Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Very Nice Day

Whoa, y'all. I'm a tired old grandmother. Have I told you that I think that Owen should call me gee-gee-ga-ga? I think this because he is certain to start saying those very syllables very soon and when he does, I want everyone to think he is talking about me.
Mr. Moon thinks this is crazy. He wants Owen to call him Pop-Pop which he does not find ridiculous at all.
Well. There you go.

It's been a lovely day and Owen is back in the arms of his daddy and I have not yet made the bed or done the breakfast dishes. Or eaten, for that matter. Well, I did have that yogurt. I believe I am hungry now and so I should go attend to that and other matters such as the bed and the breakfast dishes. I wish I had something of earth-shaking importance to discuss, such as chickens or oh, you know, true love, but in fact, I am thought-less at the moment which is sort of lovely. I will tell you that I saw my first white violet of the year today. Yes. I really did. For some reason, here at least, the white violets come first and then the purple (violet) violets.

Okay. I went out and took its picture. Here it is:

I told you spring was coming.

And right now I have fifty-three unread items in my google reader so if I don't comment on yours today, please forgive me. As I was snuggled up to Owen this morning I had a vision of time as stepping stones which lead through the path of a day.
I skipped down most of today's stones with Owen in my arms and that's all there is to it.

I'm sure you understand.


  1. the earth is alive! I love it.

  2. Gigi was MY grandmother's nickname from here great-grandchildren (so don't date yourself) and Pop Pop is what my kids call my father.

    Love the violet and I'm just impressed that you even know how to go through your reader. I still don't know how to do that.

  3. My son calls both his grandma's Pat....he has a grandma Pat and a grandma Karen....but he just calls them both Pat........little stinker!

  4. I just want to be granny-it won't bother me a bit to be called that-in, say, ten more years? That sounds about right.

  5. Lesbo- Put your ear to the ground. You will hear it.

    Elizabeth- Really? Gigi and Pop-Pop? Hmmmm....
    Google reader is so easy. Are we using the same app?

    Rebecca- That's so funny. I do not want to be called Pat, however.

    Kori- My mother's grandma name is Granny. Therefore, that cannot be my name.

  6. sounds like you two had the perfect day. I like Goo goo gaa gaa. I think all Grandmas should be called that.

  7. I love your comments on LIFE - so inspiring... How you live each day is how you live your life....thanks for providing the window into yours.

  8. Thank you love, as you know violets and lilies of the valley are the song of my heart and I beginning to hear it, faraway for now, but you took a photo so I know the violets are coming soon.

    Today was a gray, gray day. SAD is a pain in the spirit, but as Summer said, I won't let the bastard get me. Moving slowly, but at least moving. We are re-doing my atelier, sheer madness. I needed an Owen fix so I was happy to see his sunny face.

    And yes, the hydrangeas have their toes out and up to test the water here too. Can't wait. The figs, the apples and the peaches are still asleep, the lazy ones around here. But in the greenhouse the lemons are getting darker which means as soon as there is more light, life will be here again in full force.

    I love the anticipation and I love to see confirmation from you. Hugs from here and kiss him for me, please?

  9. I am so glad you had a lovely day! I get to see the boy tomorrow!!!! I am loving you, Mama.

  10. of course we understand.
    thanks for showing us some hope.
    you always do, you know.

  11. oh and the gee gee ga ga thing was perfectly wonderful fun. I love the way your mind works. makes perfect sense to me!
    But Grandma Ga Ga doesn't really suit you.
    Love the photo too!

  12. I think Owen should call you Memaw Moon. Laugh.

    Glad it was a good day.

    Love you so!

  13. Terena- Me too!

    Anonymous- I'm just glad you like to peek into that window.

    Allegra- I am not sure I have ever, in my life, been as aware of all the different signs of spring. I go about the yard hunting for them. Sometimes, I suppose, we just need to see proof of promise.

    May- Dang. I already miss Owen. Have fun with him.

    Bethany- That Lady GaGa has fucked up my plan. Damn her.

    Ms. Bastard- I wouldn't mind being called MeeMaw Moon one bit.
    Love you, too, dear.

  14. Austin used to call both his grandma and grandpa "gramma," now he calls them both "grampa." We'll get there. The only one he never gets wrong is great grandma. All the kids call my MIL Mimi. The oldest of her grandkids christened her that, so you don't know what Owen might come up with on his own.

    Your mention of purple (violet) violets made me think of that bit in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory... "you're turning violet, Violet."

  15. Steph,
    I dig Austin. That's great--both grampa.

  16. I like the little mermaid with wings! It looks inspirational! I can't wait to see signs of spring...January has been down right gloomy where I live. So to see the tiny bloom of a violet was a breath of Spring to come...yes to warm sunlight...yes!

    To be a Grandma (I hope to be Nan after my Nan) that will be dream for now...I am content for now to hold great nieces and nephews...

  17. Real life comes first. As it should. You'd have nothing to write about if it didn't.

  18. Spring is SO not coming here. We're due for one to two feet of snow starting sometime tomorrow afternoon. Gah. I would love it except it's going to cancel one of my art shows and that does hurt the wallet something fierce!

  19. Love that picture of you! Catching up finally. I fear that this will be the new routine - catching up on the weekends.


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