Sunday, May 3, 2009

Death And Titties

Okay, okay. I already posted today but then, in the guest room, I found something DownTownGuy had left behind (he always leaves something and honey, I found your belt, too) and I have to pass this on. During the play, the children passed notes back and forth and they are just too good to not print here. Sorry kids, I should have asked your permission but I'm your mother so sue me.

"Strangest Play Ever."

"This play has completely stopped making sense. And it didn't start out making a lot."

"This part is the weirdest."

"No. THAT was the weirdest part. No lie."

"I just realized they have a framed picture of an atomic blast. WTF?"

"It makes no sense!"

"What does a town that only has a gas station have a sheriff?"

"That lady looks like she's in drag but I want her wig!"

"It reminds me of the plays that girl used to write in my creative writing class about Jesus, the Peanuts characters and Scooby Doo."

"This play should be titled "Titties and Death."

"And what's up with the Rocky doll?"

"What Rocky doll?"

"It has popped up from behind the counter 2x's."

"It's like the Anti-Bagdad Cafe."

"It's totally like the Anti-Bagdad Cafe! I like how everyone is evil. Nice twist."

"If someone got hit by a pie, it would be like the play we did."

"It's like they're all from different plays."

"Now: A silver mine!"

"This is the most bizarre play ever. It's like something written in a creative writing class."

"On caffeine and shrooms."

"I love all the random accents they always use."

"I wish they were really doing the tango. Saucy!"

"It's like if 'My Fair Lady' was all Henry Higginses."

And my very, very favorite because I assume it refers to Natasha:

"She sounds like a Molotov Cocktease."

And yet, let me say that when they said it was their favorite play ever at the Opera House, I truly believe they meant it.

I love my kids.


  1. Molotov Cocktease is fucking briliant.

    I think Natasha may have to get her own one woman play entitled just that.

  2. Rocky doll... better than a Chucky doll at least!
    Pretty witty they are.

  3. Nice! It makes me wish I had been there!

  4. Ms. Jo- I think I agree with you.

    Tiffany- Well, yes. The Rocky doll was pretty random.

    Ms. RiotGrrl- We're doing it for the next two weekends. Just sayin'...

  5. Molotov Cocktease - Congratulations, you've won the Best Female Actress Oscar of community theatre!

  6. That reminds me of passing notes back in forth in church. I grinned the whole time I was reading!

  7. MOB- To my mind, yes.

    Petit Fleur- Well, you know my kids.

    Ginger- I know!

  8. I must have times and location ; )

  9. Oh shit.... you were not supposed to see that.

  10. RiotGrrl-

    Miss Maybelle- Are you kidding? That made my day! I love those notes! How many months have I been telling you that this play MAKES NO SENSE? After months of rehearsals, I can sort of see a thin patina of why and how. Sort of. I love you guys so much for coming to these silly plays to watch your mother make a fool of herself.

  11. I think it's hilarious that you found the notes, and that you handled it with humor. Anyone in my wacko family would have started a war over it.
    Natasha seems like quite the vixen...

  12. O god, my favourite bit of school and college was having those note-conversations. There's nothing like hilariously ripping the piss out of something in a superior manner. Seriously, I'm not being bitchy, when I read the notes I could see myself writing exactly the same! I have done so many times. It's the funnest.

  13. It was just so astoundingly nonsensical! DTG started it!

  14. Ha, we truly loved it, it just made no sense and had to be discussed. Also, Molotov Cocktease is a character on one of my favorite shows, Venture Brothers. I wish I could say I made it up, but I did not.

    I would totally see this play again.

  15. Miss Maybelle- Were you at the Legion Hall the night we kept passing notes? Oh my. We were so BAD. If the person we were talking about had found them it would have been really, really tragic. For someone, at least. Maybe me. Maybe Billy. Maybe Aint Liz. We were bad.
    Y'all's notes were sweet.

    DTG- Well, did you invent Hobosexual? Dad and I are still laughing over that one.

  16. No, someone else called T that. Billy, maybe?

  17. Sounds like a Billy-ism. It's genius, whoever came up with it.

  18. Theres a lot of great band names on that note sheet! Absoulte genius.

    Thanks for the candle Sister Moon!

  19. That was hilarious, the Moon-ologues.

  20. Your kids sound great!

    Molotov Cocktease would make a great name for a rock band.

  21. Brother B- You're right!

    Magnum- I know. My kids are hilarious. They make me laugh so hard which is one of the many reasons I love them so much.

    Sarcastic- My kids ARE great!


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