Sunday, March 4, 2012

It rained all night long but when I got up this morning the sky looked like the thought of a cloud had never crossed its mind.

Just unbelievable. And cool. And lovely.

Here are some pictures.

Wisteria making fuzzy buds.

Dogwood's blossoms, just coming green. They will open and grow bigger and turn as pure white as an angel's soul.

A fig leaf. That's for you, Rebecca.

Just because glass and light and color combine so magically.

I can't remember a prettier day and it's all because of the rain which overnight turned everything green. Our grass would be green if we had grass. As it is, the weeds which pretend to be grass are green which is good enough for me. I remember when we first moved in here and the old man from down the road stopped to chat with me and pointed out that if I did something about all the leaves in our front yard, the grass might grow. It had never occurred to me to want grass out there. I like the leaves fine. There's not enough sun to grow grass anyway and I am not one to try and force any sort of a plant to grow where it can't manage on its own without much help from me.
Let us just say that Weed'n'Feed is not part of MY vocabulary.

Okay. I could go on and on and on but I won't. I'll just relate the fact that it's a fine Sunday and we had our pancakes outside and the only sound you could hear was the chewing of bacon and the occasional bird call and the breeze having its way with the leaves of the magnolia beside us.
Mr. Moon said, "I prefer thin-cut bacon. It's crispier."
I said, "I know. But I like thick-cut."
He said, "I know you do."
I said, "And I brought home the bacon."

This is what passes for great humor around here. We are easily entertained.

To wit:

Mr. Moon found five banty eggs laid by the chickens from next door (who roam freely and do not recognize boundaries such as fences and property lines) in the garage and he is going to buy an incubator today. We have no idea if they are fertilized and we have no idea what we are doing but damn, the rooster who would most likely be the daddy sure is one pretty bird and wouldn't it be fun to raise tiny chicks?

Well, we shall see.

There are so many things I could and should do today and I better get started here. I still haven't made that baby a quilt and I just talked to Lily and she's getting a bit crampy and Braxton-Hicky and it's just TIME. Or almost time at least.

I can't imagine a better time to have a baby than right now when the very earth itself is giving birth and rebirth over and over again. It is the correct and proper season for every sort of new life beginning and I look out from my back porch and I know this is true and every day we get closer to fruition of proof of life, of the complete and utter proof of love.


  1. What a wonderful Sunday post. I feel peaceful and satisfied just reading it. Thank you and have a happy day, Ms. Moon!

  2. When this baby is born you must tell us right away!

    "A baby!" Oh, those words are bliss.

  3. Sigh. I loved this. That header of Elvis is so beautiful too.

  4. my front yard is just like yours. all leaves and trees. The wisteria is swelling up but the dogwoods are just sitting there. our last water bill said that not raking is good and saves water. sure does. I'm glad the woman who lived here before us made this yard because the neighbors were already used to it.

  5. What a perfect day to dream of a baby to come.

  6. The sun has had it's face fresh washed, and it's time for all things to be new.

  7. I'm with Mr Moon. Crunchier the better :)

  8. Beautiful post Ms. Moon. It warmed me up.

  9. Remember, Lily, HAH-HAH-HAH-Bloooooow breaths for getting through transition! Three strong pants and a long controlled exhale. It's wonderful pain relief and contraction management. This is the best thing I learned, of all of it.

    Ach. So wonderful.

  10. Getting a bit nervous for Lily. So soon. Wow.

  11. What a great Sunday. I envy your greenery and buds. A made french toast for me this morning even though it's not one of her faavorites but sadly, still too cold to eat outside.

    Tick-tock for I can't believe a new baby will be here so soon.

  12. I am so excited about the baby.
    And the chicks, too.

  13. Life is springing out all over. Beautiful words from you this morning and pictures too! x0 N2


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