Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Water From The Sky And All The Facts You Don't Need To Know

It finally happened this afternoon- we got a little bit of rain. One minute it was clear blue skies and this endless sweltering heat and the next minute thunder was cracking like the knuckles on god's henchmen getting ready to go out and break some kneecaps.
Or whatever it is that god's henchmen do.
Give people boils. Send down frogs and locusts. Introduce plague.
The point being- it rained! A little bit. It was coming down there good for a few minutes. And it's actually starting to sprinkle again. I believe you might call this "scattered showers." Perhaps I should consult the Meteorologist In Chief. Hell, he probably knows as much about the weather as he does anything else.
Which is to say- not shit.

So- Ms. Moon! How was your massage?
Thanks for asking. It was pretty intense. This lady doesn't go for the relaxing thing except as pertains to getting your body all relaxed enough so that she can get in there and find the spots that need help and that means the spots that really hurt when they get pressed on. Still, I enjoyed it. It felt like something was being accomplished. And she is very, very careful to continuously monitor how the pressure feels to the person being massaged. So I am a little sore right now but expect to feel much better tomorrow.
Or the next day.
But it wore me out! I will admit that. I did a little grocery shopping afterwards and came home and ended up sitting on the couch and doing some more embroidery and starting Part 2 of Leaving Neverland and then I had to take a nap. I'm pathetic.
No I'm not.

Here's an interesting factoid- last night before bed I took some CBD oil and this morning I woke up remembering not one dream and also not feeling my usual horrible morning existential angst. I shall repeat the experiment tonight and see if we can repeat these findings.

Mr. Moon is talking about leaving for Tennessee tomorrow for a hunting-preparedness weekend. There are hurricanes and tropical storms and disturbances lined up in the Atlantic ocean. I actually got four eggs today which is about three more than I have been getting lately. My Americaunas have not given me one of their beautiful green eggs for days. My chicken scratch bag is filled with red ants which means I get new ant bites daily. I cut my thumb barely, barely on a sharp knife this morning- hardly enough to draw a drop of blood- and when I did it I thought, "That's going to hurt like hell," and now it does. I looked up recipes for pork chops in the NYT's cooking app and not a damn one of the hundreds they have look as good as Shake'n'Bake. When I got to the one for "kale smothered pork chops" I quit looking.
Oh. Hell. No.
Lily is on a mini-vacation with girlfriends and was anxious before she left that the children would all be okay during her absence and that her house would not be destroyed when she got back. I think we can all relate to this. HAVE A GREAT TIME, LILY! YOU DESERVE IT!
I am horribly, terribly, awfully homesick for Roseland and I think we might go there for our anniversary which is coming up in October. Thirty-five years! The river and the ocean are calling me and so is the Ocean Grill where I want to eat some shrimp salad and drink some pina coladas. I even want to go to the Roseland Publix and buy things to cook in the beautiful retro-kitchen with the pink stove and the window that looks out on the pool with the spitting lions and the bamboo and the river. I am hoping that the crazy restaurant that decorates for Halloween like the Vatican decorates for Christmas is still open.

And I guess that is truly about all of the news I have to relate.
In the past three hours the temperature has probably dropped twenty degrees. Yep. I just checked. It has. It's gone from 98 to 78.
Talk about your miracles!
And hey- my power's still on. Knock wood.

All right. Gonna go make some pork chops. And sweet potatoes. And salad with pears and blue cheese. And toasted pecans.

Life is truly okay tonight in Lloyd. I hope it is for you wherever you are.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. “kale smothered pork chops” made me snort hard through my nose then pears and bleu cheese made me drool so happy to see that rain and drop in the temp may you sleep like the devil’s sweet child tonight xoxo

    1. I swear to god, Rebecca- I knew that the "kale smothered pork chops" was going to make you laugh. I put it in there especially for you.
      I love the idea of being the devil's sweet child. Thank you for that blessing.

  2. Your massage sounds wonderful. The first time I went for one, no one told me I'd feel like a wet noodle afterward. I honestly don't know how I drove home.

    Kale smothered pork chops, not a hope in hell.

  3. Thinking about Roseland. May they have changed nothing. It must be unaltered from your best memories.

  4. Why do something so terrible to perfectly good porch chops?

    Your dinner, on the other hand, sounds absolutely divine. Well, except for the blue cheese. But everything else!!

    It's currently 73 degrees here and getting down to 58 tonight! That makes me feel about 1000% better about everything.

  5. I starting CBD oil about a month ago for the arthritis in my knee and it's done wonders for me. I don't know if I sleep any better but my knee doesn't hurt anymore.

  6. Where did you find the CBD and what strength is it? I hope Roseland is wonderful and I'm happy your angst is at bay...

  7. Glad you had a decent sleep and that you didn't ruin the pork chops with kale. Your meal sounds so much tastier.

    Here's hoping you get (to) the Roseland of your memory in October.

  8. Thank goodness for temperature relief! Isn't it funny how the tiniest, most superficial cut is often the most painful? I guess all the nerves are in the skin. (I mean, I've never been stabbed, thank goodness, so I have no idea what that's like, but those superficial cuts hurt!) I hope you get to Roseland so I can enjoy your experience vicariously. I still hope to get there myself at some point but it's in a part of Florida I never visit!

  9. more rain here, the good kind where it rains lightly for a long time or heavy for a short time so there is no fear of flooding. almost 2" yesterday all told. and yeah where did you get the CBD oil and what strength? one of the women that comes to yoga takes it too. I suppose I could ask her. the only thing I did yesterday was go to the library.


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