Friday, August 9, 2013

Wild Monkey Boys

Not even dawn and the boys are coming and Mr. Moon is here, not going to the gym or to work but leaving to go up to Georgia to the hunting camp in a few hours and so I'll have a tag-team partner for a tiny bit of the day to help with the wild boys.
Owen and I were having a tea party yesterday and he wanted us to have tea party talk so we pretended to introduce ourselves and I asked him what his brother's name was.
"Wild Monkey Baby Gibson," he said solemnly. Gibson was dumping a wooden puzzle on the floor, all clatter and bang and then he proceeded to move all the pieces to the table, one or two pieces at a time and there were twenty-six. It was an alphabet puzzle.
They're here.

Good morning.
Happy Friday.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It seems those boys have been influenced by their wild Rolling Stones loving MerMer. Have a fun and wild day!

  2. You are off and running. Have a good day!

  3. I just woke up, and you've already made me tired.

  4. I think the word, "solemnly" is excellently used here, Ms. Moon. It sounds like you have lots of fun things going on there...

  5. a perfect little post, so full of life, so vivid i could see every word.

  6. Dear Old Mer Mer,
    Did you have a perfectly wonderful Wild Monkey Boy day?
    I'm guessing you did. Those boys are too stinkin' cute.

  7. Jill- It wasn't too wild a day. I think we were all weary from yesterday. But Brown Sugar did get played at least six times. I counted.

    Syd- Yep! And I am so tired now.

    Elizabeth- I woke up tired too so there you go.

    Betsy- Owen is the master of emotions. Believe me.

    Angella- I love you.

    Yobobe- I had a sweet monkey boy day. Truly, I did.

  8. We all have a pretty strong streak of monkeyness deep down, don't we?


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