Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Agony And The Ecstasy (Not To Be Dramatic Or Anything)

Those pictures are of Curly Sue, as we are calling her. She is Elvis's child. Chick. I have no idea who her mama is. One of my hens. She is the only one of our flock's eggs that we incubated which has hatched. There is one other egg from that bunch which started to hatch but there has been no progress in a very long time.

There are two other babies who are doing very well and they are part of the clutch of banty eggs that our neighbor's chicken laid in our garage and which are the whole reason Mr. Moon started this project. I'm sure there will be pictures of them eventually but getting good pictures of baby chicks is harder than you would think. They are dark-colored and feisty. All three of those chicks seem fine. They can walk and get to the feeder and the water and they are acting like baby birds should act.

One other banty egg hatched but that one does not seem to be doing very well. He had a very hard time freeing himself from his egg and either he is going to die or else he is just very, very tired and needs to rest. On his side. A lot.
We have no idea.
He's still in the incubator because we're afraid if we take him out and put in him with the other three they will peck him to death.

There are two other banty eggs which have pips in them and which we still have hopes for.

God. I can't take this. It's just too much emotion.

It's been an odd day, to say the least. I never did feel like I woke up entirely and so the day has had a dreamlike quality about it. I have merely drifted about, and still am drifting. I made bread which will go into the oven soon and I am making soup of already-made soup and other leftovers, doing what I do best which is to take leftovers and make MORE leftovers.

Sometimes I wish I would wake up one morning and be a more decisive person. A person who can go through clothes and toss them aside to give away or throw away. A person who can throw away leftovers and a person who can do any damn thing at all without weighing and measuring all of the moral, ethical, emotional, spiritual, and practical ramifications.

Just DO shit and get over it.

I've never once danced naked in a fountain. Not in Paris or anywhere else.


I suppose that is the least of it.

I need to go check those chicks again. I need to go stir the soup pot. I need to go caress the loaves of bread with olive oil before I put them in the oven.



  1. I thought you were gonna talk about poop again. I'm sad now.

  2. Gah, the drama and heartache of chick hatching.

  3. damn girl, i love you.

    (said with a sigh and great affection)

  4. Daddy B- How's this? One of the banty chicks ate some poop. I saw it! Let me know if you need more. I love you so.

    Stephanie- I can't take it. It's too much.

    rebecca- You have no idea how strong the heartstring is from me to you.

  5. Ms. Moon, you are so sweet. I love that you are so emotional about baby chicks and leftovers.
    The other day at work I cleaned out the fridge and felt guilty for not emptying out and recycling other people's plastic salad dressing containers. What the hell?
    I hope the one wee chick is just having a nap.

  6. As I type this, shayla is watching the commercial on your blog. Enough poop.

  7. so sweet :)

  8. Birdie- We need to STOP IT! Jesus.
    Let's let it...go.

    Daddy B- You sure? 'Cause I got more. Kisses.

    Saranya- Oh lord. Okay. This once.

  9. Hope the chicks are doing well, and I love the picture of Gibson at the top of your blog. Still got plenty of time to dance naked in the fountain and knock that off your to-do list.

  10. Mr. Shife- Oh. Lord. Well. Maybe.

  11. You are so beautiful, L7

  12. Such a sweet wee birdie.

    I swear - I have the exact same problem - too many sides to an issue and guilt no matter what.

  13. You need that weekend away.

    "My mother served leftovers for 30 years. The original meal has never been found." Henny Youngman

  14. Oh my god -- that comment above about the leftovers had me in stitches. I read it out loud to my mother...we needed that laugh tonight!

  15. L7- You just ripped my heart right out.

    Jeannie- What is wrong with us?

    messymimi- Exactly. It is peasant cooking. Thanks for the great quote.

    SJ- Don't we all, baby?

  16. God, I hear you lately on the indecisiveness and huge emotion stuff, Ms. Moon. I loved the chick photos. :-) They're adorable and I hope the one that's having a hard time makes it.

  17. A long time ago when we were just starting with showing some of our dogs, we had a litter of pups and lost 4 of them as still births. I had a very hard time with that. The vet told me then that it would be best to raise vegetables because being a breeder was not for the faint hearted. I believe that. Regardless of the animals, chicken or dog, I want them to live and be healthy. I simply don't want that level of stress anymore.

  18. I make decisions all the time without thinking; I wish I would wake up one morning and measure the ramifications.


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