Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Two For One!

Well of course all of you were right and the baby Jesus is now where he's supposed to be tonight. He is in the manger and miraculously, has arrived as a three-year old.
Poor Mary.

Christmas day. It's been a day of mixed emotions for me. I'm having some struggles this trip with anxiety and I have no idea why. Perhaps it's because I feel some guilt about not being at home with my grandchildren where I belong but I don't think I've ever struggled too much with that before.
Yesterday was quite difficult, today better.
We got in the water this morning to snorkel and that was wonderful. It has been either too rough in the water or too chilly but this morning it was warmer and not as crashy where the water met the sand. It wasn't as clear as it usually is because the sand has been churned up but it was still amazing for me. The little fishes of bright colors, the larger fish swaying in the current, the rays we saw drifting along the bottom. Such peace.
When we got out I felt as if I had been reborn and after we changed we got on the bike and rode to town where we parked it and walked about the neighborhoods.
Some things we saw.

Do you remember my story of Lola, the dog who belonged to the island and who lived in the town square and who died this year? This is her memorial there. 

We ate lunch at a literal hole in the wall. We got beef tacos which came with bowls of broth and shared an ice cold agua de tamarindo. 

Eventually we came on back to the hotel and relaxed and read and napped until it was time to play cards and then watch the sunset. It was a gorgeous one tonight. 

And here's just a pretty little picture of the pool before the sun set. 


Dec. 26

The internet yesterday was very touch and go. Mostly go. So I never got that post finished or posted. But here it is today, Christmas is over, done, gone for another year and I am still here in Cozumel and instead of saying, Felice Navidad, we are saying, Felize Ano Nuevo to cab drivers and waiters and so forth. When I got up this morning, it looked like this to the south of us. 

It has gotten cloudier but it is still beautiful. As Javier the churro man says, "Every day is paradise here."

We have had our breakfast and I allowed Mr. Moon to go off on his own to buy a few things we need for snorkeling. I say allow because honestly, I do not like to be left out on any adventure and everything is an adventure here to me but I think he probably needs a bit of space from me once in awhile. 

Time is going too fast here. I swear, I barely have a moment between the time I stop crying simply because I am here until the time I start crying because I am going to have to leave. 

I'm ridiculous.

I would like to make a very splendid announcement! 
Remember that sweet gathering that Hank and Rachel held for us all the Sunday before we left?
What I could not tell you was that they had gotten us all together not only to feed and fete us but to tell us that they are, in fact, engaged!
To be married! 
Can you imagine how thrilled and happy we all are? As I think you may have gleaned by now, we are ALL deliriously in love with Rachel. And it makes my heart so very, very happy to know that my son will have this woman as his companion and that I will have her as my daughter. 
She's been calling me Mama for a long time now. And it's always seemed just right. 
So. There you go. Happy, happy news. I could not write about it here until everyone who needed to be informed WAS informed and now they are and since it's been officially announced on FaceBook I think it is okay to tell you all. 

All right. That's enough! I just had a chat with Landy, our beautiful housekeeper here. She and I make each other laugh and show each other pictures of our families. I sort of want to go to her house and do some cleaning for her. It's so odd for me to have someone do these things for me. 

I hope everyone's Christmas was beautiful and calm and peaceful and full of love and of light. 
Or at least gotten through with a modicum of dignity and a sense of relief.

Love from Mexico...Ms. Moon


  1. so happy for hank and rachel!!!


  2. Yay for Hank and Rachel! I hope the black dogs stays away from you and let's you enjoy your paradise.

  3. Not REALLY a surprise is it? We knew all along that Rachel was part of your family and that Hank was most fond of her. Lovely!

  4. re Hank and Rachel...what took so long? congrats to them of course. the beautiful island is still beautiful.

  5. Your photos are amazing, water and sunsets sublime. Lola must have been well-loved; the memorial is so pretty.

    Hank & Rachel, CONGRATULATIONS! It must make you so happy, Mary & Glen, that all your children will be married to their soulmates and all are adored by the entire family. The Moon legacy of love continues and it’s a beautiful thing to behold!!!

  6. Oh, wonderful, Hank and Rachel, congratulations!!

  7. Hank and Rachel--wonderful news!
    Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. Keep on enjoying, storing up memories and stories.

  8. Oh how wonderful about Hank and Rachel—the best news ever! I am so happy for them, and for you all. Rachel seems like such a beautiful soul. And I had to laugh at your last line of this post, because it was so on point. You are truly in paradise and your photos show it. Enjoy it all. Hugs.

  9. So happy for the very good news of Hank and Rachel’s engagement! Congratulations! I needed some good news, as I just came back to the hotel from the funeral I had to attend, so Christmas was a bit subdued for us this year to say the least. Hoping for a Happy New Year for all!

  10. Such happy news! Congratulations and I hope all of you will have a great year.

  11. I had a funny feeling that there was an engagement brewing when I read that post! How wonderful! Rachel is getting very, very lucky in the mother in law department! :)

    Cozumel looks like paradise on Earth. I hope you're soaking in every delicious moment.

  12. Congratulations to all! Such happy news!

  13. Hank and Rachel’s new is wonderful. They seemed so well matched from the get go. Congratulations to both of them.

  14. What great news about Hank and Rachel! Congrats to them and you and everyone else involved in the happy plans. Your pictures are wonderful, as usual. :)

  15. Well, since I'm catching up here, I'm late to congratulate Hank and Rachel and all of you for this wonderful news!


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