Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Not A Tribute

I babysat for two wild boys today while their mama went and got a massage from the lady who gave me mine a month or two ago. The one who works specifically on problem areas. I haven't been back although I said I would, for the simple reason that making appointments is another of my neurotic inabilities. I actually asked Jessie if she'd make an appointment for me which she did and she made one for herself too. I think this therapist is working on at least half my family now. She's really good. Anyway, Jessie's appointment was today and so I went over and hung out with the little guys and we had a good time. They're truly good boys and we read some books and had some laughs and Boppy came over to eat his lunch with us so it was sort of a party. While I was there I was thinking of how Levon used to be so wary of anyone but his mother or father and how easily he accepts his grandparents now. He pooped right after Jessie left and I said, "Come on, let's go change your diaper."
"Mama do it," he said.
"Mama's gone bye-bye. I'll clean your poopy butt, boy." I told him.
He thought about that for a minute.
"Auga do it," he said, and we all laughed. I can only imagine that August could change his brother's diaper if push came to shove but it would be highly amusing to observe.
And then he graciously allowed me to do the honors with Auga watching closely to show me where everything was. After I'd gotten Levon's butt all nice and sparkly clean and diapered again and set him on the floor, August climbed up on the changing table like a monkey.
"This is Levon's changing table," he told me. "Mama and Daddy are going to get a more stabler one for me."
"Oh yeah?" I asked. "Do you want help getting down?"
"No," he said, and proceeded to show me that indeed, he needed no help at all.
They both climb like monkeys and when I asked them to pose for a picture before I left, August wouldn't show his face but demonstrated how he climbs the back of the sofa and Levon tried too although finally he would let me see his pretty face and said, "Cheese!"

And that was the most important thing I did all day long.

Jessie showed me the bananas they have growing in their yard. They have two stalks of different varieties that look like they're going to be amazing. I am so impressed! Their yard gets a lot more sun than mine does and they've planted quite a few fruit trees.

So yeah, it's the anniversary of 9/11 and just like everybody else in this country I have my own stories of that day. I am not one to observe anniversaries like this. A lot of people are remembering how the country came together after that horrible tragedy and bemoaning the fact that that did not last but I don't even like remembering that part. It seemed to me that it was the beginning of this blind jingoistic patriotic phase we're in. People were buying and flying American flags and keeping survival supplies in their garages and basements as if having a week's worth of water and MRE's and plastic to seal windows and doors would be of much use in case we were further attacked as a nation. There was no glory involved in that day. There was chaos and there were undeniable acts of heroism and there was a president and a vice president in a bunker and there were rumors and there was panic and fear and no one thought we'd ever laugh again, and then the president told us all to go to the mall and shop like good Americans do and Saudis with close ties to the White House were flown out of the country on an emergency basis even though 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi and of course we ended up going to war with Iraq and nothing has been the same since.

I hear that just minutes before Trump and his woman observed a moment of silence in remembrance today he was tweeting about how the lamestream media is fake-newsing about polls and how he should get a third term as president. Also, Melania posted a picture of herself wearing a coat which, from the rear, showed white stitching and a button tab that some claimed represented a plane flying into one of the Twin Towers but to me looked looks more like a you-know-what pointing up to her you-know-what.

I mean- who said this was a good choice? 

Well, whatever. 

Nothing is as it seems. 

Here's a hurricane lily in my backyard. 

Here's to those who lost their lives on that terrible day which everyone says was the most beautiful sky-blue day imaginable. Here's to those who lost their loved ones on that day. Here's to those who are still dying from the results of that day. 

I'm not good at this, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I hate this day. like you said it was the beginning of this insane patriotism and hate that infects this country. to paraphrase Jim Wright of Stoneketttle Station, we need to stop pulling that scab off and rolling in the blood. remember, yes, but that's not what we do. we rev up the hate and use it as an excuse to go destroy other people, innocent other people, as well as turn on our own fellow citizens.

  2. I hate this day too. And frankly there is not much I like about my country right now. But that's every day since Nov 2016, not just today.

  3. I decided to pretend today was just another day, not the anniversary of the day our world got knocked off course. May there never be another such day anywhere. And those darling boys are active boys for sure.

  4. Indeed! Those boys make any day a good one.

  5. at this point we've lost more americans to deaths at the hands of home grown gun wielding terrorists....but tell that to the NRA.


  6. I don't do anniversaries, either, as a rule -- I didn't mention 9/11 on my blog, though I was aware of it. I was in NYC that day and it was, in fact, a beautiful day before everything went so wrong. It's interesting that people remember the country coming together afterwards -- I put a flag in my window for a few weeks, as a show of support, and I am about the least flag-wavey person around -- but I also remember feeling distressed at all the jingoism that unfolded over the ensuing months and paved the way for our disastrous and wrong-headed invasion of Iraq.

    I just think at some point we have to let Sept. 11 once again be merely the 11th day of September. I'm not saying we forget 9/11, but we put it in its rightful place in our national consciousness. Which is in the past.

    Love the pictures of the boys, as always.

  7. Ok that happened, and the Rump, his illegal alien and her as usual inappropriate clothing, have made another circus for the base. So this is umurka.
    BUT there are lovely things like baby boys and a gramma changing a diaper, bring us all back down to the simple most important things. The things that really matter.

  8. I never forget.....but I do not commemorate the day that began the downhill slide of major proportions. I like what Steve said.......let it be the 11th of Sept.
    Your grandsons are monkeys! Such agile little boys! Enough to make anyone smile on even the worst of days!!!!!!!!
    Susan M

  9. I find it painful to do Tributes for so long, I can only Imagine how the Loved Ones feel during every Tribute when those horrific scenes are dredged back up to inflict fresh wounds on the Heart and Mind Year after Year! I'm not suggesting we should ever forget whatever atrocities of the Past were inflicted upon Humanity. But I'm just not into protracted Tributes reliving things that were horrible enough experienced the first time. MY DIL and her Family escaped the Killing Fields of Cambodia, she says none of them like to think about it anymore, talk about it anymore, relive one bit of it ever again... even tho' they lost about half of their Family in that atrocity of Genocide against the Educated of their Homeland. I agree with Steve, it would be nice to just have it be September 11th again at some point, with a rightful place in the Past.


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