Friday, December 28, 2018


One of the blackbirds who makes a whistle as liquid and as lovely as anything you've ever heard and who can chatter like a parrot. I want to take some home to teach our blackbirds how to sing in Spanish.

Companions, waiting for someone to drop a bit of tortilla or nacho on the sand at Playa Corona. 

We snorkeled and I will tell you that the corals are not what they were. Hurricanes and the warming of the seas have had a disastrous effect on them but still, there are fish and there are waving fans and there is nothing so calming to me as being under the water with nothing but what I see and my own slow breath as I hover to watch tiny bits of living, flitting jewels of light and of color.
After that and lunch we were so sleepy. 
Here are our friends.


It was a night to just sit and watch and talk. 

And then suddenly another shower, quick and warm and everyone laughed and made their way to shelter. 
We walked down the sidewalk just a ways for our supper, the rain having passed before we had gotten ready to go. 

We got seafood soup.

We shared a bowl with toasted garlic bread that soaked up the delicious broth and we ate the shrimps and fish and octopus and it was the sweetest meat I've ever eaten, I do believe. 

And now we're back to our room and I can't wait to stretch out on the bed and read. 

I heard four stories today that I will be pondering for a very long time, each of which would make an amazing short story. 

This has been a nearly perfect day. As close as a day can be to perfection for humans here on earth. At least for this particular human. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Sweetness indeed. Soak it all in.

  2. The way you tell it you make me want to visit Cozumel toute suite.

  3. Short stories! I’d love to hear them filtered through your pen. Or fingers. Or really your heart.


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