Wednesday, September 25, 2019

And This Is Where We Are

I never watch the news. I just don't. But today when I heard that the barbecued intestine was going to have a press conference I determined that hell yes, I was going to watch the fucking thing. Every fucking moment of it.
And I did.
It was exactly as I had expected it would be. He rambled, he bragged, he jumped from Iran to the border wall. He repeated the lie about having mountain climbers (the best mountain climbers!) testing it and it was the best (the best!) at being unclimbable.
Has he not seen the videos of Mexican kids climbing the wall for fun?
He called the news media "fake" over and over again.
He called this newest whistle-blower report another witch hunt.
He claimed that "senators" had done the same thing he was being accused of but the difference is- he didn't do it!
He bragged some more. He listed all of the nations he'd had meetings with in the past three days at the UN Conference. He bragged about the fact that China wants to make a deal now but maybe, maybe not. He bragged about the economy. He bragged about jobs. He bragged about how great African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic Americans are doing. He bragged over and over again about the 2016 election.
He insinuated that there are some "interesting things" about the whistle blower him- or herself. Does he even know who the whistle blower is? Who knows?
He was belligerent, and subdued at the same time. I think that for once he may actually realize that he's screwed the pooch.
You know what he did not mention? Not once?
The UN Climate Change Summit and the reports that came out of that. And to tell you the truth- this bullshit about Donald Trump will eventually be history but if we don't do something and do it fast, there isn't going to be anyone to read that history and no matter what we do, as Greta Thunberg said- Change is coming. 
Change is here.

Oh Jesus we are fucked.

As Trump kept ragging on about the economy and how great it is and blah, blah, blah all I could think about was Greta telling the World Leaders at the UN summit this week that all they talk about is money and economic growth. "How DARE you?!" she almost screamed at them.
Yes. How dare we?
And how dare Trump claim that all he cares about is the American people when it is quite clear that he doesn't care about the American people on any level whatsoever except that they vote for him in next year's election?

HAS he finally screwed the pooch? Well, I give that a little better odds than I do that he'd ever do anything about climate change except to ensure that it happens even faster.

On a personal level, I had a very nice day. I probably added to the carbon level handsomely. I drove to town again (but in my Prius, people!) to meet Lily and Jessie at the library to go to toddler story hour. I missed the part where they sang Happy Birthday to August and I'm so sad about that but Lily sent me a picture.

There he is, holding up four fingers to indicate how old he is about to be. 

After the library we went to Costco where we bought things for the Big Birthday Bonanza. 

The shopping was a fiesta in itself with some good samples and lots of cousin play. 

Lily had a small breakdown in front of the plastic cups because you can buy 240 of them at Costco for less than you can probably buy 40 at the regular grocery store but WHO NEEDS 240 PLASTIC CUPS? 
None of us. 
I told her I'd buy the plastic cups at Publix in a reasonable amount. 
And here you go- we are going to buy plastic cups because...they are easy. There they are! Already made and bagged up and priced to sell! 
And the planet dies. 
And then we went to lunch. Yes, all I do is go to lunch. It's true. 
How I wish that when I was a young mother I could have gone to lunch now and then. It would have been precious. And honestly- nothing in the world makes me any more happy than going to lunch with my babies. 
Maggie is going through an especially Mama-Love moment in time. She can't get enough of her mother. It's so beautiful. 

Her mama likes it too. 
And yet, she lets her Mer take her to the bathroom and when she got to ride in my car all the way to the restaurant which was approximately a five-hundred yard drive, she was so happy. 
"I so 'cited to ride in your car, Mer!" She is simply a very loving child. 

And in other big news, a very close friend of ours has been selected to be on the jury of a HUGE Tallahassee trial that has had nationwide attention. I can't and won't say anything more than that but this is crazy and weird and amazing all at once. The very big downside is that she's not going to be compensated for her time enough to pay her bills which is bad. Her employer only gives a certain number of paid days off and you only get fifteen dollars a day for jury duty and this case may have up to a month of testimony alone. 
But what a story she will have to tell. 

I gotta go cook supper. 

The next few months are going to be historical in many ways. The next few years are going to be possibly the most telling and important of human history and that is terrifying. 


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Is this the killing of the FSU law professor in 2014? If so, this trial could go on forever. Not paying people on juries is just wrong. How are they supposed to keep hearth and home paid for? I never served on a jury and was happy not to. Maggie and August are just adorable together.

  2. Trump is so disjointed rambling and without sense when he talks and brags, these days. And I read a clip that says Melania is his walking stick, and his right leg is dragging, and it's true.

  3. Yes, breathe... and enjoy our Happy Moments with Loved Ones, being present in our Moments of Joy is Priceless. Greta is a Young Hero, how DARE they indeed, out of the Mouths of Babes...

  4. I feel entirely disconnected because of various shit going down, but I'm really glad you've brought me up to speed. I loved all the photos, too.

  5. Trump will eventually be over. It could be worse, he could be a relative:)

    Lovely photo of Lily and Maggie.

  6. the young blond hygienist had Trump on the big TV in the room about the impeachment process, sound on very low. I muttered a few things under my breath like 'liar' and 'criminal' while she was getting stuff ready behind me. from behind me she says 'this is so silly, he's doing good things' (or something like that). total silence from me. a few seconds later she changed the channel. apparently there is a lot of stuff just coming out. I read where they moved stuff, including this call, to a separate secret server, to get it out of the presidential record. the transcript they released was not a transcript but a reconstruction from notes taken by people in the room. these people are so corrupt and entitled, shocked that they can't do whatever they want.

    yes, we are fucked. so get all the hugs and love you can.

  7. I guess there’s a blessing in being disconnected from the news this week, LOL! Trump just turns my stomach when he speaks in public. He’s such a self-satisfied oaf.

  8. Been keeping up with your blog, Mary, just do not have time right now to comment coherently. LOVE you , love your words, love your life down yonder!

  9. I am delighted to have discovered your marvelous blog. It has restored my hope and refreshed my bruised mind. I am in SW Montana where I am all but a house hermit to escape demented trump lovers. He is the antichrist and it just boggles what is left of my sanity that he continues in the white house. No longer deserves any capital letters. Your honesty shines and brightens my heart.

  10. Love these photos, especially Lily and Maggie smiling. Hard to believe August is four...

  11. The cousins are adorable. Cousins are true riches.


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