Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Like This?

How about this:

Lis Williamson, musician, song-writer, cake-baker, sanity maker has discovered the craft of making ribbon flowers. These are brooches she has made and which you can buy on her Etsy shop. Go to her shop, monamieribbonerie at to see more of these beautiful works of art. She has brooches and hair ornaments. They are hand made by her designs and she uses vintage and imported ribbons and lovely, delicate beads.

Let me just tell you this- Lis is a craftswoman whether it comes to making heart-shaped biscuits, wedding cakes, songs, shawls or a guitar track on a CD. And with these ribbon flowers, she takes everything she has and is and sees and feels and creates art to be worn.

Go see her flowers. They would make perfect presents for someone who is highly deserving. I am thinking maybe....YOU.

Good-luck with your newest venture, Lizzie. I love you and as always, I am in awe of your talent, your eye for beauty, your ability to take a dream and make it into something we can wear or sing or dance to. Or eat.

Now I think I want to eat a pansy. And kiss you on the lips.


  1. Dear Mz. Moon,

    You are the sweetest of sweetie pies. Your poem of Motherhood and Grandmotherhood is a treasure, as are you.

    With so much love,


    xo xo

  2. Lis- No. YOU are the sweetest of sweetie pies.
    I love you.

  3. Those are beautiful. You both look like good kissers.

  4. You and Lizzie up a tree...

    (Feeling childish. Keep the love flowing. Girlie or otherwise.)

  5. Those are beautiful, Lis! I certainly wouldn't mind having one. Hehe
    Seriously, if there's only one angel in this world, it's Lis Williamson.

  6. Steph- Aren't they?

    Michelle- I love a woman that'll kiss you on the lips.

    Mwa- Yep. The more love...the more love.

    HoneyLuna- If you had said that about anyone in the world but Lis, I'd be jealous. But since it's Lis I can only nod in total agreement.

  7. Gorgeous and very girly! And it's nice to have a kiss... makes the world feel better. *kiss* for you Ms Moon x

  8. Wow, those are cool! When I first saw the pictures on your blog, I thought they were icing flowers! So intricate.

    Good job Lis!

  9. Those are gorgeous! I especially like the purple, so vivid.

  10. Ms. Lilac- Lis is the very definition of girly. She wears PETTICOATS! But she can whip your ass if she needs to. Which I find charming as hell.

    Ginger- I'm sure they are even more beautiful in real life.

  11. I love ribbon embroidery so this is RIGHT up my alley. I have a new fascination with looking at vintage plus size clothing on Etsy and Artfire. So fun.

    I will add Lis to my list. You hear that, Liz? You're on my list!

  12. Allthistrouble! I'm so excited to be there. Thank you! And Mz. Moon, you sure look smashing in your Marlene Dietrich Brooch. I'm sure Owen noticed. xo xo


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