Saturday, September 22, 2018

Seriously, Fall? Where The Fuck Are You?

Well, first day of fall and I am sweating like a whore in church, thank you very much.
And yeah, that's probably a very disrespectful thing to call sex-workers or to say about sex-workers who should NOT be disrespected in my opinion but sometimes I'm just an asshole and that's all there is to it.

Here's another picture.

I've posted pictures like this before and yes, that's a picture of what a clean kitchen floor looks like in my house and yes, I am the kind of person who mops her floors so infrequently that she feels she must take a picture of it when she does. And then post the picture on her blog. 
But that's me! 
So the other night when Mr. Moon came to bed he informed me that there had been a dead mouse under the bathroom rug and that he had stepped on it, not realizing it was there when he got out of the shower. And that I shouldn't worry because he had dealt with the dead mouse and had put the rug in the laundry basket and had cleaned up the floor. 
Thanks, Maurice! I had heard her earlier, making her keening victory battle cry earlier but had chosen to ignore it and thank god because I would have had to deal with all that crap. But you know and I know and even Mr. Moon admitted, a very tired man who has just taken a shower might not do the best job cleaning up a floor after such an incident and although there was no physical evidence of the situation, I thought it best to go ahead and mop with the magically cleansing potion of water, Fabuloso and vinegar. Not that the kitchen floor which is adjacent to that bathroom floor needed it or anything. 
But now I am sure that I could do surgery on that floor and all would be well because...Fabuloso! Vinegar!
And yes, I washed the rug and hung it outside to bake in the overly hot and disinfecting sun all day long. 
So we're good. 

You know what else I did today?
That is right. Not one damn thing. Mr. Moon has gone to Georgia to his hunting camp to check his trail cam and perhaps hunt (archery season) in the morning and to see his friends, one of whom has recently had a scary medical diagnosis. And for some reason, when he left today, I just gave myself the day off. I spent too much time online, I laid on the bed and read. I took a nap. 
We don't even need to discuss the fabulous breakfast I made for myself around eleven o'clock this morning. 
You know what I don't understand? 
People who say, "It's just me. Why should I cook? I eat cereal for supper."
Hell. I don't even eat cereal for breakfast. 
So yeah. I ate some pretzel crackers and dried pineapple for a very late lunch but I had that wonderfully delicious breakfast and I am going to make myself a very nice supper, too. Then again, I do really love to cook but mostly, I just really love to eat. And if I'm not worth cooking for, then who is?
But no, I do not set a table with a lace tablecloth and a candle nor do I put Vivaldi on the stereo when I sit down to eat alone. I watch stuff on TV that Mr. Moon would not necessarily enjoy. 
Call The Midwife may be involved. 
Or The Real Housewives of Somewhere

I hope you've had a lovely first day of fall. I certainly have and the miracle of it is that I don't feel in the least guilty for not accomplishing anything of importance at all and for not suffering in my martyr-ly way. I neither feel depressed nor anxious, not even about throwing some leftovers out to the chickens that were still perfectly good but which I did not want to eat. 

A rare and fine day. And my house and hands smell deliciously of Fabuloso and white vinegar. 

Time to go close up the hen house. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I had never seen or heard of Fabulosa until we moved to Belize. I like it too. My bathroom trauma for the day was a roach in the laundry hamper. Not as bad as a squished mouse.

    1. A roach in the laundry hamper wouldn't even get a shoulder shrug from me. It happens. A lot.

  2. I did more work in my yard today than I have in maybe years, and a couple of times I thought "this is like what Ms Moon does weekly!" It helped that fall is most definitely here in MN (in fact, I turned the furnace on yesterday). Funny that you gave yourself a day off. And good for you!!

    1. Not "funny haha" that you gave yourself a day off. "Funny ironic" that it was on the same day I got off my ass:)

  3. I didn't do anything today either, other than take a long nap. My Mister took a long ride on his Harley, which I seldom do with him anymore. Oh, I did one load of laundry, so there's that. And I read. And I pulled up a bunch of marigolds, which are not my favorite annual, but the Amish greenhouses sell them very cheaply. Tomorrow I'm going to write my 5 year old only granddaughter a letter. She lives 9 hours away in Louisville, KY. I am tremendously, terrifically, and greatly jealous of your close-by clan. I have one son and one granddaughter, and they're so far away. Bless your heart, indeed. I'm such a fan of your blog.

  4. Pretty sure you mop way more that I do. There is a new season of Call the Midwives on netflix and I've already gobbled it all up....

  5. I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this post. Bravo!

  6. "Like a whore in church." That's awesome! What a great expression, even though, like you, I think sex workers are worthy of more respect. Sometimes an expression is just an expression.

    You accomplished a lot! Look at that floor! And bravo for cooking. I confess I'm one of those cereal people. I could eat cereal and peanut butter all day and be perfectly happy.

  7. I was out with my girls last night and we were walking through the park to a carousel and a huge rat came out of the bushes and gave me the biggest fright. I think I must have been run over by rats bearing the black plague in my last life because I am so rat and mouse phobic it can’t truly be explained. If I’d had mr moon’s experience I think I might now be in another realm contemplating my next life. Bravo for handling all that with fabuloso and aplomb.

  8. Your kitchen looks lovely and warm and comforting, and of course the floor looks fabuloso:)

    I continue to try and do too much and wind up dead on my feet by supper time. I don't know how to relax but to be honest it's hard to relax when there is football on the TV for nine fucking hours. We only have one TV and I know how much the big guy likes his football but nine hours? I keep busy to avoid the football.

    Our first day of fall and there is two inches of snow outside. It's not cold, only 0C but still, snow! It's supposed to be 16C on Tuesday but we'll see.

    Your day sounds lovely, relaxing and peaceful, something I need to aspire to.

  9. nothing wrong with having a lazy day. I've been having quite a few of them lately. so how does a dead mouse get (i)underneath(/i) the rug? I need to mop my kitchen floor even though you can't tell how dirty it is. and the floor in my studio because that is the room that has the door to the outside that we use and with all this rain it is very dirty. will I do it? not likely. oh! it was 68˚ this morning about 8:30 when I poked my head out. felt so good!

    1. OK, so that was supposed to put 'underneath' in italics. either I've forgotten how to do it (possible) or it's not allowed anymore.

  10. I love the title of this post. I mean, SERIOUSLY. Where the fuck is our cooler weather? It's still almost like July outside and it's getting close to October!


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