Friday, December 28, 2018

In Which I Eat Some Vegetables Which Are Not Found In Pico De Gallo or Guacamole

We scooted to the mercado today which is downtown and where they sell fruits and vegetables and clothing and shoes and toys and spells and charms and fruit drinks and sides of beef and fishes from the sea and kitchen wares and breakfast and lunch and where the Virgin of Guadalupe has her own special altar nook, as you can see above.
It's CRAZY there. As many times as I've been there, I get lost every time and Mr. Moon has to duck under hanging clothing and before we know it, we are both hyperventilating. Mr. Moon's height is so very obvious there and one of the things I love about the people of Cozumel is that they find him so amusing. "You are very large!" they will say and that always makes me giggle.
We bought nothing at the mercado except for a pineapple drink for me and a milkshake for my husband. I was thrilled to see that the woman who waited on us was a gorgeous trans woman and I so wanted to ask to take her picture and tell her she was beautiful but I was too shy.
Here are some random pictures I did take, though.

I love this place. It is your one-stop shop for all things spells and prayers and incantations. You got your herbs, your candles, your holy waters, your saints and your Buddhas. Also your incense, your oils, your powders and your things-I-can't identify.

After we left the market, we found the furniture store I love. It is packed with rustic wood tables and cabinets and chairs and dressers and everything you can build out of wood. Some of it is plain, some of it is carved. Also lots of Talavera pottery. And two giant carved saints. 

St. Michael in full dragon-slaying mode and

our lady of Guadalupe. I'm pretty sure she was there two years ago. Also four years ago. Her size is probably the reason she's still there.

Do you get the scale? I've been trying to figure out for years how to take her home with me. 

After that we did some other stuff including going to a different grocery store. Don't ask me why but I love going to Mexican grocery stores. 

We snorkeled a bit more this afternoon right here at the hotel and saw some rays and more fishes. The sunset was shy tonight but I was still mesmerized by the sky and the boats. 

Can you believe the size of this behemoth?

My sweetheart relaxing before supper. 

We've had our supper now and it's only 9:20 at night but that's fine. We are neither very young nor very wild anymore. To say the least. I've been reading R.A. Galbraith's Lethal White. Galbraith is J.K. Rowling's pseudonym for her Cormoran Strike series and I am deeply captured by it. 

We have new neighbors to one side of us. They are from Destin, Florida which is about a hundred miles from Tallahassee. They all went to FSU and seem to find it somewhat of a miracle that they have found Tallahasseeans in Cozumel. For some reason, this does not surprise me in the least. 

Here's what I ate for supper.

Shrimp Diablo. It was not exceptionally diablo but it was delicious. And let me tell you that that plate had the most vegetables I've seen on a plate since I've been here. I was just thinking about how wonderful it has been not to eat broccoli for over a week and dammit, there was some hiding under those carrots. I ate it. 
I think I've eaten shrimp every day since I've been here and I'm not tired of it yet. 

I am not tired of one damn thing here. Not. A. One.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. OK, that's it. I have to go back if for no other reason than to go to the mercado and that furniture store.

  2. Can they ship Our Lady of Guadalupe to Florida?

    Glad you're having a lovely time and the photos of gorgeous.

  3. I love the St. Michael. There are several large ones available in Tucson and I am saved from buying one because there is no where to put him. The wonderfulness of Cozumel is amazing.

  4. I try to put a face to Cormoran Strike by imagining actors who could play him well. Nothing yet.

  5. That is a wonderful photo of Mr. Moon relaxing. And that is a boat as big as some cities. Wow. I didnt know there was a new Cormoran Strike novel, I shall have to investigate.

  6. I love the painting of the yellow flower with hummingbird and every word you’ve written.

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  8. Perhaps you could stick a mast and a sail on Our Lady of Guadaloupe and sail her home? By the way - is your blog being funded by Cozumel Tourism? Again I declare - you make we want to go there.

  9. Yeah, I agree that running into fellow Tallahasseeans in Cozumel doesn't seem THAT crazy. Now, if you ran into a Cozumelean (?) in Tallahassee, I'd be REALLY impressed.

  10. I love Steve's comment! Why not buy a seat on the plane for that Virgin. It'd be worth it.


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