Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You're Kidding Me, Right?

Oh god. Is it really, really 2012 because if it is, my high school class is about to have its 40th reunion.

No, don't worry. You'll never be that old. Never. Not in a million years.

Okay. Math was never my best subject.

I got an e-mail from a former classmate who is "working" on the reunion. They already have a plan, which is for everyone to go to the homecoming game on Friday night with a casual get-together afterwards and then the official party on Saturday night.
Okay. This is what I think about that- unless you are holding a gun to my head (thank-you, Tearful) I will not be there.
Are you fucking kidding me?
A football game?
Casual get-together?

This lady informed me that there's a Facebook page. Of course there's a Facebook page. I checked it out. The guy whom my husband almost beat up at the last reunion I went to (I think it was the 25th) because he groped me (this guy, not my husband) is right there on it.

No, no, no. They'll just have to be having that little shindig without me. There isn't enough liquor in this world.

Well, it's not until October anyway. They're just getting all their information updated.

Okay. I'm off to town to go take care of Owen while Lily gets her midwife check and then bring him back here when she goes to work. If she goes to work. Dang. Bless her heart! I can't imagine working at this point in a pregnancy. Jesus.

Looks to be a beautiful day here in Lloyd and I have a grandson to take care of, another grandchild to get ready for. That stuff is real. High school reunions are just weird. But that's just my opinion.

Happy Tuesday, y'all.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I can't imagine making much effort to go to a h.s. reunion if I lived anywhere near where I graduated, but I don't, and so I went to one. (How can I be so old as to have had several? I am not. Clearly I am not.)

    And it was AWESOME. Seriously, the best time ever. We had a picnic on the beach where people brought their kids and dogs if they wanted, and then the next day we took a booze cruise. I saw people I knew intimately the first 18 years of my life but lost touch with when I started wandering the planet. I got to see bullies grow up and become really genuinely nice people, the dope dealer be our designated driver because he'd been sober for years, nerdy outcast people who really blossomed into life and wealth, and finally meet the kids and spouses of people I'd called my best friends. And I may have attempted to grope some classmate(s) but nobody beat me up for it. ;)

    Totally, totally awesome. Probably because I hadn't seen any of them pretty much since graduation day.

    I wasn't particularly traumatized by high school - I just thought it was a big yawn to get through - so to see people who were both traumatized and traumatizers get to rewrite those narratives was really great.

    Not for everybody, but it was exactly what I wanted and needed.

    And that is my way more than 2 cents worth. :)

  2. Only reunions i've been to are my 10th and husband's 25th. They've lost track of me, i think, because i didn't even hear about our last one. Good.

  3. My 20th is June 2nd. I've not attended one in the past. I'm only going because I'm not dead and I'm still more fun than any of them. But I go fully intending to never go again. That makes it okay. I hope Joe doesn't fight but if he does, I hope he kicks some ass.

  4. I would rather smack my head against the wall than go to my high school reunions. I didn't go to my tenth a few years ago, and won't be going to any others. I see all I need to see on the Book of Faces, and that's good enough for me.

  5. I did not go to my high school reunion years ago because, frankly, no one ever liked me when I was there. I was the stranger. Not only did I live in the boonies and was therefore an outsider, but I also came from elsewhere originally and was not welcome in any of their little cliques.

  6. I have blocked out so much of high school it would be a complete waste of time for me to go to a reunion.

  7. oh I totally agree. high school 40 years later? are you kidding me? seriously people, get a life.

  8. How is Lily's bottom today? Poor, brave girl. I would be sitting at home in a hot bath.

  9. I have no interest in going to a H.S. reunion from where I went. I went to that school only for my Junior and Senior year and no one was that close to me for us to stay in touch with after graduation.

    Went to hubby's once and it was quite funny and boring all at the same time. The ladies trying so hard to look and act the same as they had at 18 and the guys who lost their good looks but compensated with extra drinking. It was weird and that was the one and only reunion he went to.

  10. I'd only go if I could grope or be groped. Otherwise, I'd just go fishing.

  11. Just so you know, up until a few years ago mawmaw and pawpaw went to their reunion every year. So many things make this awesome. First, at this point it is a bunch of "graduating" classes all together at once. I guess when you get past 60 years or so they just want everyone who is still alive to be invited. Mawmaw dropped out and she still goes. Second, see how I used quotes up there around graduating? I meant them. As long as you at some point went to that school it counts. Third, one of the main reasons they go is because mawmaw "wants to see if she's still prettier than all them girls." I bet she is! Fourth, mmpp are awesome, and that's all there is to it.
    Love, daddyb

  12. I may go to my twentieth, which is in two years. I've had several attractive date offers.

  13. NOLA- Now see, that's a good reunion. But hell, I've been to about three of mine over the eons and really- after I told a few people how much they'd meant in my life it was sort of done. I have one very good friend from my class and he comes to visit here sometimes and we're in good touch. Another woman and I stay in touch via phone. She NEVER goes to reunions.
    And for the record, this was totally UNWELCOME groping!

    messymimi- I hear ya, babe.

