Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Some Cats, Some Books, Some Blah-Blah

Jack the Cat. 

I am so tired tonight and I don't even know why. I did not take a walk this morning but instead met up with Jessie and Vergil and Mr. Moon at the restaurant where May works so we could see her and have a nice lunch all together. 

And then I went to Costco and Publix and then I came home and that has been that. I know that being out in public can tire me like nothing else but it's not like I went to the dang circus. 

Oh well. Early bed for me tonight. 

Do you know what? I just realized that I really and truly don't have anything to say this evening. Believe it or not, this rarely happens to me. Even on days where absolutely nothing happens it always seems like something happened that was enough to capture my attention. 

Want to hear a pet peeve of mine? That's something, I guess. 
I rarely have that much in my cart when I go to Costco. I generally get a few things from produce that I like to buy there- the mixed cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces, spinach. Sometimes the cereal that Mr. Moon likes. Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, nuts. Things like that. And since Costco sizes are so huge, I don't really need to replace things that often. A bottle of their olive oil or vinegar will last for months and months. But the produce I do buy regularly. So anyway, I generally use the self-checkout because it's easy and fast. I know how to do it. I have my Costco card ready to scan and my payment card in my pocket where I can get to it quickly. But for some reason, the employees whose job it is to help with the self check-out see me and think, "Old woman who will hold up the line." And they come trotting over and start instructing me on how to do it and blah, blah, blah. 
It truly makes me want to yell. 
I never have yet but watch this space.

So that annoys the fuck out of me. 

When I got to Publix I realized I did not have my list. I had it in Costco but I had somehow lost it. So okay, maybe I am an old woman who would hold up the line. I know, I know- I should make my list on my phone but I like to make my list with my special fountain pen on paper. Index cards, usually. I keep it on the kitchen counter and as soon as I think of something we need, I write it down. And I am lost without it in the store. But I'm pretty sure I got almost everything that had been on it today and for goodness sake- forgetting to buy smoked paprika would not have been the end of the world. 
Plus- there's a Dollar General two blocks from my house! Right? 

Tomorrow is my pick-up day for Levon and August. I'm extra excited because I'll get to meet the kitten living in their house. Jessie took on a foster kitty today. It looks like this. 

A real bebe! 

She sent these pictures too. 

It's going to be a miracle if that tiny little wisp of a cat ever moves to another family in her life. 
She came with her own lamb. 

I would love to have a new kitten but I am so afraid that either Maurice or Jack would, if not kill it, traumatize it to the point that it would never crawl out from underneath a dresser. 

I just finished listening to this book. 

My neighbor recommended it to me and I did very much enjoy it. It's about the English codebreakers during WWII, many of whom were women. That was fascinating. The writing is very decent, the narration of the audio book is terrific, and I think that you, Liz (Boud), would especially enjoy it. 

And this book, which I am reading with my eyes

is one that I find myself thinking about throughout the day and looking forward to opening back up when I get in bed. I'll be sad when it's over. 

Well, I guess that's enough for now. As always, I did find something to talk about. 

Are we shocked? 
I think not. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. A tabby baby! I have desire now...If I did not have furniture I would have two kittens. Maybe four.
    Don't take the helpful checker outers personally, don't take anything personally I reckon. I think that the longer we are on this planet the less personal it is. Annoying maybe but ... perspective goes a long way, re-watching Doc Martin and am refreshed by his "don't muck around: attitude- is what it is. I love how he tells everyone to shut up go away.

  2. I love the way you sat down with nothing to say and then nattered to your friends as if we were all together in the same room.
    Jack the cat has a very rabbit look about him. A very handsome cat. And that kitten isn't going anywhere if the boys' expressions are anything to go by.
    I always write a list. I might take a photo on my phone but never write one on my phone. I read that when you actually write something down with your hands as opposed to typing it you remember it better. So keep writing those shopping lists!
    Why are we women of a certain age either ignored or treated as if we have lost our marbles. Most irritating.

  3. How gently the boys are handling their new, I mean the guest, kitten. I don't think he'll be moving his lamb again.

    I like lists written in a pen I like on paper I like, tiny, slipped behind a rubber band on my tiny card holding case. I tried using my phone and didn't like it. Paper doesn't keep going to sleep and going dark.

    I'll look for that book, thanks for the alert.

  4. So I've put a hold on the rose code. 12weeks. About Thanksgiving!!

  5. I really enjoyed The Rose Code. I listened to the audio book also.

  6. That is the tiniest bit of a blue eyed kitten I've seen in ages!

  7. The kitten! I wanted to reach in through my screen and hold her.
    We have watchers at our self checkouts too, but they hold back and come to assist only if asked. August has eyelashes to die for!

  8. What a cute kitty. I would like another cat, but there are so many posts on FB about lost cats, I think I would spend my time worrying, so I shan't bother! I had 6 cats over about 45 years.( Also it would be more expense and introducing a kitten to the dog could be traumatic too!)

  9. Aahhh that kitten is so cute. I'd have a hard time letting it go even though I'm not a cat person. And because my mind jumps from one thing to the next, I wonder if Harvey Fierstein ever gets fed up of people calling him Harvey Weinstein (that's the first place my mind went)!

  10. Nothing is any cuter than a baby kitten! I can't imagine the boys giving her up after a few days with her. Sweet.

  11. Steve here, once again prevented from logging in on my work computer. I can see why that Costco situation would annoy you! The kitten is adorable but of course it's going to be all claws and blazing energy for a while, so I hope Jessie is ready for that. I should read that Harvey Fierstein book.

    1. I finally figured out how to sign on. I have to use a different browser. Technology! Argh!

  12. Even when you have nothing to say, I like how you say it.

    Hope you got lots of rest. I'm convinced the older our bodies get it's even more important to listen to them. I'm a big believer in going to bed early when my bones feel weary and my mind feels fuzzy. You just know what you know after this many trips around the sun in the bodies we have.

  13. I remember a nurse practitioner saying, "My, aren't you spry." when he had me sit up on the exam table. That pissed me off and I never made an appointment with him again. Some things can just set you off.
    I read in AARP magazine that cellphones are actually hurting our memory because we don't remember phone numbers or grocery lists anymore as we rely on the phone. They recommended writing the list but then not looking at it to see if you can recall the items needed... :)

  14. How about you write your list on paper with your lovely fountain pen...then take a photo of it with your phone. If you happen to forget the list, you'll still have access to it in the store. Ask me how I know... :) Mary

  15. I get your frustration at times when you may be treated like *someone who can't navigate technology* at the can be very hard to endure. BUT.......that tiny kitten....with those boys? NEVER will that kitten just be *fostered* is their kitten now!
    Susan M

  16. The Costco in Jax still does not let you self checkout. The cashiers still do it. I guess they think we are not capable. Not sure why they call it self checkout.

  17. Foster kitten...hahahahahahahahaha.

    I do the same with my grocery list. On paper, on the counter so that something gets jotted down immediately and not forgotten.


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