Thursday, April 23, 2015

Low Land

For the life of me I can't get a decent picture of that swampy area and I wish I could because it is so beautiful to me. The tannic acid which stains the water to tea, the fallen trees, the sturdy palmettos, the light which spills and dapples, which hides in shade.

I never get tired of it. I never fail to really look and to see when I pass it by. It is, to me, a magical place where life and death commingle to bring forth more life in a watery shaded womb which is also a graveyard for the fallen trees. Doubly sacred. The woodpeckers feed from the trees which are dead but still standing, homes now to the insects the birds want. They swoop through the light and the shade to perch and peck and it is the most peaceful place, deceptively still as it all works together to feed and protect, to take back and give forth, with a beauty quite uniquely its own.


  1. and so many people would not see the beauty and get some yard maintenance company to come in and bulldoze and clear it.

  2. Southern flora is so exotic and unfamiliar. All kinds of magical things happening.
    And what a nice testament to Earth Day.

  3. Have you read (or watched) "A Girl of the Limberlost?" Your narrative brought it to mind. Beautiful in the only way a swamp can be.

  4. Try shooting from down low right close to your pretty palms there...

  5. xoxox
    This would make a lovely picture book.

  6. Ellen is right! So many people are sadly incapable of seeing the beauty of a swamp.


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