Monday, November 10, 2014

The Tide Changed Suddenly

After all of my joy last night, I suddenly somehow fell down a rabbit hole or into a slough of despair or a butterfly flapped her wings over the Sahara or something, something. I don't know.
And I wept. I wept and sobbed like I haven't cried in years. I didn't even know what I was crying about. Sweetness or sorrow. But I just could not seem to stop and yes, it did feel like release and it's probably been overdue for awhile and I haven't let myself get to that place while I'm alone because that would just be too scary.

Both Mr. Moon and Maurice were concerned, of course, and both offered me the best comfort they could. I think I scared them both.
Out of the blue...
And I still feel weepy this morning. Like one of those faucets that you need to use a pair of pliers on to completely shut off and I can't find my pliers.

Ah well. These things happen.

It is a beautiful day and I've been to town to get that little cap screwed back in and it was painless and easy and they are just SO kind in that dentist's office. So very, very kind. After that I went and stayed with the boys for a little while so that Lily could go get blood drawn for a physical and while I was there, Owen had me make a list of things I needed to get at the store before they come over this afternoon. The list was:
1. Extra chocolate to make chocolate milk
2. Chex Mix
3. Oranges

And so I did and now I'm home and they'll be here in a few hours. They are both still coughing and glassy-eyed but in pretty good spirits and with no more fever.

One of our little green anoles has found a new home in my pony-tail palm where she is almost perfectly camouflaged but this morning, she made her way onto the chair beside it.

She posed for the picture and then ran back for the safety of the little palm. 
I know how she feels. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I believe your boys knew just the the cure for what ailed you: grandboys, chocolate milk and chex mix.
    And of course your little anole came out to see how you were faring.

  2. what i think is we've heard of these dear people dying recently, brother rodd for you, your opera house friend, gary for me, and it lodges somewhere inside, the sadness in the air, and it builds up and flows out in tears. lately, my dreams are of dying and what is that about? sometimes, the very sweetness of our lives almost makes us more vulnerable to it all. your heart is so wide open. i'm glad the boys are coming over. i bet they'll bring the pliers.

  3. I think Angella's exactly right, the
    little boys will bring the pliers.

  4. Ms. Mary Moon, I love your blog and your name! I've posed comments a few times using the name Jane or Lunar Lass (sometimes just Lunar).

    I've finally started my own blog at

    I hope you won't mind that I have you in my blogroll...if you would rather I didn't, please let me know and I will remove it.

    I'm still messing around with the layout but I hope to be posting a couple times per week.

  5. I just don't know Ms. Moon, I hope you cried all of the sorrow out of your system.

  6. Well, damn. Sometimes I fear saying I am doing well because IT seems to have a life of its own. It is like IT can hear me and is waiting to see me smile so IT can pounce. WTF is that about?

    I hope this finds you in a gentler place.

  7. I'm glad Mr. Moon is home.
    Why do these dark clouds sweep over us? They just do.
    I wish you lots of chocolate milk tomorrow or other things that bring contentment.
    Sending love.

  8. Sometimes I can feel tears coming on, and I usually manage to tamp them down. Then, for no reason, the waterworks start. I have a very understanding husband who tends to get a little upset himself because he feels so helpless. Our bad news today was that 11 of our son's chickens were attacked by wild dogs during the night. Six are dead, two are missing, and my son and his family are trying to save three. Yes, that brought on a few tears for me. I hope a visit from those grandbabies were the pliers you needed.

  9. These things happen. They sure do. Happy and sad. We get some of each don't we all? The picture of Mr. Moon and Maurice comforting you tugged at my heart.

  10. I'd love a good cry. I really would. I'm so tired of holding it in.
    Peace to you today.

  11. I hope you're ok. Maybe being away from Mr M takes its toll and you need to vent it.

    What a magic lizard friend!

  12. Oh, oh my. I'm a few posts behind. I'm so sorry you had the weepies and the big cries. I've been having a few of those too, they catch me off guard, in the shower, sitting in traffic, doing the dishes. I'll think of a sweet thing and then a bittersweet thing about it, or someone I miss and boom. Sobbing. It's a strange thing. Luckily so far only the dog has seen it and he doesn't mind a bit.
    Hope you're feeling happier soon.

  13. Some days are just ones that overwhelm me with feelings of loss. Lately I have been good though and cheered by the nice celebration for my cousin. But I miss all the relatives who are no longer here. No more family left--just me and my wife. Sad really.


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