Sunday, April 5, 2015

What Easter Looked Like Over Here

The flowers Glen picked me on his way back from the coast.

Jason and Lily. Later in the day, I asked them why they have such cute kids. 
"Because we're hot," said Lily. 
Too true.

May and Michael. No. May does not look like me at all. Not one bit. 

Hank and Jessie. And Mr. Moon in the background.

May, Mark, and Anna. Y'all hold a good thought for our Mark. He has to have surgery on Thursday. It's going to be complex and we love him bad. He brought Legos for the boys and they adore him. He asked today if we could actually legally adopt him. I said, "Mark, your parents would be so upset."
"They'll get over it," he said.
He doesn't really mean that. He just likes my biscuits. 
When Anna came in I said, "Happy Easter, my Christian friend!" She is a Christian and a good one. The kind that if you need, she gives and no bullshit. She is one of the kindest people I know.

Jerry and Lucia. Hank and May's other parents. And Mr. Moon, of course.
One of these days I'm going to have to explain who Jerry is to Owen. It's going to blow his mind. Or maybe he'll just relate it all to Elvis and Mick and the sister-wives and it'll just be in interesting factoid. 

Gibson, Jessie and Vergil. 
We do not make Gibson sit in the high chair. He loves it. And next Easter, there will be an actual baby sitting in it. Can you believe that? 

Owen had already finished his dinner by the time I sat down. So here's a picture I snagged off of Facebook from when they hunted eggs this morning with their cousin Lenore, the tiny dainty fairy princess.

What? J. Crew calling? 

Nicey kept coming onto the porch. Mr. Moon carried her into the kitchen and fed her a bean. She liked it. See that bare patch on her back? That's from being the victim of frequent fornication. She must be the most desirable hen in the flock. Poor thing. Gibson had a mouthful of ham. He likes ham. 

And so it went. There was ham and deviled eggs and bread and biscuits and greens and quinoa salad and black-eyed peas and boiled shrimp and pineapple casserole. Never had pineapple casserole? 
Lord, chile! 
Just google that shit. Lily made it. She is allowed to make it once a year. 
Or maybe twice. But that is ALL!

And the carrot cake was dense and it was good. 

Hey- guess what? We never got around to hiding eggs. Too much Lego-building and stuff going on. It just never happened. The boys had already hunted eggs so they didn't care. 

I've thought about Brian all day. One of the things he did that I loved was end everyone of his Facebook post with the words, "Ain't life grand!" 
Except for once when his post was, "Excuse me. I was not aware that a day could suck so badly."
He was a funny guy. He was a happy guy. He lived until he died. 

Let's try to do the same. If exhaustion is any indication that one has lived a day to the fullest, then I most certainly have. 

Feels good.

See you tomorrow.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I love the chicken factoids. The bare spot. Never knew that.
    Yes, let's live until we die.
    What a lovely Easter. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Owen and I already had that conversation. He wound up declaring that Jerry and Glen are obviously marriage twins.

  3. Denise- You are so welcome.

    Hank- Really? When was this? That's awesome.

  4. Beautiful pictures of your family as always. Good thoughts for Mark. And interesting but maybe painful tidbit about Nicey. The kids are precious. I look at Jesse and her man and can just see how cute their baby will be. Such a wonderful little blessing to look forward to. Happy Easter!

  5. Glad you all had a nice time...Thanks for sharing your day.

  6. Looks like joy and it came at a good time when you were feeling down. Happy Easter Ms. Moon.

  7. Beautiful family. A lovely gathering of beloveds. Happy Easter Moons!

  8. I still remember when I told my boys that I had been married before. They were about five and seven. They were shocked and asked me why I'd gotten divorced. I told them that I was too young to get married in the first place. Then Oliver, the youngest, asked me whether I'd had kids, and during that split second before I answered I contemplated my power to fuck them up by declaring, "Yes! I did and they weren't nice, so I left them, too." Obviously, I didn't say that and told them, "NO! Of course not!" And then we rode on our merry way. Isn't life grand, indeed.

  9. What a great day. There is too much here to respond to! All your beatiful people. Jessie's hair!

    As to the hotness, well, Gibson looks just like just like Jason, and Owen looks just like Lily, so...

    I love the thought of you blowing Owen's mind, I look forward to that one :)

  10. Before I even got to your last few sentences I was thinking - what a full full day and life :) Loved the pics and the play-by-play.

  11. Looks like a wonderful time. So many people to love and be loved by. Your family is precious. Yes, I think that life is grand in so many ways.

  12. Now that's an Easter celebratation!
    I love your family get-togethers.
    Poor Nicey. LOL

  13. Pineapple casserole? I SWOON I SWOON. I have never heard of it before but I had never heard of tomato pie with mayo before either until I read it here and it changed my life like Jesus. I can't wait until one day I can eat actual food.

  14. Sounds like a wonderful family get-together. We had a very quiet day of getting rested and caught up on little stuff before starting a new week. It was a good choice for us because April is always so busy in our work lives.

  15. Joanne- Popularity in the chicken world literally hurts. This is just the way of it. And Lord, I can't WAIT to see how cute Jessie and Vergil's baby is going to be. Only about five and a half more months now!

    e- Thank you. And now it is here for posterity. Or, something.

    Kelly- Yep. I really did laugh when Owen came up behind me in full-on tickle-Mer mode. My boys.

    Angella- And to you and your beautiful family, my darling friend!

    Elizabeth- And this is why I adore and love you so much. The fact that you even thought that just makes me laugh so hard.
    You are grand, I'll tell you that.

    Jo- See comment above by Hank. He's already given Owen the low-down.

    Jill- It was an extremely full day. Tummies included.

    Rebecca- Canned pineapple (NOT fresh), flour, sugar, butter and Ritz crackers. Hello!

    jenny_o- Sounds like you did just the right thing.

  16. With all that love around I doubt the new baby will get much of a chance to sit in that high chair. Maybe just for a moment for a picture...

  17. I saw that just now! Marriage twins, I like it :)

  18. Owen looks so big already! Looks like a marvellous Easter.

  19. Now THAT looks like a terrific day. Everyone looks so happy. :)


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