Friday, March 2, 2012

Another Friday Night

So Hank and his friends are on Dog Island which is SO primitive that when a sea fog rolls in (which it has) you can't see shit and he can't find the house and no, we are not surprised because we've been there. We've done that.

A tiny island with about forty-something houses and two roads and yet, given the right circumstances, or the WRONG circumstances, you can't find your own damn house.

I swear to god.

Meanwhile, back here at the ranch. it's Friday-night martinis and I've cried over the fact that one day we will be leaving this house but not in a bad way. In a life-is-full-of-changes-and-I-am-with-you-on-that-one way.

Mr. Moon is on the phone with Hank, the green beans are being sauteed with garlic and sliced almonds and the deer meat and vegetables are simmering in the pot.

You know what I think? I think that by midnight Hank will have found the house and they will all have unloaded and started drinking rum or whatever their beverage of choice is.

Life is so funny. I really hope that I can remember that no matter what happens.

Watch out for the sea-fog, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It just rolled in here, thick as pea soup and then left right after sunset. I hope that Hank finds the house--he can go to all 40 and surely will know which one then. The fog is so primitive--I like it.

  2. Syd- They've found the house but now the pump isn't working. Dog Island. Jesus.

  3. I used to have nightmares bring caught in the fog. I still don't like it.

  4. Birdie- Fog is elementally frightening, I think.

  5. I agree about fog. Waaaay worse than a snow storm.

  6. Fog is only good if you want to lose yourself in it, or hide from someone.

  7. Dog Island, so funny, just tickled me.

  8. Sounds like I need to take Dog Island off the places to visit list. I think I would freak the heck out if it was that foggy. Enjoy your Friday night and martinis, Ms. Moon. And life is indeed funny.

  9. I'm going to have to steal the keys to that place from you one of these days.
    I don't know about you, but doesn't it feel weird not having a show tonight? I almost stuffed some oranges down my shirt at the store just for old time's sake.

  10. Madame King- It is primal and we have those dreams...

    messymimi- There is fog and then there is FOG!

    Beth Coyote- I tell you, it is a real place.

    Mr. Shife- The fog there is fine if you are already settled in and cozy. If not, it can be scary.

    Jon- Okay! But you have to take all of your own food and water and that's just the basics.
    Now- as to feeling weird that we're not doing the play- not for me! When I was taking my walk today, I thought about how grateful I was not to have to be worrying about lines.
    And then I picked some violets and came home and put them in a tiny vase.
    But I tell you- I do sort of miss Lulabelle. Maybe she and I could be in touch?

  11. I think you will keep that house in your family no matter where you live. Maybe everyone can contribute to the mortgage and it can be the reunion house..? Whatever. I can't see youz selling it.

    Hank will be fine and have a rip roarious story to tell! He is nothing if not resourceful and brilliant.

  12. You've suddenly taken me back in time. I went to a concert in San Diego with a friend. I was driving. On the way home, the fog was so bad and I was so terrified that I wouldn't see something in front of me or someone behind me wouldn't see me. I was certain that if I survived that drive home, I could survive anything.

  13. Dad got us there and then talked me through fixing the water situation the next day. Because Dad's the man.


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