Friday, September 29, 2017

A Boy Turns Two And There's More Love

August is two today. There he was, two years ago, so fresh that he may have been the newest being  on the planet, right there where his mama birthed him, his daddy caught him, on the floor of their beautiful bathroom, surrounded by love.
And just a little while later, here was the little family, tucked up in their bed, the happiest people on earth.

Two years can fly by so fast that a blink could cover the time twice. I think about this and I choke up and hot tears sting my eyes. I would not trade this little guy for anything.

But oh! How I still love this guy.

August has been a joy and a gift to this family and with his birth he made a whole new family.

Which, as we all know, is about to get bigger. 
So soon. So very, very soon. 
And then they will be a family of four and August will be a big brother and the beautiful, miraculous miracle of it all will begin again. 
More to love, more to love, more to love. 

And one more picture.

That's Jessie and Lily when they were littles. Do you think August looks a bit like his mama? 
But I surely do see his papa in him too. The way he stands, his deep love and obsession with tools. He now owns four tool sets and I feel that before we know it, he'll be like his father and grandfather in that given the proper tool, he will be able to fix anything and to make anything. 
He loves books and his stuffed animals and his dog and digging with a shovel and chickens and his family. He loves music and blowing out candles and the Happy Birthday song. 
He is two years old. 
He is our beautiful, brilliant August. He is a perfect result of the love of his parents. 
And he could not be loved more. 
Until tomorrow when he will be. And then the day after that when he'll be loved even more than that.
And so forth. 
Which is exactly how time should be measured. 
Infinite love plus a day's more worth. 

Yeah. Like that. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Gosh! I thought Jessie was August in that photo! I also thought Jessie had had the new baby on August's birthday when I saw the first photo! Much confusion all round! Many happy returns to your gorgeous grandson on his second birthday. Now, where did all that time go?! Much love Blods xx

  2. Oh, this is just lovely. Yes, he looks like his mama, and his boppy too! I love that photo where he's leaning into Mr. Moon, so safe and happy. Have a wonderful birthday, dear August! You're gonna be a fabulous big brother.

  3. Amen on your way of measuring time. Happy birthday dear August!

  4. Awww! Happy Birthday, little man. You bring more joy to this world that you could possibly know.


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