Monday, September 17, 2018

Just A Day

I really don't have much to say today. I didn't walk because I wasn't in the mood to die on the side of a road. I did go into town and met Jessie and Levon at Costco. August stayed at home with his daddy because there was a crew there taking down a pine tree and that was just too exciting to miss. It wasn't a very exciting Costco trip. The only sample was of smoked salmon and it was good but pitifully small. Oh wait. They had some packaged Indian food too but Levon ate all of mine. I don't think that Jessie appreciated the fact that I let him eat it with his fingers and he got potatoes and lentils all over himself but she was too kind to say, "WHAT THE HELL, MOM?"

Then they went home and I went to Publix and when I was checking out it was thundering so loud that it was echoing in the store and I could hear the drumming of the rain on the roof and sure enough, when I got outside it was pouring rain and the lightening was cracking right there and the thunder was just tremendously loud and so I stood under the overhang and ate the grocery store sushi I'd bought and watched the wind blow the rain sideways and the umbrellas of the brave being turned inside out. It was an extremely fierce storm. By the time I finished my sushi, I decided to just go for it and got as soaked as I would have gotten jumping into a river. I'm serious- when I got home I discovered that the boxes which held the pasta I'd bought were so wet that I had to transfer the noodles into jars and baggies. The temperature also dropped about ten degrees and that was beautiful.
When I got to Lloyd I found that we hadn't had a drop of rain although it did shower a bit just a little while ago and it's cooler here too.

Looks like Kavanaugh might have his goose cooked by a very, very brave woman but hell, I thought for sure that after Trump said what he said about grabbing women by the pussy that he was done, over, and dead but of course, his base just said, "Who cares?" and we all know how that turned out. I have no delusions that even if he does get voted down, the next nominee won't be just as horrid. Those in power want what they want which is total world domination by right-wing rich people and they aren't going to nominate anyone who might have one ounce of moral decency.
Still. I'd be glad not to see his tiny-eyed, helmet-hair-topped, white squinchy face in the media for the rest of my life.

Tomorrow morning Ms. Magnolia is coming over for a visit while her mama collects her Mother's Day gift of a massage and I'm all in for that. Maybe we can have a tea-party and then go out and hunt snakes. With that girl the full spectrum of activity is possible.
Actually, please know that we will not be hunting snakes.

Spirits are a bit low here this evening. My husband is the depressed one right now which is, as far as I'm concerned, a true upending of the natural order of things and I don't handle this well. I'm the one who's supposed to be depressed. I've trotted out my entire skimpy bag of tricks to cheer him up but nothing is working. I suppose I need to realize that he needs to be able to feel what he's feeling and not take it personally although I can't help but do so.
Perhaps this would be a good time to try the Saran Wrap thing. At the very least he would have to laugh.
But then again, as Maggie would say, ""
Instead I'll make some pineapple chicken and know that life will go on.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Hunting snakes and a tea party, You are the coolest Grandmother ever! My kind of folk for sure!
    Depression just has to ride itself out and hopefully before it spirals down down down in the deep hole that consumes all of the light. I went there once, don't ever need to revisit- but glad I know what clinical depression is, I am a little more understanding. If you think a little trip up north might help, we have beds!

  2. It's funny you should mention "that Saran Wrap thing" because that's what I thought as well. Maybe just hugs? They always make me feel better but I guess not when I'm really down. I hope he feels better soon.

  3. The Saran Wrap thing is something to do when he is not depressed because I am sure he would end chasing you around the house because yes, sometimes we just need to sit with our feelings. I do hope this passes. Depression is a fucking bitch.

  4. Mr Moon has no one better to help him than you........... and don't take it personally, because I don't believe HE does when tides are reversed. Love and support, and he will embrace that, as you do from his love and understanding in your darker times. Yes, it is not easy....... I know it also
    Susan M

  5. I am so sorry to hear that Mr. Moon is feeling depressed. I hope it passes soon. I'm hopeful that Kavanaugh will actually withdraw from the shitshow. Maybe not, but Jesus.

  6. You should totally do the Saran Wrap. And also make him cake. I hope he's feeling better. xx

  7. Mr Moon feeling down?! that is against the natural order of things. well, tell him to stop watching/listening to the news. tea parties and snake hunting. why ever not?

  8. Oh, i know how hard it is to have our loves depressed, we drink it right in through our pores. I hope today the natural order of things will be restored for your dear man.


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