Sunday, December 14, 2014

All Christmas Cheer Has Come And Gone

Although it is a completely beautiful day with blue-silk-sky and cool, lovely temperatures, I am Ms. Cranky-McCranky Pants today.
I woke up that way and I'm owning it.
Vergil and Jessie and Greta just came over which will probably cure my dis-order. I wonder if that small amount of Christmas cheer I experienced yesterday sucked all the joy out of me. I would not be surprised.
Jessie worked all night so she is going to sleep. Vergil is tucking her in right now and I hear giggling. Okay. That makes me feel better. Nothing like a little Moon-giggling to make me happy.
I managed to make pancakes but was all off.
"Where do I keep the damn buttermilk? Oh yeah. The refrigerator."
Opened the refrigerator. Food from many meals of dinners past tumbled about and blocked my sight of anything I actually needed. I spent ten minutes looking for the sweet potato I just knew was in there before I remembered that I'd left it in the oven last night. Much cursing had ensued before that happened though.
"Where's the goddammed syrup?" I asked.
"Right there," said Mr. Moon, pointing to it from four feet away.
And by the way, Jessie and Vergil were not here then. They ate at the Waffle House.

Vergil is going to make something tasty with lemons to take to Asheville as presents. They are leaving on Thursday to visit the folks there and will be back in time for Christmas. He can't use their kitchen because the stove is in a box in the garage while his deconstruction/reconstruction project is going on. Mr. Moon is going to take Owen fishing today, I hear. And then there is a rumor of hunting this evening.

Good Lord!

I myself will probably work in the garden. When we went to town today we picked up a truck load of bagged leaves from a tidy yard in Tallahassee. Hopefully, none of them contain ants and I will mulch with them.

Maurice is watching Greta play with a ball. It almost seems as if she, too, would like to play but has no idea how to go about it.

So good morning. Whatever.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I was wondering how long Festive McChristmas was going to hang around!
    Cranky McCranky is better than Saddy McCryee, or Pukey McFever!
    I could go on...but I won't. I've said enough.

  2. Dignity is so overrated.

    Thank you for validating the leaf mulch. I've been sweeping up all the leaves from neighbors' trees and just pushing them into areas I want mulched. I feel that the world is judging me for this, that somehow I am supposed to throw away the leaves to the landfill and buy some fancy-fancy mulch to put on instead. And to that I say phooey. But I was I guess starting to doubt my methods a little, so thank you for the validation.

  3. Heartinhand- All in all I wish I was in Cozumel being Miss Slutty McSlut Pants. And Miss Drinky McDrink Woman.

    NOLA- I have no dignity left at all. Well, that's probably not true but still.
    Yes! Yard leaves make excellent mulch!

  4. well, that's what I did Friday and today, digging up grass and weeds and sowing larkspur, poppy, and love-in-a-mist seeds.

  5. Plus...dignity made me lol at work.

  6. We are being festive over here. And on Sunday, we did have some pumpkin spice pancakes. Yum.


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