Thursday, October 27, 2022

Doing Our Best

This is truly how blue the sky has been here lately. No filters, no nothing. 

We got a tiny bit of rain two nights ago and last night the temperature dropped again but only down to the high forties, low fifties. It's been nice today. The kind of day where if you see a couple on a Harley Trike you think, "Eh, that doesn't look bad."
Okay. That's probably just me. But we did see a Harley trike today and I did think that. 

After my walk Mr. Moon and I went to Monticello to get our voting out of the way. Just seeing names like "DeSantis" and "Marco Rubio" on the ballot should have taken my appetite away but they just added to my overall feelings of constant despair. 
Well. We did what we could do. 
And then we went to the Mexican restaurant where we ate a very fine lunch. 
Monticello is really getting classed-up these days. The old buildings downtown are being painted and they look so cheerful and optimistic. New businesses are moving in and there are plantings with flowers and shrubs that weren't there before. I should know more about what's going on in Monticello and I guess I could buy the weekly newspaper to try and keep up a little bit. 
They sell it at the GDDG, I noticed the other day. 

I've got a chicken cooked and deboned in broth with carrots and celery and green beans and garlic and onions and sage and thyme, ready to heat back up to put dumplings in. Jessie and Vergil are coming out with the boys in a little while. Mr. Moon needs some help with a mechanical/technological issue and Vergil is going to try and fill that role. Mr. Moon is a fantastic mechanic but newer cars have entire computer situations going on that require knowledge that's a little out of his wheelhouse. This is for the Camaro he's Frankensteined out of two different Camaro's. He's got it running but every light on the dash is lit up and it's a ways from being entirely ALIVE. I think of it as the delicate and essential nervous system of the car that absolutely must be all connected and running correctly for everything to work together. 
That's my completely ignorant interpretation, anyway. 

I don't think they've needed the overflow parking lot yet for the My G-Word Soul Boutique. I've not seen one car there except for the owner's since opening day. I'm sure there have been some, I just haven't seen any. The Dollar General never even has enough cars to halfway fill up their lot and they sell things people need and use. 
But you know- they are clearing land all over the place around here so I suppose these early businesses are just the sign of things to come. 

Here's a nice picture of Lucky. 

He's got some of his daddy's gleaming golden feathers but he's got some colors of his own, too. I wonder who his mama was. He's still growing tail feathers and is not entirely mature yet. His crow is sounding pretty authentic but I haven't seen him jump on Grace yet. She's still recovering from her molt but is looking better every day. I hope that when he reaches true adulthood he doesn't kill her with his love. If a rooster has many brides, he can sort of spread it around but if he only has one, it can be difficult for the hen. Polygamy makes sense when it comes to chickens. This couple stays within close range of each other all day long and share a roost in the hen house at night. They are their own flock. 
I knock wood and do not even want to mention the fact that they are still alive. 
I sure am glad they are though. 

And that's it from Lloyd today. A tiny green anole skittered across the porch this afternoon and I took its picture. 

Little lizard, large sweet potato. It is way overtime for me to bag those sweet potatoes up and put them in a dark place. Maybe tomorrow. 

I'm sorry that I'm sort of low-energy today. That's just the way it is. I'm a little tired and the bed will feel good when I get there. Meanwhile, it'll be sweet to see the boys and their mom and dad and feed them them food I know they like. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That last sentence is a,life well lived, in itself.

  2. It's been that kind of a day today ... kind of blah! I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup and I am getting ready to have some for my supper!
    So glad to know your chooks are still with you!

  3. Hi Ms. Moon- I’ve been reading your blog for a few months but never commented before… I just wanted to say hi and thank you for your beautiful posts! Xo, Ricki in the mid-Hudson valley, NY🤗

  4. That's a beautiful blue sky to walk under... or in the case of a chicken - to scratch around under.

  5. lovely sky and day......lovely evening on tap with Jessie and Vergil and boys........ and chicken and dumplings! Wish I was there! Glad chickens doing fine ...... let Mr. soon to be Master rooster do his thing and keep them both safe! I'm annoyed today because our packrats/woodrats that appeared about 5 days ago...kept me awake most of last night.....screetching and fighting under our bathtub.......and giving us no rest. Ugh. They are hard to catch....been there, done it.......and it's not easy. Bastards! Traps set (4)......but it takes time and lots of sleepless nights........... life on the funny farm!
    Susan M

  6. Lucky’s plumage is glowing and fiery! I’m so glad you have those two. I’ve been feeling that constant despair too. It’s impossible to watch commercial tv, I want to scream and cuss every time a Rubio or DeSatan ad comes on. I guess the constant despair is here to stay unless we get sone pleasant surprises but this is Florida, beautiful and yet so ugly at the same time.

  7. I wish my day were as lovely. My greatest accomplishment, an all day nap!

  8. Lucky is looking very handsome and now that you mention it, poor Grace, being the only hen available isn't something I'd ever thought about.
    I feel the same way you think every single time I see a Harley, trike or otherwise. I just love them. A tenant here in these flats has one, a beautiful shiny red, black and silver machine. With silver-studded black saddlebags.

  9. I have forgotten what blue sky looks like!
    I wish you could get another chook or two. Just to share the passion around.

  10. I think voting this time around is an energy suck of gargantuan proportions. My ballot is sitting on my dining room table, looking at me balefully.

  11. "Frankensteined into a new car" is just such an apt description and I guess we all know exactly what you mean! I remember years ago my husband's family were having a get together, playing music, singing and mixing tapes (as it was then) and one of the uncles looked at the mixing machine and said "hell, there's just too many buttons for me. Now give me a shovel and I know what to do with THAT"! I guess it happens to us all!

  12. I am voting in person. I will be there. It is all we can do. I just can't bear to hear about it any more. My husband said, "Aren't you going to watch the debate?" I said, "Why? It is not going to change my mind. I already know who I'm not voting for." He studied me for a moment, grinned, flopped down on the couch and turned on Netflix.

  13. I voted this week also. I am glad to have it done and am hoping for the best! It is hard to watch the craziness as so many races seem close. Since 2016, it is hard to feel hopeful as that was such a crushing blow but my old optimist keeps searching for good news!

  14. You could always turn Lucky into a capon, does that slow them down?

    Your sky is lovely and blue. It's funny how a blue sky is so wonderful but when we're feeling down, we describe ourselves as feeling blue. Why is that? Sending hugs.

  15. I just love those intense blue skies! Clouds starting moving in last evening and is completely overcast now and we're supposed to get some real rain. We'll see. Wharton seems to have a dome over it and rain splits and goes north and south of us. Did my volunteer work yesterday and went to yoga class so I guess I'm back to my regular routine.

  16. Yay for voting! I felt so good marking my ballot for the opponents of DeSantis and Rubio. It's probably shouting into the wind but, hey, it's MY shout.

    That sky is so blue.

    I hope G-Word gets at least a few customers. It would be sad to open a boutique and nobody comes!

  17. Your roo is beautiful, and I bet he knows it!


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