Saturday, March 10, 2012

Say What?

We're up and about to be off to go to town to search for heirloom tomatoes for the garden.
Maybe breakfast too.

I'm pretty sure someone needs to call Ripley's.


  1. happy saturday. how is ms. sb? i miss her wit!


  2. this early rising deserves a mid-afternoon siesta, me thinks. I love that it's time to start looking for tomato plants. Yee-HA!

  3. Spring has hit here in Nebraska and tomatoes are on the brain, but I will have to wait so much longer than you do for a garden beauty. Enjoy your hunt this morning. Sounds lovely. I am going bike riding!

  4. Every morning I get off work I come to your blog to see if Merbaby is here. :-)

    I love scrambled eggs and tomatoes. Now there is a meal!

  5. Just another tomato kind of day?

  6. Mrs. A- She is good! And feisty as ever. I will tell her you asked about her. She will be pleased.

    Taradharma- No time for napping today, but a good, easy day in and of itself.

    Nicol- Yay! And hey- I made guacamole today. I thought of you.

    Birdie- Last year was such a good year for tomatoes. I wonder what this year will be like. You'll be warned before the baby comes. You know you will be.

    Elizabeth- Gawd. If you'd been at the heirloom sale, you would know exactly how prescient that comment was.

    Rubye Jack- Yes. Exactly.

  7. I like it when you go to town!


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