Friday, March 16, 2012

I Have No Title

My Lord. Every day it gets more beautiful. I keep thinking I'll take more pictures. Then I think, shit, everyone has seen all of these pictures. Wisteria? Check. Dogwoods? Check. Crazy bamboo? Check.
Then I think about Pioneer Woman. She posts the same pictures over and over and over again. Of a Beagle. And cows. And her husband's ass.

Whatever. I need to let go and let god as concerns Pioneer Woman.

So yeah, it's a beautiful morning and I don't have a thing on my mind except to go take the trash and maybe go to Monticello because I need to sign something at the bank there for the Stage Company. I would like it if Jessie and Lily and Owen came with me. We could have lunch and shop at the thrift store. I need to talk to them. Jessie spent the night over at Lily's. I slept like a demon last night after reading in bed for awhile.
I am trying to finish up a book I've been reading for about fourteen years now. Not really.
The Stranger's Child by Alan Hollinghurst.
It's got a very long cast of characters and goes from one generation to another and I usually just REFUSE to read books that require so much memory work on my part but it's rather delightfully written so I am making the effort and last night I told Mr. Moon that I was going to finish that book, dammit, I only had ninety more pages to go, and he said, "Tonight?"
No. No, I reassured him. Just...soon.

Soon. The baby will be here soon. I will finish that book soon. It's all relative.

When Jessie and I went to the branch library yesterday a guy was working there who used to work at the downtown library. I knew I hadn't seen him in awhile so I said, "Did they move you over here from the main library?"
He said, "I've been gone for five years."
He swears he's been gone for five years. Swears. To Australia and Oregon and other places.
I thought he'd been gone for like six months.
I swear.
I am not sure I believe him. I think maybe he was fucking with me. But really- why would he do that?
My mind is still boggling. I feel like Rumplefuckingstiltskin.

All right. Here's some more dogwoods. And a very, very old and beautiful oak tree. In my front yard.

Gotta go take the trash.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am doing my after work check in...

    Books - I am trying to read The Night Circus. It is one of Heather's Picks. I had no fucking idea what is going on. I hate when I don't like a book that everyone else loves. Sometimes I wonder if everyone else is just as confused as I but is afraid to say that the book is a waste of time and money. At any rate, life is too short and there are far too many books out there to stay with a book you can't be friends with.

    After reading your post I wonder if I should stop posting pictures of my cat. But he is such bastard and I need a place to vent.

  2. Why is it saying anonymous? It is me, Birdie!

  3. My reading has been somewhat erratic of late, and I think I'm becoming increasingly distracted. Perhaps that's because I'm nearing 49 and then I'll be fifty. I don't know. I am really enjoying The Family Fang, but I downloaded it on my phone, like an idiot, so I really only read it when I'm in a carpool line at my kids' schools.

  4. Love the pics.

    People often tell me something was years ago that seems weeks ago or just a few months to me. My sense of time is out of kilter, i think.

    Hope you all get to the thrift store.

  5. I've been on a long row with books that have left me a blah ending. I've been trying to go through a pile at the foot of my bed..little by little. Well, can't say that now as I am finally reading a book by daughter gave at least 3 Christmas's ago...Vagina Monologues. What? Why didn't I read this earlier. Can't say there is blah in this book!

    I never get tired of your photos Mary...

  6. People that shop at my Publix still think Owen is a baby. Like one lady got mad that I was having another baby on top of my poor other baby who wouldn't get the attention he needs. Oh well it's all relative. Love you!

  7. Can I just borrow/steal your phrase Rumplefuckingstiltskin? Because it is perfect. My whole life is starting to feel like a time warp and I don't know whether to be amused or terrified.

    I ebb and flow with the books. Read like a woman possessed, then fail to commit for weeks and months until it happens again, like a madness or an addiction.
    It is just too exciting for the baby's arrival to be imminent. I can't imagine what it must be like for you and yours, to have such magic afoot.
    Speaking of rumplefucking, it seems like only a few months ago we welcomed Mr. Owen into the world, and yet here he is, a little man, with words and ideas and everything. I hope the next baby doesn't grow up so fast. :)

  8. Wonderful dogwood photo. Spring is here and winter appears to be gone for good.


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