Friday, April 3, 2015

Perhaps The Finest Rooster That Ever Did Live

I did not want to open the door to the hen house this morning.
I guess I knew.
And yes, there he was, head in the corner, stretched out in all of his feathery glory, still as could be.

I waited a little while to bury him. Had some coffee. Let the other birds out, threw them some scratch.

I had thought, you know, to bury him in the little yard of my office next to Pearl and Miss Sharon but I decided that no, I wanted him in the front yard where his spirit could watch over us the way he watched over his hens. It seemed important to me. So I did it.

I found a soft enough spot right by the blooming wild azalea and I dug a hole.

I carried his body respectfully from where it rested and laid it in the ground. I did not wrap him in anything. His feathers were glory and gravedress enough.

I covered him up. I planted a fern over him and a bit of firespike. I will think of his gorgeous red comb and wattle when it blooms in the fall. 

So. It is done.

Not to get all Biblical and shit but it is. 

I have no idea why I'm so goddamned upset. 
But I am.


  1. sending love and light. there is no such thing as 'just a pet'.


  2. He was the very best boy. I love you.

  3. Oh Mary, I am so sorry. He was such a beautiful rooster. I think this whole internet family here has been thinking of Elvis and hoping for a miracle, I know I have been. Gail

  4. Shit. Making me tear up. I think it was just that I knew he was probably in pain and I hate that he had to have these last days of that. I am pissed that he couldn't recover but since he couldn't then I am glad it is over. And damn he did get a good rooster life. How amazing that Mick came into the picture when he did too.

    Elvis was lucky to have had the six amazing years watching over his sister wives and you and your grandbabies.

  5. Thank you for sharing Elvis and his beautiful life with us. I can only imagine your sadness, having had him in your life day in and day out. My heart is heavy just from knowing him through your stories. Rest in peace sweet handsome Elvis.

  6. You feel what you feel

    Never apologise for feeling it old gal x

  7. He was a special rooster. You are entitled to be upset.x

  8. Elvis was beautiful. I'm thinking of you today Ms. Moon.

  9. I'm so sorry. You picked a lovely spot to lay him to rest. Sending you hugs.

  10. I am upset too. He was family here. He was a magnificent animal. So very sorry.

  11. Thank you for sharing your love of Elvis with us--I think we all fell in love with both him and your sincere affection for him.

  12. Oh sweet Mary such a sorrow on this sorrow filled day. Sending love.

  13. Oh, Mary. I am so sorry for your loss. He is no longer suffering. But that always means that those left behind are.

  14. Because he was special to you and your family. Because he was just special. And because it is heartbreaking when a think of beauty passes out of this world. I wouldn't be surprised if you could hear my heart breaking from there.

    Be gentle with yourself Mary.


  15. Elvis was family, of course you are upset.

  16. What a fine, fine rooster he was. The epitome of beautiful.

    You loved him and the loss of a loved one is profound. Loss is loss, it cannot be compared nor judged. And you do him fine by mourning him - he deserves that.

    I share your sorrow as I share you joy.

    xoxo Liv

  17. Mrs. A- Our hearts get stolen. We can't control who steals them, can we?

    SJ- I love you too. Thank you.

    Gail- Well, I have been too while knowing it probably wasn't going to happen.

    Jill- He surely did watch over us all. I'm glad he's not in pain too.

    Mitzi- Thank you so much. I am going to miss him so much. We all will.

    John Gray- I think I'm just surprised at the depth of the sadness I feel. Not ashamed of it so much. And you know what? That's the first time in my life anyone called me "old gal" and I like it.

    Mwa- He was such a constant in our lives.

    Sarah- And thank you.

    Kelly- Thank you, sweetie.

  18. sad news but not unexpected. Elvis was a good rooster.

  19. Beautiful Elvis, may he be in peace. And you as well, if you know what I mean.

  20. Mel- That seemed like just the right spot. It is a beautiful place.

    Syd- I know you understand. He was a truly magnificent bird.

    Anonymous- Yeah. I adored that rooster. He was just so...great.

    Rebecca- I am thinking of you very tenderly today.
    Thank you for understanding this.

    jenny_o- Truly said. Thank you.

    Invisigal- Yes! He was just a beautiful, beautiful creature!
    Thank you.

    Sabine- Exactly. And a very cherished member.

    Liv- Thank you so much for stopping by, for leaving those very kind words. I appreciate that more than you know.

    Ellen Abbott- Even though I knew it was coming, it shocked me as to how much of a blow it was.

    Sylvia- I do know what you mean. And I appreciate that. Thank you.

  21. It makes sense that you're upset. You loved him. You knew him. I never even saw him in person, and I'm upset. I'm so sorry for this loss, Mary. He was beautiful and kind and good. You did right by him. What a fine resting place.
    Sending love. xo

  22. Oh Mary, I'm so sorry he had to go so soon. I always think about Elvis when my friends talk about getting roosters for their hen houses and the story of him saving bits of food for the hens. He was a good soul. I'm sorry for the loss of him.

  23. OH, Mary. I have no words. He was a good rooster and I am so glad I got to know him through your blog. I hope the sister wives are OK. Do chickens grieve?

  24. How could you not be upset, after all the years of watching and appreciating and relating to his rooster life. You did right by him.

  25. I'm so sorry. I will miss Elvis, too.

    How are your grandsons coping?

  26. We all miss him. He was a very good rooster.

  27. Very sad news. Take care

  28. Sigh.
    RIP Elvis.
    He lived a great life Mary! The best of any rooster.

  29. Denise- HIs grave is a pretty place. I feel good about that. Thank you, sweetie. I honestly did know him and love him.

    Ms Vesuvius- I tell you what- he was a very noble and generous soul. And he worked hard to do his job. I admired him tremendously.

    Carol- Me too, honey.

    Birdie- They go on. They are more pragmatic than we are. But I think they know. I do.

    A- I have spent so many hours with that rooster. I really have. And the more I saw, the more I respected.

    Portia- They know. They are okay. Sometimes I think one of the main functions in my life is to teach them about death.
    And love. It balances out.

    Alison- He WAS!

    jo(e)- Me too. Thank you.

    Kate- I am. Thank you.

    Heartinhand- I called my next door neighbor this evening to tell her about Elvis's death. She has chickens and she loves animals and in fact, Elvis, Jr. lives at in her yard. She asked me how old he'd been and I told her and she said, "That's pretty old for a rooster." It made me feel better.

  30. I know how much you loved him. I'm so sorry he is gone. He had a good life with you. Perhaps that will be some comfort.

  31. I'm sorry, too. It is difficult to lose our friends, be they human or animal. I have been feeling sad for the last few days, thinking of all the people and animals important to me who are now gone...Perhaps it is a strange rite of Spring before I can accept that new things are growing...not sure. You have a lovely garden. Thanks for sharing the pictures. E

  32. I'm sorry. And I'm sorry that I only read this now, so late in the day.

  33. I'm so, so sorry. It's hard to believe just a few weeks ago we were both admiring his spurs and his regal bearing.

  34. Oh I'm so sad. We'll miss him so much, too, his finery and his sweetness.

    I'm sorry, Mary. Love to you.

  35. He was a magnificent part of the Moon family and am sad he is gone. Enjoyed all his beautiful pictures you took. Your little rooster man who cared for his ladies. Be well.
    Michele r

  36. Please accept my sincere condolences. No matter how long we have a creature as a part of the family, it isn't long enough.


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