Friday, September 27, 2019

Happy Birthday, Darling Lily!

You cannot buy a decent sprinkler these days but Mr. Moon brought this one home last night and I tried it out this morning and discovered that with the aid of a brick, it works beautifully! I had to break down and get some water on some of my plants or I was going to lose them. Of course all the horrible invasive plants don't need water, obviously, because they are fine. But my camellias and fire spike and bananas- they need water!
So one of the things I've done today is move the sprinkler around.

It has been one of the busiest days for me that I've had in a long time.
First of all, today is Lily AND Vergil's birthdays. And when Rachel sent out a group text asking if we wanted to meet up for a birthday lunch for the girl, I had to go. I wanted to go. So I drove in, stopped by Costco, got her some roses and was able to give her a kiss on her real birthday.
And normally I would write one of my florid The Day My Baby Was Born posts but I just don't have time today. I'll sum it all up by saying that it was a beautiful fall day in 1985 and she was born in her parent's bed, all ten pounds and two ounces of her and it was a difficult birth (no surprise!) but after she was born it was all pure glory.
She was the most gorgeous newborn you've ever seen.

Honestly, she was less than a week old in this picture. Her umbilical stump still had not fallen off. She looked like she was about to get up and walk on out to the yard and play.
I was so happy. Her daddy was so happy. Her grandparents were so happy. Her siblings were so happy. THE WORLD WAS HAPPY!
And here is one of my favorite pictures of Lily as an adult.

So I got to have lunch with that stunning woman and Maggie and Rachel and Hank and then I had to run by Publix and I'd already gotten my chicken taco filling cooking in the slow cooker and the laundry going so I came home and finished up the laundry, made the bed with fresh sheets, made the ground venison taco filling, made pickled cabbage and red onions, and started the chicken for our chicken and dumplings tonight. And wrapped birthday presents. 

An old friend from Tampa stopped by on her way to stay with friends in Tallahassee and it was so great to see her. She used to live with her granny and granddaddy when she was little and she loved them so much. Her granny died a few years ago at the age of 101 and Michelle misses her every day. She said that being in my kitchen and talking is like being in her granny's kitchen and talking, and nothing could make me happier than that. 

And, and, AND- August is here for the night! Hurray! Of course all I've had to do for him is make popcorn for he and his Boppy to eat while they watch TV. I've still got to get the rest of the chicken and dumplings going. Jessie advises me that it would be best if he was in bed by eight. 

Ooh boy. 

Because there's the party tomorrow!

So. Here I go, off to chop carrots and celery and mushrooms. 

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Happy Birthday, Miss Lily. You are a wonderful woman!

  2. You are a marvel to accomplish so many acts of love for your beautiful family. Happy Birthdays all around and blessings galore to you. Chicken and dumplings recipe share would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Oh, I just know your party is going to be a wonderful time! I hope you savor every minute of it with your beautiful family. And take a few pictures to share with us, okay?

  4. Happy Birthday Lily! A beautiful baby and now a beautiful woman!

  5. Happy Birthday to Lily and Vergil! I hope everyone enjoys the party.

  6. another fun family gathering of the clan Moon.

  7. Happy birthdays. I'm sure you'll have a lovely weekend:)

  8. Lots of simultaneous (or almost simultaneous) birthdays! Happy belateds to Owen, Lily and Vergil. You've had a busy time!

  9. Happy birthday Lily! I hope you had a wondrous day. You are so loved.


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