    Ms. Trouble- You're still young enough to see positive changes in people you went to school with. Me? Nah. We're about done changing.

    SJ- Seriously.

    Jeannie- It was a weird and bizarre time in life, wasn't it?

    Stephanie- That's the best reason I ever heard not to go to a reunion! Ha!

    Ellen Abbott- There are people who seem to just adore those things. I do not understand. Maybe it's a gene.

    Birdie- She is much improved so maybe the tailbone wasn't broken after all! She's good. She's so very good, that girl. Midwife appointment went well.

    Ellen- I've been to two of my husband's too. He had a smaller class and they were close and he sort of likes to go to them. I doubt I'll be going to his fortieth, though. He probably will. We graduated in the same year, but completely different states.

    Magnum- I think I'm going to have a ditch I need to dig that weekend.

    Daddy B- Well, hell, their class probably had twenty-eight people in it. And yes, mm&pp are awesome and so are you and I adore you. Hey! You should come to my reunion with me! We could tell everyone that I divorced Mr. Moon and that you're my young thang. You could totally show all your tattoos and I could wear sunglasses. I'd go for that. You think we could get away with that?

    1. I think we could totally get away with it. That would be hysterical. "you could totally show all your tattoos and I could wear sunglasses"...You crack me the fuck up. Also, I wanna go to mine as well. Even if it IS just so I can get that trophy for "most changed since high school."

  14. DTG- Well, in your case, you'd freaking rock the place so I think you should go.

  15. I went to my 50th.......I wanted to see the kids I grew up with but hadn't seen since we moved away when I was 14.
    It was amazing, bittersweet and somewhat depressing but I am glad I wnt.

    I saw my 5th grade secret heartthrob and finally got to hug him after waiting for 67 years. (I would never have recognized him if he hadn't had a label on his jacket).

  16. Lo- I'm glad you went and finally claimed that hug!

    Daddy B- Heh-heh.
    Seriously. I think we should go to mine together. Film it. Make performance art. Make a documentary. Get famous. Etc.
    Or, just get really drunk and have a good time.
    Either or.

  17. I'm down if you are. Seriously. When is this shindig?
    P.S.- I think mawmaw and pawpaw's classes prob had way less than that. Shit, my Mama's graduating class prob had less than 28 people. Mostly because all the pregnant girls dropped out...

  18. HS reunion (((((shudder))))). "They" once tracked me down to let me know about my 25? 30? O gawd. I did NOT go. I was a freak, a weird-o, an artist in a sea of cheerleaders and jocks. Ug. All white people. All suburbanites headed for Ivy League schools. Yetch, blech.

    Not good years. Not at all. I'd have to be lubricated or medicated or both to attend. And I'm three thousand miles away. On purpose.

    XXX your friend

  19. I missed my 30th this year, happily. They stopped being fun about ten years or fifteen years ago. Ugh. And a high school football game? Good Lord. Bless their hearts.

  20. i almost feel that this is a reunion of sorts, being absent from the blogging world and missing everyone as much as spring after a too long winter.
    what a relief to be back and enjoying your feisty self.

  21. Daddy B- Not 'til October. Plenty of time to make our plans.
    Okay. You make me laugh so much. You're probably right about all the girls dropping out because they were pregnant.

    Beth Coyote- Did anyone really feel as if they fit in, in high school? I had my friends and they were excellent good friends. We were the crazy nerds, the geeks. The rest? I had no clue about that sort of person. Still don't.
    "Lubricated or medicated." Ha! Maybe both.

    Elizabeth- Yeah. The game thing really slam-dunked it for me. I've lived in one of the most avid college football towns in the nation for thirty-eight years and I've been to two games. I hated them both.

    rebecca- Hello darling! I'm so glad you're here! I love you. I do.

  22. No really. Mama said she was one of maybe three? that graduated. Ok, October. We got this!

  23. I may actually go to mine. I've connected with a few of the people that I went to school with. They are way more interesting now than they were then. So we shall see....I'm not completely closing the door on it.


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