beach. Holy Place.

We are directly across the street from the then-abandoned building where I used to climb up to the roof to listen to the cicadas every night. These skinny houses are something and have three floors of skinny steps and after hauling all of our stuff upstairs every one of my delusions about being in shape at all were shattered.
But I didn't die and here we are and it is most comfortable although I do sort of miss the funky charm of the old Simmons place we've usually stayed in. I feel very guilty because I am staying in the master bedroom all by myself with the huge bed and the bathroom with the jets in the tub and the dresser and the bedside tables with lights and the balcony out onto the beach but there is a part of me which says that this is what I need. By god I am the old mama, the matriarch.
Still. I feel guilty.
I'm going to try and get over it.
May and Michael are here and May is making us a huge salad and chicken enchiladas from Costco are in the oven. August is happy and asleep for the moment.

We made drinks and took a walk down on the beach at sunset time.

It was beautiful. 

Skinny houses.

My computer is acting a little wonky which is scary but we go on. 

See you tomorrow.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That last picture is just stunning. Enjoy your spacious room with its beach views. Enjoy your babies.

  2. I was a little sad thinking that you might not post this week. I am glad that you are! :-)

  3. Wow, that looks like a great place! I agree with Rosemarie -- I like the last photo. I'm a bit behind so I'm not sure where you are but I'll figure it out. :)

    Hope the computer doesn't get too wiggy!

  4. wow, they are skinny houses. three stories is one too many though. and Mary, you are the matriarch and as such deserve the big room with the balcony.

  5. Love the skinny houses. Plus drinks on the beach, ah me.

  6. Oh, this looks wonderful. I am so very far behind here -- I need to catch up.


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