Tuesday, September 3, 2019

An Encounter With A Large Pig

I went out to take my walk this morning, hoofing it along the sidewalk. So thoughtful of Jefferson County to give me exactly one mile of safe pavement to walk on Old Lloyd Road. That is the name of the road I live on. It also has the name Highway 158 and Gamble Drive.
Don't ask me why.
Anyway I walked past the house next door where eight (EIGHT!) small dogs of different breeds ran out to yap at me although thankfully they are behind a fence. I walked past the little creek, the house where there are two more little dogs who yap, the trailer where No Man Lord guy lives. He is always building something. A fence, a new altar with a cross and a balloon, a pile of aluminum cans, and lately some sort of enclosure which I have no idea what the purpose of might be. I did not see him around today nor did I see the two bulldogs with monstrous heads I saw the other day which gave me a bit of a hesitation to walk by. They were not secured behind the fence and the gate was open but they merely stared at me, their eyes like the eyes of thousand-year old wise and wild things. I walked past the wildflowers and the prison men who were trimming the county's boundary grass, their watcher in his truck, looking at his phone. I walked the stretch of the sidewalk that passes the road that leads to The Greater Elizabeth Church which always makes me think of our own Elizabeth. Their sign today said, "Jesus Preparation is Storm Preparation." As always I had to think about this for awhile to try and discern some sort of wisdom from whatever was posted there but I never do.
And then I got to the shady part where there are beautiful old oaks whose canopy protects and cools those underneath it which is at the very end of the sidewalk and the very end of Jefferson County and the beginning of Leon County when I heard a sort of grunt and looked up to see this.

My Lord! 
It was a huge potbellied pig and she appeared to be a bit bewildered as if she was saying, "Where am I and what am I doing here?" 
I had no idea what sort of disposition she might have and when she snuffled and snorted again I took her picture from a little distance and turned around and walked home. I stopped and talked to the man who had been in his truck who was talking to a guy who lived in the house nearby and asked them if they knew anyone who was missing a pig. 
"A potbellied pig?" asked the watcher/driver. 
"Yes," I said. 
"I think that might be Melissa's. She keeps those things. I'll text her," he said. 
Oh, how I love Lloyd sometimes!
So then I walked home and when I drove past about two hours later the pig was still right there, still snuffling in those leaves. It was as if she was afraid to move from that spot and she was smart to stay there, truthfully. 

Mr. Moon reports that when he drove home he looked for her (I had sent him a picture, of course because this was big news) but said she was gone by then although he could see where she'd rooted up the leaves, probably looking for nice juicy worms beneath them. 
I hope that when Melissa got off work she went and retrieved her pig. 

And that was the high point of my day although I did get to see the beautiful woman who works at Costco who always wears mermaid eye shadow. She was working in the liquor store and although I didn't need anything there today I went in just to say hey and she gave me a big hug. Her mother lives in Puerto Rico and they are so relieved that Dorian missed that particular island. And when I went to Publix I found Lily there even though I did not know she was working and that made me very happy too. My own beautiful girl. 
She helped me out with my groceries and we said good-bye until tomorrow when we are all- including May!- meeting up at Maria Maria's again because Jessie has never been there and that situation needs to be rectified. 

Another small day in another small life on this small planet in this vast universe. 

And here's one more picture. Lily sent it this morning. It is of Owen and a girl he's called his girlfriend for about three years now. They had a play date yesterday. 

Yesterday that boy was sitting in a stroller looking into the eyes of a rooster named Elvis and here he is now. Aren't they adorable? Wouldn't he hate this? 
Forgive me, Owen! I love you! 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Well I can honestly say that I have never come across a pig while out walking. There was a pig that got loose a few years ago in Red Deer where I grew up.


    I'm glad you had a nice day.

    1. Good story about that pig! I've seen other pigs while walking but always behind fences.

  2. A porcine adventure and cute photos...nice day in Lloyd!

  3. Cuteness all around....the pig and the kids. I like the sound of your walk.

  4. I'm sure your grandson will forgive you...in time. :)

    I'm sure I can't understand the sign at the church either.

    1. I get what it's supposed to me but as advice it's somewhat lacking.

  5. Pigs are usually very intelligent, so that little piggie was just waiting for a ride home, I reckon. Owen is quite a handsome young lad, A catch for any girlfriend, to be sure, better not break his heart- that's all I can say.

    1. That sweet little girl has been Owen's sweetie for a long time now. He's totally casual about it.
      I think that pig WAS waiting for her ride home.

  6. Oh my god, I started laughing at "Jesus Preparation is Storm Preparation" and I haven't stopped, yet. Thank you Mary Moon.

  7. Well, there is the conventional meaning "if you're facing a storm, Jesus will help you". But there is also "if you are planning to embrace Jesus's radical message (love everyone. Really. Everyone.) prepare for a storm". Julia

    1. I seriously doubt that the second meaning is what they had in mind. But who knows? A bit cryptic as these church signs tend to be.

  8. Wow! That pig WOULD be a surprise. I've heard pigs can be mean and I've also heard they're very smart. I wouldn't want to get on the bad side of one.

    I love your description of the bulldogs' eyes.

    "Jesus Preparation is Storm Preparation." Hmmm...I guess if you're right with Jesus you're ready for the storm? I'm pretty sure Jesus won't actually PROTECT you from the storm, though, or ensure that you have adequate drinking water afterwards.

    Love the picture of Owen, even if he doesn't!

    1. Yeah. I guess the people in the Bahamas just don't know how to pray properly. Don't tell Owen, okay?

  9. the only pigs I'm likely to encounter out here are feral hogs but I'm pretty safe from them as well surrounded by fields as I am. I've seen a peacock strutting down the street though and one neighbor several streets down had an emu. it's been years since I walked down that way so have no idea if they still have it. and omg, Owen!

    1. I am scared of feral hogs. I've heard they can tear you up. That is one animal I'd just as soon never encounter on a walk. Well, those and bears. And oh yeah, wild cats. I know a woman who was walking her dog and got attacked by a wild cat in Tallahassee. She was pretty severely injured.

  10. Girlfriend?! Of three years? They're adorable!

  11. I don't know what is wrong with my silly computer but I have been thinking the worse because I have been about 3 or 4 posts behind. The last time I looked at your blog Owen was sitting in his stroller looking at Elvis and now he has a girlfriend... Oh be still my heart. They are such a cute couple.

    Oh my goodness that pig is well huge lol. I am not fond of pigs or piglets either! One of my sisters chose to raise a pig for a 4H project at school one year! Half way thru the year if even that she got tired of taking care of said pig and the chores was passed down to me because I was the youngest of the 3 girls still at home.
    I think that was incredibly unfair because in the end she took all the credit of raising the pig.
    Have you ever bathed a pig? Well I really did love Pinky but I was glad when she was sold and I could go back not having to take care of her.

    I simply love hearing how your walks go. I would love to be able to walk with you. It would be such a wonderful morning to be able to see all the things that you do.
    Now I am off to try and fix why your blog is only showing one post and not the others... Have a wonderful day. xx

  12. I meant I was the oldest of us 3 girls... I am sorry for the error.


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