Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quick, Quick, For X-Box

There you go. The bigger picture of what is above my sink in the kitchen. The brown, intrusive thing is a clay piece that one of my kids made me in school. A mermaid with arms flung wide and mouth o-opened to sing to me as I wash up.
She is riding in a seashell.
Now you know, Daddy X.
Sending love and lit candles to you and ET as you wait for this baby who is about to change your lives, your hearts, your very, very souls.
And the decor and landscape of your home.


  1. Ms Moon - Love your little altars all around the house, something my friends and I are also partial to. The one in the hallway has a bit of Frieda-ness, no? Thanks for saving those camellia's and sharing them with us. Have a great special day with O. x0 N2

  2. When I bike home from school there is always a small, black chicken scratching in the dirt by someone's house. I don't know who's chicken it is, but I had a daydream that it followed me home and I made a coop for it.


  3. i have two altars in my house in the kitchen..another one in my bedroom...

    love the mermaid...i did a lot clay stuff too when i was in school...

  4. I love the altar. Have you always done this or was it a decision one day to up and make one?

  5. Love the sweet she has her mouth open to sing you ashore! Love the symbolism!

    Miracle of miracles.....the word verification was typed with just my left hand...I've been wishing for this one for a long time! It's the little things....I'm quite easy

  6. love the brown intrusive thing, how happy you must've been when your child brought it home for you.


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