Saturday, November 14, 2020

Mermer Gets Visits And Is Happy

A mystical, magical, colorful crew visited me today along with their mama and we had such a nice visit. Since quarantining is still in force and with time on their hands, the boys have been having fun changing the hair on their heads. 

My darling boys. 

We sat out in the back yard. I had made banana bread and brought that out and filled my pretty pink pitcher with ice and water and brought out the fancy matching glasses and fancy cocktail napkins and we had a little tea party of sorts. 

Lily asked if she could have the pitcher and glasses when I died. This is an old joke but sort of not. I mean- I am going to die one of these days and it's gratifying to know that I have a few things that my kids want to hold on to. I said, "Of course! Or you can have them now, if you want." She said that she'd wait until the kids were older and weren't as apt to break them. Whichever is fine with me. They're not doing much good up there in the cabinet where they live. 

Magnolia got out her little animals and played as she always does on the back steps. 

While all of this was going on, a woman I knew as a child and her brother came by. This woman was a very good friend of May's, growing up, and they were partly raised in this house. They wore masks and we were outside so I invited them in and told them to feel free to wander about as they wanted. They demurred at first but I made it quite clear that I understand this need to revisit the past and that I did not mind at all. And so they did. It made me happy. I know that they have some wonderful memories of this house and living here and some that are not so wonderful. The brother hadn't been back to the house since they left when he was still quite young. They were so kind and grateful but they paid me back for any inconvenience (which there really wasn't any of) by taking the dozen eggs that I forced upon them. They told me that the house smells just the same. I loved that. 

So it was a busy afternoon and I was so happy to get to visit with my boys and my girls and by the time they had to leave, everyone had somehow managed to come into the house. Owen sat down at the center island and he got nostalgic. He spent a lot of time here as a little guy and so did Gibson. I told Owen that I'd been remembering how for lunch time I would sometimes pretend to be a waitress and give them a menu of the foods I had on offer and take their orders and make their lunches and serve them. 
"I remember that!" said Owen. I have no idea how much he truly remembers about those years but I know that there will always be a part of him that will feel at home here. 

After they left, I hung the picture that Maggie had brought me. 

It's a chicken and I think that's supposed to say Mer which is pretty cool. August isn't the only one learning his letters. And I believe that the dots to the right of the chicken are chicken food. While we were sitting outside, Owen started giving bits of banana bread to the flock which had gathered around. Some of them even jumped for their bites and he said, "What would we do without Mer's chickens?" which tickled me to pieces. He also put a plate with crumbs on it down on the ground and as the chickens pecked at it, the plate rang with clear notes and he said, "I have my own orchestra!" 

And so it was a very good day and my husband, who had gotten up at four-thirty this morning to go sit in the woods and watch the dawn came in, finally got home and took a nap in his chair and I did a crossword and went and collected eggs where I found this in the pump house nest. 

Since hens don't lay baseballs as far as I know, I suspect Ms. Magnolia June put it there because she checked for eggs at least twice. She reported that "The chickens are covering up the eggs!" and only found one which she wanted to take home and of course I let her. Lily joked that when her daddy had brought her eighteen eggs the other day she'd said, "Good! It's like you knew we were down to our last dozen!"
We got thirteen eggs in all today which is pretty good for having only fourteen laying hens. 
Bless all of their sweet, funny little dinosaur hearts. 
Bless your hearts too. 

Love...Ms. Moon



  1. well, yay for the visit from Lily et al. One of my neighbors who has lived here all his life and whose best friend grew up in this house but his family moved to to Kentucky and on a visit back for a family reunion he was visiting his friend, my neighbor and we met. I told him he was welcome to come and visit my house but he declined. the next year though when he was back for a visit, he and his wife came and knocked on the door to see if the invitation was still good. so yeah, I gave him a tour of the house. there were some changes made by the people we bought it from and of course the changes we made like tearing out the inside planters but he did enjoy seeing the house again and remembering.

  2. Well I don't know what to say except that this was another nice blogpost to read. Focusing on everyday life and family relations reminds us that when all is said and done these are the fundamental things that matter the most.

  3. Bless your heart for writing here every day. I always look forward to reading your posts. I love the boys hair! Visits these days are always extra sweet. Your chickens bring me comfort, and I’ll bet they’re way smarter than some humans.

  4. Thank you. I'm glad you had such a sweet day.

  5. Oh I love their different hair colours, I just have to figure out how to do it myself - and embarrass the hell out of my kids!

  6. A great day. Our first house was like that, a family home for decades. The grown children lived near and when a grandchild said he would like to visit, I had them come and wander around and marvel at changes and happily note the things still familiar. His Mom said she was relieved to see we were taking care of her dad's house!

    For many years it continued to be known by their name, when tradesmen needed directions to us! I was glad to share.

  7. I enjoyed this visit so much. Heartwarming! I tell my mom all of the things I want when she dies too :) and it is pretty much always her cooking stuff.

  8. Days like this are good for getting us through the tougher ones.

  9. That baseball is pretty funny! And I love the colorful hair. So glad you had a good visit.

  10. Had to Smile about what Kids want when we Die, mine do that too, but only in the best of ways and it's good to know what they Cherish most and have the Sweetest Memories of. I insist they take a lot of it now while I'm still vertical and busily downsizing, just so I don't accidentally dispose of something that's Sentimental or Nostalgic to any of them now that even the Grandkids are mostly grown up and setting up their own Homes. The Colorful Hair Days are always such Fun.

  11. A good day. Family and love. I love the thought of revisiting a past home. You were very kind to encourage them to look around. Those memories are important.

  12. That was a lovely post! It sounds like your life is sweet!

  13. I remember so many of those posts when you'd describe your life with those boys when they were tiny. I'm so grateful that you've written about them and yourself and your whole beautiful family as it's enriched my life in more ways than you'll ever know.

  14. I was going to say exactly what Elizabeth said. I remember those posts with the boys when they were small. We’ve watched them grow up, especially Owen. Wait till he reads those posts one day. I especially remember you both dancing in the hallway to the Stones.


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