Sunday, April 12, 2015

What Lloyd Looks And Sounds Like This Morning

The aloe is blooming in the drizzle. 

The ash magnolia has opened to fullness. I wish you could smell its heavenly lemon scent. 

The confederate jasmine is starting to put out its flowers and soon its scent will be overwhelmingly powerful. I think the scent when it is in full bloom might best be described as what a whorehouse in heaven might smell like.

Mulberries! I hope the birds don't get all of them. They will grow redder and then purple. The taste of them hurtles me back to childhood.

The peas we planted this year have these pink and purple blooms. I wonder what it is, exactly, that we have growing. We shall see soon enough.

The beans are coming along

while the mustard greens bolt, going to seed. I have actually picked some of the yellow flowers to put in a vase in the kitchen. Oh, how I hate to pull these greens and yet, I must to make room for other things. 

Two duck eggs. One Chi-Cha egg. 

Mick tidbitting for the girls. They take his offerings now which makes me happy and also a little sad. He is really coming along as a rooster. He watches the flock carefully all day and his insane hotblooded need to fuck seems to have cooled quite a bit as he takes his responsibilities seriously. He even stood his ground with Greta the other day although thankfully, she only wanted to play. Chickens do not seem to play. Not in the sense that dogs and even cats, at times, do. So why is it that they make my heart feel so much lighter?
I do not know.

Trixie's song, Mick's throaty tidbit call. Hog dogs in the background.

They are quiet now. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Gorgeous to see! It all looks so lush. A full video tour, please, when you feel like it, I'd love to walk around the yard too.

  2. it's all so gorgeous. my aloe has sent up a huge bloom stalk too.

  3. Mick had an excellent role model in Elvis.

  4. I had the distinct pleasure of sticking my nose in our neighbor's Confederate Jasmine while we were in Florida. Will it grow in Illinois, you think? I love your description of how it smells! And, ahhh, the mulberries! When I was a kid about six of us would climb one tree and eat all we could stand. My mom had mixed feelings about mulberries because being old school, she would only have white sheets on the beds. She hung her sheets out, and would cuss up a storm when a bird, who had obviously recently consumed mulberries, shat all over those clean white sheets.

  5. I have watched this about 5 times now. I love your home.

    Those dogs barking. I have a meditation of sounds of the farm. There are dogs barking on it and it annoys the fuck out of me. I want to yell at the dogs to shut the fuck up and quit barking.

  6. Oh, and I love who made a guest appearance at the end of the video.

  7. I never knew that roosters find their hens little goodies to eat. That is very endearing right there. No wonder you love your chickens.

  8. That's a beautiful aloe. Mine never bloomed that impressively, at least not that I remember. (It's still back at my mom's house.)

    It's great that Mick has taken on the head rooster role so seriously. Time and nature march along, don't they?

  9. This post was one of those that is like a hug. I love all of the pictures including of the garden. And then you gave us some chicken love with a little Maurice shot too. Love isn't a strong enough word - walks around your yard are the best.


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