Monday, February 15, 2016

Cat Rescue Successful! Now. Where Is My Hen?

Well, there he is. Safe and sound. Lily said that the first thing Rusty did when he got back into the house was to use the litter box.
Now THAT is a well-trained cat. Despite the fact that he'd been in the tree for at least two or three days, she said that he didn't appear to be any the worse for wear but is being quite affectionate.
No damn doubt.

She said the whole thing took about eight minutes. The tree guy scaled the tree and plucked the cat gently from the branch and tucked him into a pillowcase and down they came.

Our hero!

Lily wanted me to give this man a shout-out and I am so happy to do that.

Thank you, Stevie Allman! You are a good man. 

Now we can all stop worrying about Rusty and get back to worrying about everything else in the world. 
Ugh. It's a tough job but someone has to do it. 

My latest worry is that my email is getting wonky and today none of the pictures I have sent from my phone are showing up. The email itself shows up and indicates that there is an attachment but when I open the email, it's blank. Same with the pictures Lily sends me. 
I have done a bit of research on the all-knowing, sometimes helpful internet and I decided to just uninstall my AOL app and then reinstall it because obviously, it has become corrupted like a sweet little farm girl catapulted into fame and degradation in Hollywood.
And do not laugh at me about my AOL email account. As you may note, our Hero Of The Day, Mr. Stevie "Spiderman" Allman also has one. As I do so love to say- this is my "heritage account" and I will take no flack for it. 
I suppose it could be my computer because when I went to uninstall AOL, I couldn't find that particular app in my Apps Menu. 
Who knows? Not me. 
Do I look like an IT gal? No. I do not. 

And now add this to worry about- I just went to put up the chickens and Lisa Marie, the granddaughter of my beloved Elvis is missing. 
Shit. Fuck. 
I just saw her this afternoon and thought to myself that she had certainly grown into being a beautiful hen. I can't imagine what might have happened to her. She's probably the biggest hen I own and certainly not easy pickings for a predator. 
Maybe she's lost and will come home tomorrow, dragging her tail-feathers behind her. 
I certainly hope so. 

When Spencer and Marilyn were here, Spencer asked me where I got my chickens. 
"Well, some I got from the Tractor Supply in Monticello and oh, these came from a couple who had to move and I got Mick from a friend of Lily's who had too many roosters and I got that one after my friend Kathleen died, and that one (Lisa Marie) from a hen who laid her eggs and hatched them by our garage."

Good Lord. 

Animals. Technology. Heroes. 


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yay woo!

    Now let's put Trump in the tree instead.

  2. That's such good news. Bless that man! Although I'm sure you blessed him with money as well as words :)

  3. Hooray for a happy ending! Now i hope the hen does come home. It's always something, isn't it?

  4. My husband and I are away for a few days and I am not doing much online but I did have to check to see if Rusty made it down. I am glad that he is and is safe. I hope he doesn't go back up again because cats can be assholes and live for that sort of shit.

  5. That Mr. Allman is a hero! And I think it's wild that cats really do get stuck up in trees.

  6. Rusty sure did grow up to be a beautiful cat. And now Lisa Marie is missing. I sure hope she's back in the morning.


  7. Glad to hear about Rusty. I was just thinking about Lisa Marie today. I hope she returns to you soon. Her granddaddy was one hell of a rooster.


  8. Hurray for Rusty!

    The farm girl made me laugh.

  9. Well, I'm glad Rusty is finally down. So much for my theory that he would come down on his own! Good for you all for solving the problem (and good for Stevie Allman too).

    I have a heritage AOL account too, as you know, so I get it. I wouldn't give mine up for anything. They're going to have to pry it from my cold, dead hands. (?)

    I hope Lisa Marie comes home!

  10. What an amazing rescue. The tree guy is awesome! Hope Lisa Marie turns up and I hope your tech problems sort themselves out. I have too many to list, it's infuriating. Enjoy the day :)

  11. so glad Rusty id down and safe! a tree man. of course! who else would be able to climb up that high. you have your AOL account. I bet I can beat that. I still have my very original and dinosaur earthlink account. I had this email account even before you got to have your name on it. when I first got it, it was a string of numbers and NO ONE else I knew had an email account. I corresponded with pen pals.

  12. three cheers for mr allman (which is a variation of my maiden name, we could be cousins....)

    from a girl who also still uses her AOL email...


  13. Jo- I know!

    jenny_o- Lily said he was so nice.
    And yes, he got a little money as well.

    messymimi- It IS always something.

    Birdie- He tried to get out of the house when I was there today and Owen rushed him back him. I swear.

    Elizabeth- I think it's pretty common. They really do. Especially if they are being chased by something.

    Julia- She was!

    Invisigal- I always smile when I see his grave. He was a FINE rooster.

    Mwa- Made me laugh when I wrote it.

    Steve Reed- We AOL users should stand proud! (Now if I could just get mine working again properly.)

    Mel- Life CAN be infuriating, can't it?

    Ellen Abbott- I had an earthlink account at one point too. I think it was about my third account. Is earthlink still a thing? Really?

    Mrs. A- Thank you! You made me feel better about mine.


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