Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ms. Bastard-Beloved Had To Tell Me It Was Wednesday

Well, we have five chicks and I think that is going to be that. Four are all doing very well, one...we shall see. I have taken him out of his incubator and put him in the nursery box so he can eat and drink before we put him in with the others. He still has bits of shell on him and he's stressed. Or she.
Doesn't matter.

I didn't see Gibson yesterday and I suffered from that. I intend to go see him today unless Lily wants to bring him out here. Owen would like to see the chicks, I am sure. I think that Curly Sue is old enough to be gently held. Poor Owen. So many babies right now and you have to be so careful around them. No hitting. No squeezing. No dropping.
It takes awhile for all critters to become sturdy. Some never really do. And some of the sturdiest-looking are actually the most fragile, some of the most fragile-looking are actually the sturdiest.

The other day when I went to town to buy my sheets, I saw a couple walking into Bed, Bath, and Beyond together. He was a middle-aged looking white-haired guy, she was a younger-looking Oriental woman. She held a parasol over her head as they walked across the parking lot. She held it in her left hand. Her right hand was holding the hand of the man she was with. Her long dark hair hung like a sheet of flowing dark water down her back.
They walked like that to the store, holding hands, the parasol protecting the woman from the sun, I suppose. She was tiny but I bet she's not as fragile as she looks. I have a feeling she has wrapped that man around her tiny finger.

I don't really know, of course.

I hope he treats her good.

I hope he holds her as gently and sweetly as we hold these tiny chicks.

We all need to be held like that sometimes. We all need to put up a parasol to protect us from whatever is above us, which may threaten some part of us. Even those of us who look like we could plow the lower forty before breakfast without a mule.

Maybe especially.

I don't really have much to say this morning.

I guess you figured that out by now.

Good morning.


  1. I had to think long and hard about what day it was.


  2. I have just finished reading the last few days of posts, and it's been like reading a wonderful book, each chapter funny and warm with tension and love, babies and animals, food and drink. Thank you!

  3. I have a friend at work, a woman from Viet Nam. She and I talk some about the misconception about asian women being submissive. She is a force of nature :)

    Have fun with your boys.

  4. I hope the little chickies do fine.

    When my g'kids were little bitty, the twins about two, the boy 3 1/2, I asked him if he was ready for his new sister. His mom was pregnant with what would be their last child, a girl. He knew a new baby was coming and that it was a girl but somehow it didn't click that she would be a sister. 'Sister?', he said, 'no! Two sisters are enough!'

  5. Did the one struggling chick ever make it out of the shell?
    Here is a story that will make your blood boil. I knew this nutso religious family. Ultra conservative. The men were assholes in the extreme and the women were annoyingly nervous and giggly. One of the brothers told me one day that he was going to marry an Asian woman because they knew their place and listened to what they were told. He said they know how to submit, unlike North American women. Sure enough, he married a woman from Japan. I have no doubt she runs around doing exactly as he says, just like his mom did with the dad.

  6. I am glad for the chick babies that survived. Whew....time to decompress after all that.

  7. Good morning.

    Hope the little guy/gal makes it.

  8. Good morning Mary Moon, I love the image you painted of that couple.


  9. I too am curious if the struggling baby made it. You sure have had a lot of life going on in your life! It's got to be exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. Joanne

  10. Jeannie- I honestly thought it was Thursday.

    Elizabeth-You are SO sweet. Thank-you, friend.

    Stephanie- Ha! I believe it!

    Ellen Abbott- Poor little guy. That does sound like a lot of sisters. But I had three brothers.

    Birdie- That does piss me off. Why are some women born without backbones? I didn't know that Japanese women were still enculturated to be submissive.
    I hope she turned out not to be!
    And oh yes, the littlest chick did make it out of the shell.

    Syd- No shit, man.
    Mr. Moon keeps saying, "Next time..." and I'm like, "Uh, no." I'm with you- I need to raise vegetables.

    messymimi- He/she did.

    deirdre- They were pretty interesting. They looked...happy.

    Joanne- We're still having some problems in that the "baby" has turned out to be very aggressive. He or she is in isolation for now.


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