Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pondering The End Of The Year

Time for the lists.
The lists, the lists, the lists.
Best movies, best books, worst celebrity wardrobe choices, who got married, who had babies, who got divorced, who died. Hottest diets of the year, hottest trends of the year, hottest laptop celebrities in bikinis of the year. Best albums of the year, worst tragedies to have befallen. Natural disasters which occurred. Etc.

It's also time to start making resolutions to get healthier, skinnier, more productive, more organized, saner, more serious, less serious.

Me? I'm sitting here watching two white ducks gambol in a small black tub wishing the Waffle House was a lot closer.

Dang. I have to leave Lloyd today. Out of bananas again. I'm also out of flour. This will not do.

I think I'll make soup. Actually, I know I'll make soup. I already started cooking beans for it.

This is the level I am operating on at this moment.

Remember the year my New Year's resolution was to use the word cocksucker more frequently?

Hell. I even failed at that.

Maurice is watching the chickens and ducks as if they were her favorite TV show.

Maybe my New Year's resolution this year will be to not watch any less of the chicken and duck channel than I already do. Same with the cat-and-trees-and-sky channels.

There's a pretty good chance I could actually accomplish that.

Happy Sunday, y'all. Hahahahahahaha!

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. about cocksucker-
    it doesn't have to be frequent- you just have to use it....


  2. I so Love You!:) :) I had the same thought (s) this morning about the "lists".Mine well, they were a bit different.I am with you on just watching and listening.I have birds in my yard that I have never really heard before now.They sing a song that ahh,sings to a place inside me.I am making a "every thing but the kitchen sink" soup/stew with beans of course.I so wish I could see your new Duck family members.Cocksucker just rolls off your tongue does it not? That is my new word of the year.Thank You Ms.Moon;)Oops my chores beckon to me.Have a lovely day...

  3. Sorry,(no I am Not) to be a pest.YOU HAVE TO check out this site!!!! "Create your own personal snowflake" (The book of I spent way to much time being busy there. I just put in Mary Moon for fun and YOU ROCK my lady!!!! I hope it is new to you and have fun (heck try your ducks names..)Use caps. for different looks...Just spreading my Joy....

  4. I made a coffee cake this morning, and I had a piece of it for breakfast. For lunch, I microwaved Trader Joe's Swiss Fondue, cut up a piece of a baguette and dined. As for lists, I love the book ones --

  5. Mrs. A- Oh my...You are so right.

    Mary i- All of that and the snowflake thing too. Thank you, sweetness. So much.

    Elizabeth- Mmmm. Such good meals. I'm funny- even with the booklists I like to think I've found things on my own. But I do consult them. Especially yours.

    Angella- Works for me. But I've set the bar pretty low. And I'm old enough to be cool with that.

  6. Ugh, all those lists. They just give the media something to do during a slow news time. Trust me, I've been on the inside!

  7. Steve Reed- "Oprah's Top A-Ha Moments of 2014!" Really? I swear. Stop it.

  8. I feel the same about the end of the year lists! A bunch of horseshit!
    I'm out of bananas too. I have tons of chocolate though and that's pretty much the same isn't it?


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